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Level Up Your Gameplay: The Definitive Guide to the Best GameCube Controller For Melee

    GameCube Controller For Melee

    Imagine yourself in the midst of a heated Melee combat, only to suddenly realize that the GameCube controller you’re using isn’t responding as it should. In that moment, the game comes crashing to an end.

    I can empathize with the terrible feeling that accompanies such an experience. Have you ever wondered why such a thing happens? It’s because a poor-quality GameCube controller can lead to disastrous outcomes, rendering it useless for any Melee combat endeavors.

    As an avid gamer, I always strive to use the finest GameCube controllers for Melee, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive gaming performance. Indeed, a top-notch gaming controller has the potential to elevate the overall gaming experience.

    Having extensively tried various GC controllers, I have reached a point where I can confidently recommend a selection of premium GC controllers that guarantee an enhanced gaming experience.

    Let’s check them out.

    Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
    GameCube Controller, Cipon Wired Controller GamepadGameCube Controller, Cipon Wired Controller GamepadCheck Price
    Nintendo Game Cube Controller Super Smash Bros. Japan ImportNintendo Game Cube Controller Super Smash Bros. Japan ImportCheck Price
    Nintendo Super Smash Bros. White Classic GC ControllerNintendo Super Smash Bros. White Classic GC ControllerCheck Price
    Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Black Classic GC ControllerNintendo Super Smash Bros. Black Classic GC ControllerCheck Price
    GC Controller - Super Smash Bros. Edition (Nintendo Switch)GC Controller - Super Smash Bros. Edition (Nintendo Switch)Check Price

    What is the best GameCube controller for Melee?

    What is the best GameCube controller for Melee

    Melee is a popular combat gaming of Nintendo. And the Melee is the product of the Super Smash Bros gaming series. So it can conclude that the controller that can be used for other super smash bros games can also be used for Melee.

    However, This is not the direct answer for the query because there is some controller that is especially preferable for Melee. For example, first off, Nintendo offers some official GC controllers for Melee. Generally, such controllers are called Licensed Nintendo controllers for Melee.

    Can you use the Switch GC controller for Melee on PC?

    Can you use the Switch GC controller for Melee on PC

    Yes, the GameCube controller will allow you to connect to the PC. Not only GameCube but most of the gaming consoles can also be connected to the PC.

    There is a simple step you can go through to get your controller connected to the PC and enjoy your most combat game, Melee.

    Step 1: Arrange the suitable adapter

    First off, you need to collect a GC controller to PC adapter. You can find this adapter near a gaming shop or electronic store. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate one.

    Step 2: Installation

    Now connect the adapter to one of the PC’s USB ports. Immediately, you will see the PC detect the USB device and ask you to install the driver. Afterward, the adapter is connected to the Operating system.

    Step 3: Controller Connection

    Plugin the controller into one of the adapter’s ports. In the adapter, the left port is considered Port 1, and the right is Port 2.

    Final Step: Connect to the Emulator

    Now open the gaming emulator like Dolphin. Here you will find a device list where it shows the controller and then configures it. In case the adapter does not work on the Dolphin, then you need to install Zadig, a third-party application.

    Now you may understand how to connect the GameCube controller to pc. If you go through step-by-step procedures, then connecting the controller to pc wouldn’t be an issue.

    Top 5 Best GameCube Controller for Melee Reviews

    In this segment of the article, I have put up the real user experience of these selected controllers so that you can relate to them and narrow down your buying list. Let’s jump into the review section.

    1. GameCube Controller, Cipon Wired Controller Gamepad

    GameCube Controller, Cipon Wired Controller Gamepad
    Unless choosing a standard gaming controller, none can assure you the highest gaming experience. In the same light, I have come up with such a premium controller set to kick off the list.

    Though this controller set isn’t from OEM, I mean the Nintendo, it gives you everything you expected from a gaming controller. Its durability and performance set it apart from its competitors.

    You may be choosing the controller for GameCube or playing your favorite Super Smash Brother games, but you can enjoy its multi-compatibility for playing on a similar console such as Wii. Besides, it would be a great replacement for PS2 and PS3.

    Although it’s not an OEM controller, Why I actually prefer this is its after-sales services. CIPON offers 45 days refund if you arent’ satisfied with it and 365 days replacement warranty. Such a thing is rare in the electronics industry.

    Feature We Like Most

    The ergonomic design of the controller made it the perfect choice for an adult to a younger player. In fact, it comes with a smooth curved handline that ensures better placement of your hand regardless of the hand size.

    Probable Drawbacks

    If you press harder, the pressing sound would be a bit louder than the Nintendo controller.

    Key Features

    • It comes with two wired controllers
    • Compatible with Wii, Nintendo switch
    • Analog action buttons ensure faster movement
    • The considerable wired length makes sure distance gaming

    Final Opinion

    If you want a durable gaming controller at a reasonable price, then you can first consider Cipon’s controller for GameCube and Wii consoles.

    2. Nintendo Game Cube Controller Super Smash Bros. Japan Import

    Nintendo Game Cube Controller Super Smash Bros. Japan Import
    Who doesn’t want to have the OEM Nintendo gaming controller? If you are one of them, then take a look at the GameCube elite controller from Japan.

    Yes, you heard it right. This controller is imported from Japan. So, it can surely say that this would be your most cherished gaming controller for Super Smash Bros. Let me clarify first.

    When it got the controller, I just made a comparison between the original GC controller with this one. There is no question about the Gamecube Original one. But this OEM controller is one step ahead of the original one in terms of button stiffness. I mean, the back buttons R, L, and Z are easier to press than the original one.

    So, You can place it in the second position after the GameCube Original controller. However, the price of this Nintendo (OEM) controller is nearly half than the original controller. So, if you consider this factor, it would be the best GameCube controller for smash melee besides the Original one.

    Feature We Like Most

    Unlike other after-market controllers,  Nintendo offers a considerably lengthy cable for each controller. What it means is that you can have better distance playing and less stress on your eyes.

    Probable Drawbacks

    Less likely to be compatible with the American Switch than it is with Japan.

    Key Features

    • Directly imported from Japan
    • Nearly similar to GC Original controller
    • R and L buttons are quite flexible
    • Quite reasonable compared to the GC Original controller

    Final Opinion

    If you are finding a controller like GC Original, then you can go with this one. This is directedly imported from Japan to ensure the best quality by Nintendo itself.

    3. Nintendo Super Smash Bros. White Classic GC Controller

    Nintendo Super Smash Bros. White Classic GC Controller
    While buying the GC controller for your children, color selection would be a fact, right? If so, then there is a classic collection of controllers which comes in Royal White color.

    This is the original OEM controller from Nintendo. And its has originated in Japan. So you have nothing to worry about the quality of the controller.

    Nintendo has specially manufactured the controller for GameCube. That means it would be suitable for all GameCube systems. However, if you want the same controller to use on Wii U, then you need to use a Wii adapter.

    The overall mechanism of the controller is such that there is no distinction between the GC Original controller and this one. So, it would be a better opportunity to have a real gaming experience with this one.

    Feature We Like Most

    Unlike other Nintendo controllers, it is a rare piece from them. The classic white color reminisces the original version of the GC controller back in 2001 that was only manufactured in Japan.

    Probable Drawbacks

    If any repair requires for the controller, then finding the original equipment would be rare. In this case, you can use the old broken controller for a better replacement.

    Key Features

    • Originated from Japan
    • The exquisite white color made it stand out
    • Ensure the original gaming experience
    • Keep the same design as the classic version back in 2001

    Final Opinion

    Want the feeling of an Original Classic Melee GameCube controller? Then this one is for you. Plus, the exquisite white color made it an exceptional controller.

    4. Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Black Classic GC Controller

    Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Black Classic GC Controller
    When you are looking for a better gift option for your Nintendo-loving person, then what would be a better gift option than this controller pack? He/She would certainly recall you on his/her every pressing on the controller.

    Besides owning a GameCube console, if you have owned other consoles from Nintendo, such as Wii and Wii U, then don’t think much about the compatibility of this controller. It would be compatible with all GC consoles, but for Wii U, you need to use an adapter.

    By solving one question, I will clear you the overall gaming experience of the controller. You may think about whether it feels like the Original GC controller. The answer is yes, as it is from the Original Manufactured.

    There is no exception in this controller from the Original GC controllers. However, one noticeable thing is that, initially, the Z button feels like bit sticky, but after a couple of use and fine press, it will be normal.

    Feature We Like Most

    Though it originated from Janapa, it has no country barrier. That means it offers a plug-and-play option for all GameCube consoles regardless of your destination.

    Probable Drawbacks

    The price of the pack is a bit higher than the other controllers.

    Key Features

    • Original controller from Nintendo
    • Compatible with all GameCube system
    • No regional barrier though it comes from Japan
    • Compatible with Wii U through an adapter

    Final Opinion

    If you want an Original gaming experience from another Nintendo controller, then this one is for you.

    5. GC Controller – Super Smash Bros. Edition (Nintendo Switch)

    GC Controller - Super Smash Bros. Edition (Nintendo Switch)
    As you are looking for a controller for Melee, you may prefer a controller which is specially made for Melee, right? In this case, I put up here such a controller that is the best OEM GameCube controller for Super Smash Bros.

    Besides using on the GameCube console, if you wish, you can use the same controller for the Nintendo switch. To have a multiplayer setup, you can use the GameCube adapter.

    Now you may be wondering how about the gaming experience of the controller. I just told you what I have gone through. If you blindly take the controller from the Original one, you can’t say whether it is the original GC controller or not. I mean, you will barely notice the difference between it and from Original one after playing.

    Feature We Like Most

    Unlike other after-market controllers, the ergonomic design of the controller made it stand out. All players can have a long gaming session without any strain on their hands.

    Probable Drawbacks

    The cost of each controller is a bit higher than the other Nintendo controllers.

    Key Features

    • Perfect choice for a Nintendo switch
    • Similiiar to GC Original controller
    • Compatible with GC and Wii
    • It comes with an ergonomic design

    Final Opinion

    If you want the best GC controller for the Nintendo Switch, then you can consider this one. Indeed it will never let you down with its performance to comfortable design.

    Buying Guide for Best GameCube Controller for Melee

    Best GameCube Controller For Melee

    Whether you are an enthusiastic gamer or a beginner, there are certain things you must consider before buying any gaming console.

    In this buying guide, I have come up with some notable points about the controller so that you can find the best GC controller within your budget.

    Ergonomic Design

    The first and foremost thing to consider about the gaming controller is its ergonomic design. It will determine how comfortably you will have the gaming session for a long time.

    Moreover, the physical design is the main difference between a premium and an after-market controller. Why a premium controller’s cost is so high? It’s because of its ergonomic design. The OEM always focus on the design so that they can improve the user experience.

    Button Quality

    After seeing the controller’s button, one can easily say what the quality of the controller is. That means the button of a controller plays a major role in defining its quality.

    In fact, there is a major price difference between an OEM controller and an after-market controller. When you play with an after-market controller, after a couple of minutes of pressing the button, you can easily say the button and its beneath spring quality.

    Another thing related to button quality is its pressing sound. A poor quality controller makes a constant pressing sound which is quite bothering while playing.


    Though you are choosing the GC controller only for Melee, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use the controller only for Melee. A multi-compatible controller can be used beyond its expected gaming console.

    For example, a multi-purpose GameCube controller can easily be used on other Nintendo consoles like Wii or Wii U and other Nintendo switches. However, Some controllers can be compatible with other gaming consoles like PS2 or PS3. In this case, you may need a GameCube adapter to be compatible with the other gaming console beyond Nintendo.

    Official Version

    Although finding the Original GC controller is rare, which comes with the GameCube console. Even the gaming experience of the Original Controller is quite different than the other adjustable controller.

    However, in this case, if you go with an official Nintendo controller instead of the Original One, you will barely feel the difference. Thus, Nintendo offers some official controllers when gammers need an additional controller. In this case, the imported Japanese controller would be best for any Nintendo console.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    Q. What controllers are legal for Melee?

    Ans. With the adjustable adapter, you can use some of the after-market controllers for Melee. Besides, some after-market controller is specially designed for Nintendo Super Smash Bros games. However, there is some official Nintendo controller found for Melee, which seems like the Original version and legal for Melee.

    Q. Why do pro Smash players use GameCube controllers?

    Ans. Most players prefer GC controller due to some benefits. For example, the Controller’s entire layout ensures some particular inputs like aerial combos and short-hopping. Besides, the fascinating thing about it is its directional inputs than other controllers.

    Q. Are GameCube controllers good for Switch?

    Ans. One of the best controller options for the Nintendo Switch is the GC controller. The Official one is quite preferable for its gaming pad and feels the original shape of the controller.

    Q. Can you use GameCube controllers on Mario Party Switch?

    Ans. Yes, the GC controller will allow you to play Mario Party Superstar. GC controller offers a classic gamepad, which works well for Mario Party Switch.

    Q. What would be the best GameCube controller for smash?

    Ans. There is no better alternative controller for Melee than the Nintendo official controller. Its overall physical structure and the gaming pad feel like the Original GC controller. And such quality of the controller is rare in the after-market controller for Melee.

    Final Words

    While finding the best GameCube controller for Melee would be a real challenge, you can blindly go with a Nintendo Official controller for Melee. That’s why I have tried to cover the review with most of the Licensed Nintendo GC controllers.

    Hopefully, you will really find your expected GC controller for Combat game Melee or other Super Smash Bros games as you have gone through the review and the buying guide carefully.

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