Best Cobalt Step Drill Bit – In Depth Review for 2023

Step Drills are knowledgeable about the process. Drills don’t have to be turned or pilot bits used to start holes. Their use is simple and obvious. To make a nice, circular vent, just punch a hole first and keep pushing.

Yet, buying them might be challenging because many of the less durable ones would fail or leave a rough hole.

Hence, in order to save you the hassle and create the finest cobalt step drill bit, we examined a number of bits to ascertain how quickly and effectively they drill.

We applied them to metal sheets with various hardnesses to add interest.

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COMOWARE Step Drill Bit Set & Automatic Center Punch
COMOWARE Step Drill Bit Set & Automatic Center Punch

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Neiko 10197A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set for Metal
Neiko 10197A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set for Metal

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Neiko 10181A Step Bit 3-Piece set
Neiko 10181A Step Bit 3-Piece set

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Knoweasy 3pcs High-Speed Steel Drill Bit
Knoweasy 3pcs High-Speed Steel Drill Bit

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HYCLAT 5pcs Titanium Drill Bit
HYCLAT 5pcs Titanium Drill Bit

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Benefits of Step Drill Bit

Step drills let you start small and work your way up thanks to their pine tree-like construction. a costly luxury unavailable elsewhere. Here are a few more benefits of these conical-bodied items, though.

Holes of Various Sizes

Only step bits allow you to change the size of the hole without changing the drill bit. Moreover, you can widen current holes.

But, if your sheet is bigger, this poses a problem since, even if you don’t need to, your hole will grow as you dig deeper. It will be beneficial to check the Domino Joiner as well.

Cuts that are neat and round

You’ll make clean, circular slices. They won’t be angular or have sharp edges. Nevertheless, more importantly, it won’t leave anything behind for you to clean and will be spotless.

They are self-starting, so twists are not necessary.

To fit the edges of the drill bits, small drillings known as pilot holes are necessary. Step bits, on the other hand, don’t require additional pressure or twists to edge in due of their conical form. You can read about shoulder plane for other suggestions.

Will not deflate or harm the sheets

These drills’ straight flutes gently dive in without damaging the form, making them perfect for cutting precisely.

Top 5 Best Cobalt Step Drill Bit Reviews

After rigorous testing on metal and steel sheets, the step drill bits on this list were selected. And only products that work with different kinds of drilling motors were mentioned.

1. COMOWARE Step Drill Bit Set & Automatic Center Punch

If you’ve ever worked with drill bits, you’ve undoubtedly heard of this brand. Comoware has long been known for its innovative and complex bits, but its step bit now tops the field because to its straightforward design and high cutting speed.

A step bit can rapidly and accurately create a circular hole. This gadget possesses the ability to be accurate and precise. This reaper performed noticeably better in our test than the earlier models, cutting wood one of the fastest.

You are aware that boring tools deteriorate fast, but technology hasn’t entirely adapted to this. Yet, Comoware constructed their tool to be more wear-resistant by putting the sliding point tip at an angle of 118°, whether you choose to call it a defensive mechanism or not.

Although many step pieces don’t actually have titanium coatings, the bulk of them claim to. Yet with this technology, you can be sure that you are hearing what is being said.

The sturdy coating makes the bit stronger and sharper. Sharpness makes it stronger by reducing the effects of running-related collisions.

In addition, you get a useful little metal container to store all the parts in so you won’t have to carry them everywhere. This was created with professional use in mind, and it was also provided in that way.

Highlighted features include:

  • Cutting is accelerated and friction is reduced with a sharp tip.
  • Enhancing durability is titanium coating.
  • It is resistant to wear due to its design and angle of the tip.
  • It arrives in a sturdy carrying case for storage.

2. Neiko 10197A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set for Metal

A popular tool brand and Chinese automaker are Neiko tools. Their products are renowned for their high-quality components and affordable costs. They are also among the best drill bits for electricians and other workers that need a variety and are always on the job.

We value the variety and caliber of the toolkit. They are made of titanium and premium HSS, naturally.

The sturdy construction ensures the product’s longevity and durability. Step bits were created for durability since they cannot be sharpened, which is precisely what you need in a tool.

This Neiko set’s ability to be utilized on a variety of surfaces is another advantage. This may be used to drill neat, rounded holes in sheets of steel, plastic, or metal.

Although being made in China, they will work flawlessly with your drilling motors. The products are intended to be cross-cultural. These tri-flatted shanks will quickly and securely connect to your drilling machine.

The split-tip of the bits is also at a 135-degree angle, creating a configuration that enables faster drilling on the majority of surfaces.

But, while utilizing them on harder materials like steel, we advise sticking to the conventional methods if you don’t want to break these pieces while attempting to maximize their efficiency.

Highlighted features include:

  • Designed with a 135° tip for faster drilling.
  • Solidly built with premium HSS and titanium coating.
  • Intended to be used on a variety of sheets, including those made of steel, metal, and plastic.
  • The universal design is suitable with drilling motors.

3. Neiko 10181A Step Bit 3-Piece set

As the precision of the different sizes they provide is higher when used on smaller sheets, step bits are typically used for thinner metal sheets.

We’ll tell you right away that this could be the best cobalt step drill bit for metal that we’ve tested if you’re a professional seeking for a step drill bit for its intended use.

We have already been happy with Neiko’s products, but what puts this tool in the spotlight is the benefit you receive from using it. This drill bit is the finest available for precisely controlling metal cutting. It accurately pierces while cutting rapidly.

This will appeal to you even more if you detest tidying up after a job because it disperses very little dust and grime.

The dual fluted design produces a rounded, smooth entrance without any harsh edges. You’ll continue using it at the very least to enjoy the carefully perforated vents.

To assure accuracy, the bits have sizes engraved into them. Are you going to need to take precise measurements in order to drill some countersunk holes? You’ve hit the nail on the head.

Also, this works well with power tools, just like previous Neiko products. There should thus be no issues. The fact that this is a three-set tool, however, means that a box will not be included.

Highlighted features include:

  • It cuts nicely because to the dual fluted spiral.
  • Because the sizes are imprinted on the bits, don’t pierce them more than is required.
  • Construction using titanium nitride and steel.
  • Perfect for accurately cutting delicate metals.

4. Knoweasy 3pcs High-Speed Steel Drill Bit

One of the most affordable drill bits are available from Knoweasy. Nothing extraordinary was anticipated, and neither should you.

Compared to the more costly step components, this is reasonably priced. Yet, they haven’t really lost anything in the way of utility, which is why they’ve added this.

Although it can’t be sharpened and won’t last forever, you don’t have to spend any more money than you want to if you only need a step bit for a certain task. Here is the area where the device really dazzles everyone.

With its hexagonal shank, drilling through sheets is simple. Although while they are more than enough for dealing with copper, plastic, and light metals, stronger sheets require you to take additional safety measures.

We also appreciate its flute design mechanism, which makes the tip sharp and easy to reap into holes thanks to the double-edged pattern. Moreover, you may quickly and simply get a clean cut.

This tool isn’t nearly as speedy as more expensive ones, but it still performs an excellent job, so the only compromise you make when picking it is speed.

Although we recommend it for professional use, keep in mind that it is still mostly for light work. The components might break if you use it for frequent puncturing because they could get overused.

Despite this, the value for the money is as good as it gets at the pricing. And this is a great addition to your collection due to its sturdy design and simplicity of usage.

Highlighted features include:

  • tip has two sharp edges for smooth cutting
    It cuts swiftly because to the two-flute structure.
    created for softer sheets like copper, aluminum, and plastic.
    It is coated with titanium to boost durability.

5. HYCLAT 5pcs Titanium Drill Bit

People visit Hyclat to find parts and equipment. They are also a lot of professionals’ first option due to their dependability.

Step drills are unique in that they can create precise holes. Yet, because they cannot be sharpened, many individuals avoid using them. On the other hand, this set is among the most durable and long-lasting on our list.

The Hyclat set’s reliable construction is a result of its robust design. Considering that it is constructed of titanium and cobalt, this is quite sturdy. Only the smooth drilling experience offered by titanium increases efficiency.

Also, you get a gorgeous metal case to keep everything safe at all times. The margins of the piercings are also not sharp or jagged; rather, they feel smooth.

In addition, the cobalt structure gives it more durability. This is something you should use if you’re a professional.

Cobalt also lowers friction and offers a steady, smooth movement while reaping through.

The fact that you won’t have to worry about creating a mess as the scurf pieces fly around distinguishes this toolbox from the competition. Both the mess and the flying flakes are kept to a minimum.

Highlighted features include:

  • Cobalt is used to improve stability and tensile strength.
  • A smooth and tidy application is possible because to the sturdy structure.
  • Speed of drilling is increased by sharp, angled tips.
  • A carrying case made of metal is included.

Step Drill Bit Buying Guide

Cobalt Step Drill Bit

You probably won’t choose step drill bits as your first option. Also, because these tools aren’t used very often, most people aren’t very familiar with them.

We will now go through the qualities and information you should consider while choosing the best cobalt step drill bit for you.


For whatever portion you buy, this is typical. The type of material used to produce a bit will influence whether it will damage the sheet or whether it will disintegrate first.

For step drill bits in thinner sheets like plastic, aluminum, and other soft metals, high-speed steels, or HSS, are excellent.

Yet for penetrating through tougher sheets, a stronger material, like cobalt, is needed. Yet, don’t fully blame the material if it doesn’t work because, more often than not, incorrect application is to fault.

Shank of a Drill Bit

Now that shanks are involved, buying one would be a waste of money if it did not match the power tool you already possess. Make sure your tool is compatible with the shanks. Frequently, it is written on the box or in the small print.

Notable features of the shank include its shape and quality. The bit may be more difficult to operate and produce a rougher hole if the shanks are more flimsy.


The most popular finish for step drill bits is titanium. Also, it sets this type of bit apart from the others. It is easier to penetrate since the titanium coating reduces friction between the surface and the bit.

Size Alternatives

The fact that Step Drill offers a wide range of options is its main benefit. So, the wider range of tasks you can complete with the bit increases as you uncover additional size options. This increases the tool’s functionality and gives you additional resources to work with.

Size Labels

The fact that step drills have size marks on them is one of the main factors contributing to their popularity. Size indicators are useful when you need to drill a hole for screws because you want the screw holes to have a specific size.

Thus, we recommend laser indentations over other markers. Different variations of the mark could disappear and becoming harder to see.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is a step drill more effective?

Answer: The use of these tools is the only effective way to drill a hole through a surface without damaging or deforming it. They have a pointed edge that pierces the hole and enlarges it until it is completely round.

2. What purpose do they serve?

Answer: Step drill bits are mostly used to operate on thin sheets and precisely expand the size of holes. If the right methods are followed, they also perform well on tougher sheets.

3. How Do Step Drill Bits Work?

Answer: The usage of step drill bits and drill motors is correct. Depending on the product, their range varies.

Answer: You simply walk into the drill motor after it is attached, as it sounds. Use the center punch first if the material is hard.

4. How Can I Tell if a Step Drill Bit Is Quick?

Answer: To determine the speed, check the angle of the split point tip.

Nevertheless, there is no accurate way to quantify speed. Depending on the surface, it alters. Yet more expensive products frequently move more quickly.

5. Is it Possible to Sharpen a Step Drill Bit?

Answer: Step drill bits cannot be sharpened, is the answer. They also deteriorate more quickly because of this. They don’t need to be sharpened, though, due to their pine tree-like form.

Last Words

Step drill bits are said to wear out, but we’re here to tell you that all you have to do to extend their lifespan is use them properly.

Use the cutting fluid appropriately while dealing with tougher sheets, and store it safely after use.

With that, we think we have chosen the best drill bits and covered all the necessary ground. Hence, while any of them may stake a claim to being the greatest cobalt step drill bit, your choice will depend on your specific requirements.