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Long-Lasting Energy Solutions: The Best 14500 Battery for Your Devices

    14500 Battery

    Picture yourself immersed in an exhilarating session of RC helicopter flying, when suddenly, the helicopter starts trembling, signaling a power shortage that could lead to an imminent crash. How frustrating and disheartening that situation can be!

    Such incidents can potentially ruin your beloved toys. However, by selecting the right battery, you can avoid such scenarios and ensure optimal battery performance.

    If you’re in need of AA batteries, the best choice is the exceptional 14500 battery, offering extended battery life and uninterrupted performance.

    You might be curious about where to find the best 14500 batteries for your toys or other essential accessories. Well, get ready to explore a handpicked selection of top-notch batteries right here.

    Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
    Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries, 2,000 mAh, 1000xAmazon Basics 8-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries, 2,000 mAh, 1000xCheck Price
    4 pcs Tenergy 1.2V Rechargeable NiCd AA (14500) Batteries4 pcs Tenergy 1.2V Rechargeable NiCd AA (14500) BatteriesCheck Price
    (5-Pack) 3.6V LS14500 Battery, Water Electricity Meter(5-Pack) 3.6V LS14500 Battery, Water Electricity MeterCheck Price
    Panasonic Eneloop AA 2100 Cycle Ni-MH, Rechargeable BatteriesPanasonic Eneloop AA 2100 Cycle Ni-MH, Rechargeable BatteriesCheck Price
    Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries, 4 Count PackDuracell Rechargeable AA Batteries, 4 Count PackCheck Price

    What is 14500 Battery?

    What is 14500 Battery

    Generally, the 14500 is a lithium-ion cell battery with a cylindrical dimension of roughly 49.2mm in length and 13.5mm in diameter. In a word, 14500 is known as the AA rechargeable battery.

    Though the overall dimension of the 14500 is similar to the AA batteries, there is a clear distinction between them in terms of voltage, chemistry, and lifespan.

    AA has both rechargeable and Non-rechargeable batteries. But 14500 is a button-top terminal rechargeable battery with a usual voltage of 3.6V or 3.7V. In contrast, other AA rechargeable batteries have a nominal voltage is 1.2v.

    Comparison Chart of 14500 Battery

    ParameterAmazon BasicsTenergyElxjarPanasonic EneloopDuracell
    CompositionNiMHNiCADLithium-Thionyl ChlorideNiMHNiMH

    14500 Battery vs. AA Battery?

    14500 Battery vs. AA Battery

    In terms of the basic specifications, both 14500 and AA are same. In fact, 14500 is considered one of the AA batteries. And it also belongs to the AA battery family.

    The overall dimension of the 14500 battery is 14mm in diameter x 50mm in length, whereas the overall dimension of the AA battery is 13.5-14.5mm in diameter to 49.2-50.5mm in length—that means both are almost same in terms of physical measurement.

    Generally, the 14500 battery has 3.6v to 3.7v voltage. On the other hand, most AA batteries have a voltage between 1.2v to 1.5v.

    The chemical composition of the AA batteries is found in various such as Alkaline, NiMH, Nickel-Cadmium, etc. On the other hand, all 14500 batteries are made of Lithium-ion.

    The capacity of the both battery is also somewhat different—the capacity of 14500 li ion battery ranges from 750mAh to 2600mAh. In contrast, the AA Alkaline battery’s capacity is 1700-2850 mAh, and the NiMH is 600-2750 mAh.

    Top 5 Best 14500 Battery Reviews

    In this segment of the article, I have reviewed all the selected 14500 batteries with the detail’s specification. In fact, it will help you to make your buying decision easy. Let’s jump into the reviews.

    1. Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries, 2,000 mAh, 1000x

    Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries, 2,000 mAh, 1000x
    You may look for a 14500-battery pack for a professional power solution, right? If so, then you need a reliable battery pack.

    Amazon has its Basic battery pack to give you such a quality 14500 battery pack. Indeed, it will ensure maximum battery back for long time use.

    I recommend it for highly professional use because here demands a long power back up. In this case, you will get a 2,000 mAh capacity for each battery. That means you don’t need to hesitate about the power back up of your accessories for a certain time.

    Unlike other 14500 batteries on the market, this pack gives you the opportunity of maximum charging capacity. What I mean is, you can easily charge up the batteries 1000 times more with nominal power loss.

    Feature We Like Most

    One thing I must appreciate about this pack is its battery health. I mean, it will keep its health level minimum at 80% even after two years of use. Isn’t it fantastic?

    Probable Drawbacks

    The battery’s health might harm if you don’t put it into the right kind of charge.

    Key Features

    • Fit for all types of AA-supported accessories
    • It can easily be charged 1000x with minimum power loss
    • Keeps its health level 80% up to 2 years of use
    • Each 2,000 mAh battery arrives in pre-charge condition

    Final Opinion
    Due to its long-lasting performance, I can tell you that these batteries are specially designed for professional to any heavy use.

    2. 4 pcs Tenergy 1.2V Rechargeable NiCd AA (14500) Batteries

    4 pcs Tenergy 1.2V Rechargeable NiCd AA (14500) Batteries
    When you look for an alternator for your current AA batteries, there is a better opportunity. Yes, It could be a better replacement for your current 1.5v non-rechargeable batteries.

    Multi usability made it more fascinating to me. You can use the battery for every AA-supported device(must check the device volt). And it is a perfect battery pack for all household applications.

    If I put together Tenergy and Amazon basic, it is distinctly clear that Tenergy is designed for a low battery-consuming application. You will have a long power back up for low profile devices due to their low mAh capacity than Amazon basic.

    However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use these for other high-profile devices. If you use these batteries for such devices, then you might need to charge them frequently as it provides 1000 mAh capacity.

    Feature We Like Most

    The charging system made it distinctly different from its competitors. It will allow you two types of charging: a standard charging set and a solar cell light charging system. So, you have a huge advantage in terms of charging.

    Probable Drawbacks

    Some cell doesn’t get charged properly through solar light charging.

    Key Features

    • Designed for multipurpose use
    • Most preferable for low profile device
    • A power backup solution for household devices
    • Allow two-way charging solar and charger

    Final Opinion

    If you need a multi usable pack for household power solutions, you would be blessed after having this pack.

    3. (5-Pack) 3.6V LS14500 Battery, Water Electricity Meter

    (5-Pack) 3.6V LS14500 Battery, Water Electricity Meter
    Sometimes you need a particular battery for fulfilling your specific purpose, right? In this case, I put up an LS 14500 battery so that it can serve your desired purpose.

    Elxjar has manufactured this high voltage battery with a max voltage of 3.6v. As compared to the other AA battery in the list, it got the highest voltage which ensures a heavy electrical pressure.

    As it got a higher voltage of 3.6v, it can provide prolonged battery power with exact intensity. Besides that, the low self-discharge rating ensures its shelf life of up to 10 years.

    Elxjar has specially designed this for water or electricity meter use. Plus, you can also use the same battery where you need a higher voltage than AA batteries.

    Feature We Like Most

    What we like most about this is its temperature compatibility. It can keep its voltage stable between the temperature of -60°C to +85°C.

    Probable Drawbacks

    This is a non-rechargeable battery. Putting them on charging or fire can lead serious hazard.

    Key Features

    • A high voltage battery of 3.6v
    • Pack of 5 batteries that are non-rechargeable
    • Perfect for water and electrical meter
    • Voltage stable in the temp (-60° to +85°C)

    Final Opinion

    If you need a high voltage AA 14500 battery, then you can consider this one. Remember! It’s a non-rechargeable battery.

    4. Panasonic Eneloop AA 2100 Cycle Ni-MH, Rechargeable Batteries

    Panasonic Eneloop AA 2100 Cycle Ni-MH, Rechargeable Batteries
    Some AA batteries can’t charge more than 1000 times, which is serious for some of us. In this case, if you prefer a huge charging cycle AA battery, then stick to this one.

    Generally, I am referring to The Panasonic Eneloop AA battery, which you can charge up to 2100 times; isn’t it amazing? It means you can use the battery for a long time with its maximum backup.

    You would be surprised that it can maintain its health level up to 70% even after 10 years. If you put it off after a few days of use, you can retrieve the same performance after 10 years.

    Unlike most AA batteries, it provides a huge back capacity as it got a 2000mAh capacity. So, you can use the battery for a long time after a full charge. It would be a giant power bank for low-profile gadgets/devices/accessories.

    Feature We Like Most

    The charging method is quite flexible as you can charge through a direct AC charger or solar charger. And it comes in a pre-charged condition by using factory solar power charging.

    Probable Drawbacks

    Some battery is found to be lower than their minimum 1900mAh capacity after testing.

    Key Features

    • Maintain health level of 70% after 10 years
    • It comes in pre-charged with factory solar power
    • Allow to recharge up to 2100 times
    • It provides a long time power back up due to its 2000mAh capacity

    Final Opinion

    For those who are looking for the best 14500 battery for flashlight or long-lasting solution, you can go with the Panasonic AA Eneloop rechargeable battery set.

    5. Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries, 4 Count Pack

    Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries, 4 Count Pack
    What if your digital camera may demand AA batteries? Then you need a reliable battery pack that provides maximum battery back up, right? If so, then dig a bit deeper.

    If brand reliability is also your first consideration while buying, then surprisingly, this brand will satiate you with its long-lasting power. Yes, I am talking about the Duracell Rechargeable AA batteries.

    In terms of multiple uses, it is one step ahead of its counterpart. Duracell is not only suitable for cameras but also for most high-end gadgets such as gaming controllers, wireless devices, baby monitors, flashlights, and so on.

    Unlike Amazon AA or Eneloop batteries, it can’t provide a recharging cycle not more than 400 times. However, a single charge can hold up the power up to 1 year (f not used) and can last max 10 years.

    Feature We Like Most

    For a gaming controller, It would be a great choice. Like, it works best for Xbox one controller and gives maximum backup for the controller.

    Probable Drawbacks

    Frequent charging might harm some of the cells and lower their power storing capacity.

    Key Features

    • A pack of 4 AA batteries
    • Allow recharging up to 400 times
    • Rechargeable by any NiMH charger
    • Batteries hold up the power for 1 year of not use

    Final Opinion

    Duracell designed this pack of AA batteries for most professional and personal gadgets. Plus, the price of the set is also reasonable.

    Buying Guide of the Best 14500 Rechargeable Battery

    Best 14500 Battery

    When choosing some electrical accessories like batteries, you must consider some factors or properties before buying. In this case, it will ensure you choose the right kind of 14500 lithium battery.

    Thus, we have designed this section so that you can easily analyze the factors and come up with the best AA rechargeable battery.

    Storage Duration

    When buying any rechargeable batteries, you must consider their storage duration capacity. Storage duration means how long a battery can store its power when not use. A standard AA can hold its power from 1 to 10 years. It depends on the brand to brand.

    So, it is suggested that a quality AA battery can hold its storage for 2 to 5 years.

    Recharging Time

    By seeing the recharging time of a AA battery, you can easily come to conclude the average shelf life. How many times you can charge a battery, that defines its lifetime. So, the more recharging time a battery has, the longer its shelf life is.


    The general voltage for AA batteries is 1.2v to a max of 1.5v. However, some 14500 come with a voltage range from 3.6v to 3.7v. Usually, the voltage wouldn’t be a fact if you use the battery for our regular use devices such as RC devices, gaming controllers, remotes, toys, flashlights, and so on.

    However, some devices demand high voltage batteries for smooth operation. In this case, you need to choose the high AA voltage battery, which is 3.6v or 3.7v.

    Battery Capacity

    There are a variety of 14500 batteries found in terms of their capacity. Generally, the capacity of the 14500 battery starts from around 700mAh to 2600mAh.In between, there are the different capacity-based batteries available.

    So, it is better to choose the higher capacity over the lower one. For example, if you choose a 2100mAh battery over 1000mAh, you don’t need to recharge the higher amp battery frequently. With a single charge, you can have a longer power back up. In this way, you can reduce recharging and enhance the battery shelf life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is the highest capacity 14500 battery?

    Ans. Generally, the standard capacity of a 14500 lithium ion battery range is 750mAh to 2600mAh. However, there are some especially 14500 batteries found with higher voltage, and they provide max amp up to 6000mAh.

    Q. Is a 14500 battery the same as AA?

    Ans. 14500 is a kind of AA battery with the same dimension as a standard AA battery. Generally, 14500 is considered the rechargeable version of the AA battery. And the general voltage of the AA is 1.2v to 1.5v and the 14500 is 3.6v. However, 14500 use lithium-ion and the chemical composition of AA could be different from the battery to battery.

    Q. Can I use 14500 instead of AA?

    Ans. Yes, you can. 14500 is a kind of AA battery, but the main different point is it is rechargeable. Remember! When using two 14500 for a device instead of AA, then you must consider the voltage of the devices.

    Q. Do 14500 batteries expire?

    Ans. Yes, at one point, all batteries die. Generally, a 14500 got a shelf life from 2 to 10 years. Every battery mentions the charging cycle, such as 500 times to 2000 times. After completing this, it naturally expires.

    On the hand, the battery’s expiry depends on the storage condition, charging habit, and the device’s temperature.

     Q. How can I find the best 14500 battery 3.7v li-ion rechargeable?

    Ans. If you consider some parameters of the battery, you can definitely come up with the best one. For example, see its recharging times, total ampere, and storage capacity when not used.

    Final Remarks

    Now finding the best 14500 battery wouldn’t be an issue for anyone if they consciously consider the main factors of these batteries beforehand. You can’t avoid the above mention points for having a better collection.

    Hopefully, you will have an optimum set of 14500 batteries as you have carefully gone through the details review section and buying guide.