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Ultimate Performance and Style: Best Fittings for Water Cooling for PC Enthusiasts

    Fittings for Water Cooling

    Discover Long-Lasting, Stylish, and Affordable Water Cooling Fittings for Your PC. Top Priorities for PC Enthusiasts: Durable, Cool-Looking, and Budget-Friendly Water Cooling Fittings.

    Optimize Your Cooling System: Explore the Best Water Cooling Fittings for Gaming and High-Configuration PCs.

    Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
    Corsair Hydro X Series XF Compression 10/13mm| Black| CX-9051002-WWCorsair Hydro X Series XF Compression 10/13mm| Black| CX-9051002-WWCheck Price
    Kyerivs G1/4Kyerivs G1/4" Extender Fitting| 90° Rotary Enhance| Multi-Link Adapter FittingCheck Price
    BXQINLENX| Nickel-Plated Brass | Silver| Chrome G 1/4BXQINLENX| Nickel-Plated Brass | Silver| Chrome G 1/4" Male to Female| 90° Rotary EnhanceCheck Price
    fosa | OD 16mm Tube Fitting| Water Cooling | Compression Fitting | Sealing Rings| Blackfosa | OD 16mm Tube Fitting| Water Cooling | Compression Fitting | Sealing Rings| BlackCheck Price
    Black G 1/4 Inch | Plug Fitting | O- Ring| Water Stop PlugBlack G 1/4 Inch | Plug Fitting | O- Ring| Water Stop PlugCheck Price

    What is Water Cooling?

    What is Water Cooling

    While working on a computer, you’re likely to witness the machine’s cooling system in action. In order to protect the computer’s processor from overheating, this is utilized. Water cooling is the sole option when a computer’s fan isn’t enough to keep the computer’s electrical components cool.

    The electrical components within a computer’s CPU may be cooled using water flowing via a tube housed inside the CPU. When compared to an air cooling system, a water-cooling system is both more efficient and quieter.

    Comparison Chart of Fittings for Water Cooling

    ParameterCorsair Hydro
    X Series
    KyerivsBXQINLENXFosaBlack Plug-Fitting
    Inner Diameter: Approx. 17mm / 0.67in7.91x4.72x0.79
    Weight‎4.8 ounces1.41 Ounces5.3 ounces2.46 ounces6.4 ounces
    ColorBlackBlackSilverMultiple color optionsBlack
    MaterialBrass, CopperBrassCopperBrassCopper

    How to Pick the Right Tubing and Fittings?

    How to Pick the Right Tubing and Fittings

    Make sure you get the right cooling tubing and fittings for your computer. Without paying attention to the fittings and tubing guidance, your computer’s processing unit may blow up.

    Firstly, you need to choose the right measurements of your cooling tubes which suit the best for your computer.

    Then you need to choose the type of fitting you want. Water cooling fittings can be divided into two types:

    1. Soft Tubing Compression Fittings (STC)

    2. Hard Tubing Compression Fittings (HDC)

    After choosing the fitting type, you need to choose the type of tubing you want. It has two classes as well 1. Soft tubing and 2. Hard tubing.

    Nylon, silicone, PVC, and other soft tube materials are often used in soft tubing. And, Acrylic (plexiglass) and polyethylene terephthalate are used in hard tubing. At last, you need to choose a pump for your desired flow rate.

    Things To Consider Before Buying

    Best Fittings for Water Cooling

    When compared to conventional methods of computer cooling, using a water cooling system is more efficient. When selecting any water cooling system, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Choose one that is suitable for your computer’s requirements.

    So, we’ve put up this purchasing guide section to help you choose the best compression fittings for water cooling for your computer.

    Fitting and tubing measurement

    While installing your water cooling system, you have to keep in mind that your tubing’s inner and outer diameter is compatible with the inner and outer diameter of your fittings.

    Colored tubing

    To make your PC water cooling system more aesthetically attractive, we suggest colored tubing. Color additives in coolants may block water cooling systems.

    Avoiding possible leakage

    Even though most fittings have non-slip coatings and can be placed with a few hand twists, we recommend using rubber sealing rings and tightening them very carefully to protect the CPU’s internal electrical components.


    There are dozens of water cooling alternatives available on the market. But you need to check whether the fittings are compatible with your computer. Any error might cost a lot.


    This article has endeavored to include all rustproof or corrosion-proof copper, brass, and rubber fittings. Preventive measures include using these materials for all fittings.

    Noise level

    You may hear some dripping or buzzing noises depending on the sort of water cooling system you are running, which is not up to 10dB.

    But if you hear noise, it may be caused by an impeller on the shaft or too much end coating. For some pumps, lubrication is necessary to make them run quietly.

    Top 5 Best fittings for Water Cooling Review

    In this area of the article, you’ll find the most comprehensive and in-depth evaluations. And comparisons of the best water cooling fittings.

    1. Corsair Hydro X Series XF Compression 10/13mm | Black | CX-9051002-WW

    Corsair Hydro X Series XF Compression 10/13mm| Black| CX-9051002-WW
    Who doesn’t want the best hard tube fittings for his water-cooling system? If you desire, you may utilize these fittings.

    With dual 140mm fans on either side of the radiator, this liquid cooling setup keeps the system cool.

    30mm copper core radiator with 25micron thick cooling fins and low-noise fans are for superior cooling performance.

    Corsair is known for its quick installation and excellent heat transfer rate via copper water blocks.

    If you are concerned about noise, you can rest certain that this system will not exceed 10 dB.

    These fittings are coated in a high-quality matte black polyurethane to give your system an elegant look.

    Features to be Excited About

    This 90degree fitting water cooling uses bits power as their OEM, which is probably the greatest on the market at this price level. They come with an easy-to-follow installation instruction that ensures no leaking on the first try.

    Cons to consider

    Sometimes the valve becomes stiff after the screws are tightened, and the coolant won’t stop dripping through the tube.

    Key Features

    • Cool matte black polyurethane coating
    • Dual 140mm fan with high airflow
    • Noise level less than 10 dB
    • 30mm high thermal transfer radiator

    2. Kyerivs G1/4″ Extender Fitting | 90° Rotary Enhance | Multi-Link Adapter Fitting

    Kyerivs G1/4

    A 360-degree rotation channel design and high-quality after-sales support make this Kyerivs 90-degree rotary fitting adapter an appealing option for any user.

    This male-to-female extender fitting is built with high-quality nickel-plated brass giving it a very sophisticated look along with a long lifespan and durability.

    They provide a strong and rigid rotational function that stops the coolant from leaking at an extremely low cost.

    This water-cooling fitting is equipped with a connection with a diameter of 10mm / G1/4″ and exterior and internal teeth gauges with a diameter of G1/4 ” on both sides of the fitting.

    The dimensions of the water-cooling fittings are only 1.61 x 1.61 x 0.85 inches weighing only 1.41 Ounces. This will surely help by saving space and not adding any extra weight to the system.

    Features to be Excited About

    At this price range, the fittings offer a good quality nickel-plated brass finish which gives the system a very cool look. And the system also gets so stiff locking that it doesn’t leak that easily.

    Cons to Consider

    If the seal is not sufficiently compressed, the swivel joint may cause possible leaking of the coolant.

    Key Features

    • 360degree rotation channel design
    • Nickel-plated brass finish with a sophisticated look.
    • Strong and rigid rotational function
    • Smaller size with stiffness
    • G1/4″ of external and internal teeth gauge

    3. BXQINLENX | Nickel-Plated Brass | Silver | Chrome G 1/4″ Male to Female | 90° Rotary Enhance

    BXQINLENX| Nickel-Plated Brass | Silver| Chrome G 1/4

    These valves are electroplated, which means they are very sturdy and long-lasting in operation.

    The gleaming nickel-plated silver finish at a very cheaper cost seeks to attract an increasing number of consumers.

    These valves are 5 x 0.8 x 3 inches and weigh 5.3 ounces, so they take up less space in the water cooling system and are somewhat lighter.

    The stiffness of these valves is significantly capable of avoiding any kind of leaking which makes them the best fittings for water cooling.

    Features to be Excited About

    These valves work well with 90-degree fitting water cooling. That the tube may be routed into tight spaces without large twists or kinks is the most appreciated characteristic.

    Cons to Consider

    These valves have a silver brass look which makes them vulnerable to scratches.

    Key Features

    • Nickel-plated silver finish
    • G1/4″ threaded chrome finish
    • Electroplating processed
    • 90-degree rotary enhanced

    4. Fosa | OD 16mm Tube Fitting | Water Cooling | Compression Fitting | Sealing Rings | Black

    fosa | OD 16mm Tube Fitting| Water Cooling | Compression Fitting | Sealing Rings| Black
    If you are looking for both plastic and metal materials for your water cooling system, this product will be the best hard tubing fittings for you.

    The three-layer sealing rings offered by this product are designed to avoid any type of leakage, making it an ideal solution if you are very worried about leaks.

    Alongside plastic materials, these valves are made up of high-quality brass, which has made them durable for long-term use.

    If you are still in a dilemma about whether you should buy them or not, this is to ensure you that this product has passed EU ROHS certification.

    If you are not into black color fittings, these valves come in multiple color options like red, blue, green, and silver alongside Black to meet your choice.

    Please note that this product is just 2.46 ounces in weight. Therefore it will only add a very little amount of weight to your water cooling system.

    Features to be Excited About

    These valves are made of both plastic and metal and come with a 16mm outer diameter of rigid tubes and three-layer sealing rings. They also come in multiple color options, which is really a very exciting feature as well.

    Cons to Consider

    The quality may seem to be poor, and the fact that the tube may be easily pulled out of the fittings is a major concern.

    Key Features

    • Plastic and metal material tubing
    • High-quality brass material
    • EU ROHS certification
    • Multiple color options
    • Three-layer sealing rings

    5. Black G 1/4 Inch | Plug Fitting | O- Ring | Water Stop Plug

    Black G 1/4 Inch | Plug Fitting | O- Ring| Water Stop Plug
    These copper plugs will keep you safe from corrosion and discoloration, which will be a good fit for the best hard tubing for water cooling systems.

    For water cooling, these black copper plugs are really rubber sealing rings.

    Each water stop plug comes with rubber gaskets to assist in sealing the system and prevent liquid leaks and oxidation.

    Copper is used to making the plug fitting, which is then coated to prevent corrosion and rust.

    The water stop plug includes a non-slip surface and a minus groove design, making installation quick and easy.

    This G 1/4inch plug fitting with an 18 mm diameter is ideal for long-term liquid storage in computer water cooling systems.

    Features to be Excited About

    Curled knob on these plugs makes them easy to install without any screwdriver is one of the most liked features of these plugs. Besides, the rubber gaskets make them super airtight.

    Cons to Consider

    The non-slip surface may make it difficult for you to remove them when you need to change the coolant.

    Key Features

    • Extra airtight 0-ring gasket
    • High-quality copper
    • Rustproof and corrosion-proof
    • Minus groove design
    • Easy hand installation

    FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    Q. Is water cooling necessary for my pc?

    Ans. Yes, whether you use high-end gaming or professional pc, or a simple pc, a water cooling system always boosts the efficiency of your pc as it cools down the system very significantly.

    Q. Is the water cooling system complicated?

    Ans. No, water cooling systems are not as complicated as they seem. They often come with easy fittings and a tubing guide. And, they are much easier to install without any hassle.

    Q. Is water cooling more efficient than air cooling systems?

    Ans. Yes, water cooling outperforms air cooling. Water cooling uses thermodynamic principles to cool a computer quicker than air cooling.

    Q. Is the water cooling system noiseless?

    Ans. No, While using a water cooling system, you may hear some negligible dripping and buzzing noise of the radiator used in the system. But the noise level is always far less than the noise of an air cooling system.

    Q. Does a water cooling system harm a pc?

    Ans. Yes, if not installed carefully, even the best water cooling fittings may cause possible leakage, which will surely damage other electronic computer components.

    Q. Do the cooling tubings get clogged?

    Ans. Yes. If the cooling fittings and tubings are not cleaned properly before installation, the dust can cause clogging. Sometimes color additives and rust from the fittings may also cause clogging.

    Final Words

    Since you have gone through all the detailed reviews of a water cooling system, finding the best fittings for water cooling system won’t be a problem for you.

    This article has informed you of the pros and cons along with the fact to consider while choosing and having a water cooling system for your pc as well. Hope you find the best one in accordance with your demand.

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