Best Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring – Recommendations For 2023

Everyone is aware of how crucial flooring glue is when installing subfloors or moving floating floors. Vinyl floors are lightweight and are simple to lose from the surface when putting heavy furniture on them.

In this way, very strong adhesive aids in securing flooring to the surface. Additionally, it provides the best finish at the edge where the floors intersect. Today, however, it might be difficult for you to select the best glue for vinyl plank flooring.

Therefore, you should not worry about it. We have done extensive research and are confident that we can assist you in locating the glue for your luxury vinyl flooring.

Continue reading to learn where to obtain vinyl floor glues easily.

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Loctite PL Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Construction Glue
Loctite PL Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Construction Glue

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Dap Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose Adhesive
Dap Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose Adhesive

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Henry 356-030 Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose
Henry 356-030 Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose

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ARDEX Henry Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Repair Adhesive
ARDEX Henry Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Repair Adhesive

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Tilebond Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Tongue & Groove Glue
Tilebond Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Tongue & Groove Glue

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Best Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

The five best flooring adhesives for your luxury vinyl plank surface have been covered in this section. Even we have included thorough explanations along with accurate information on each product. Consequently, getting the thing you want will be quite advantageous for you.

1. Loctite PL Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Construction Glue

For bigger or more involved vinyl flooring projects, a high construction adhesive is unquestionably required. It aids in forming a strong connection between your surface and the plank floors. The PL adhesive from Loctite is a wise choice in this regard.

The 10-Ounch cartridge makes sure that there is good performance and solid bonding. Additionally, it is three times as powerful as typical flooring glue. Additionally, you can enhance the brightness and gloss of your flooring. Vinyl flooring are therefore assured of remarkable innovation and dependability.

Additionally, it is said to be perfect for underfloor installations and building materials. Additionally, it offers solid bonding to a variety of surfaces, including ceramic tile, stone, brick, metal, lead, and hardwood flooring that has been treated.

Additionally, a polyurethane-based compound is used to create it. It provides two times as much coverage as regular glues. Additionally, you may use it for both indoor and outdoor building projects. Even it is suitable for usage in freezing, damp, or dry environments.

Additionally, the adhesive itself is environmentally beneficial. Additionally, it is VOC compliant, paintable, water-resistant, and adapts well to low temperatures. Additionally, it is free of chlorinated surfactants. In fact, it may serve as a multipurpose glue for your LVP flooring.

Key Features

  • Incredibly strong bonds.
  • Adherence to several surfaces.
  • Ecologically sound and watertight.
  • External and internal usage.
  • Can be used in any temperature.

2. Dap Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose Adhesive

A high-strength adhesive is crucial for forming a solid bond with floor coverings. You will benefit much with Dap 00141 in this situation. It serves as a versatile floor adhesive.

The adhesive’s composition, which is based on latex, creates a solid bind with any surface. It is also considerably stronger than other types of traditional glue. Using this fantastic adhesive on your vinyl flooring will make it simple to get good coverage.

Additionally, it offers higher shrink resistance and high-strength bonding capability. Even you may easily move flooring during installation without any difficulty. It is also a secure trowel-grade adhesive for vinyl plank flooring.

Additionally, this adhesive uses eco-friendly ingredients in its formulation. It is also water-resistant by nature. It may be quickly cleaned up with simply water. Additionally, it has no odour and is inflammable. Instead, it has a very subtle, fresh aroma.

In addition to this, it asserts that it may be used for several tasks, and this is entirely accurate. It may be used inside on a variety of roomy flooring surfaces. Additionally, it may be used on any hardwood surface, including sealed wood surfaces, brick, bamboo, and ceramic tile.

It may therefore be demonstrated to be the finest adhesive for vinyl plank flooring.

Key Features

  • Connection of high strength.
  • Installing on the floor is simple.
  • Odorless, inflammable, and waterproof.
  • Versatile in its uses.

3. Henry 356-030 Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose

Purchasing strong glue with adequate coverage for a fair price is far preferable to purchasing an inferior adhesive for a high price. Similar to that, Henry brand vinyl plank glue will work well as an adhesive for your LVP flooring.

The adhesive may be used for versatile floor covering. It has exceptional strength and sticky grasp action, allowing for simple subfloor installation repositioning. As a result, it provides excellent adhesion support to the surface of your engineered hardwood flooring.

There are usually unwelcome, persistent places that remain after floor installation, which is really frustrating. You can simply cover such strange places with this adhesive. Additionally, it gives your surface a fantastic finish and has a little aroma and odor.

Additionally, because it is the finest adhesive for lvp flooring, applying the glue is simple and hassle-free. It creates no problems. It works well with all types of engineered wood flooring, sealed floors, brick or bamboo floors, ceramic tile, marble, and the majority of conventional building materials.

In addition to this, it is adhesive for vinyl plank flooring that is moisture- and water-resistant. Even at low temperatures of up to 10F, it may be used. Additionally, because it is not combustible, you do not need to worry about hazardous inflammation. Its recipe also excludes any harsh petrochemical solvents.

Key Features

  • A powerful and sticky grasp.
  • Simple to use.
  • Fit for any type of flooring.
  • Resistant to dampness and water.

4. ARDEX Henry Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Repair Adhesive

Henry’s glue is a wonderful option if you need an adhesive to fix a cove foundation. It may be used for installing base surfaces made of rubber or vinyl. Even so, it aids in keeping the cove’s foundation from shifting. You get an incredible grip that exceeds your expectations.

It is also quite simple to use and clean up. It does so because it resists moisture and is water soluble. It is simple to remove with water. Additionally, it provides excellent coverage and consistent smoothness for your cove base installation.

It also doesn’t have any abrasive chemical particles. It provides excellent stability and dependability for the bonding of your flooring surface. With a surface, it produces a solid adherence to vinyl plank flooring. Generally speaking, it is a great choice for vinyl plank flooring glue.

It also has a strong sticky grip and excellent thickness. It also complies with VOC regulations. Per gallon, there is enough glue. You also get a ten-year warranty from it. Therefore, choosing this adhesive will be the right choice for you.

Furthermore, it is an excellent adhesive for the money. Henry consistently prioritizes quality before financial gain. As a result, it offers good adhesive at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Make sure the cove foundation is installed perfectly.
  • Ensures safety and strong bonds.
  • VOC conforming.
  • Make sure the warranty is thick.

5. Tilebond Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Tongue & Groove Glue

What if you were seeking for glue for wood laminate flooring and found it at a reasonable price? The lottery scenario will then be win-win, right? Yes, much like Titebond glue, this form of adaptable adhesive works with all types of wood flooring.

Superior adhesion to the tongue and groove flooring is ensured by the adhesive. It is mostly used with engineered floating hardwood floors and all types of laminate flooring. Additionally, a fantastic advantage is that it can be modified to cover radiant heating systems as well.

Additionally, this adhesive gives you a two-year shelf life and a reduced chalk temperature. It is exceptional compared to other conventional adhesives even with these two characteristics. Additionally, it successfully passed the ANSI Type ll water resistance test.

Additionally, it uses a mixture that is fast and eco-friendly to clean up. Additionally, it is flammable and non-toxic. Utilizing it is pretty simple. In reality, it offers expert installers the highest level of defense against moisture problems during floor installation.

Additionally, its recipe doesn’t contain any corrosive chemical solvents. It may be used without issue on both dry and damp surfaces. In actuality, it provides your vinyl plank flooring with a hassle-free service.

Key Features

  • For all types of wood flooring.
  • Watertight and non-toxic.
  • Easy solution for cleaning.
  • Reduced temperature.

Things to Consider Before Buying Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Installing vinyl plank flooring requires that you keep the glue on your list of things to do. There are various factors that must be addressed when purchasing adhesive for vinyl plank flooring in this regard. Then, finding the finest adhesive for vinyl plank flooring would be extremely beneficial. Additionally useful is checking the grit of the sandpaper for use on drywall.


The flooring adhesive’s incredible strength and bonding power are two of its most crucial characteristics. What good is buying this if your adhesive doesn’t provide your flooring a high level of resistant strength? The glue’s primary function is to properly grasp your subfloor.

Therefore, you must be fully aware that your chosen glue can guarantee high-performance bonding capacity to vinyl flooring. You may read about Argon Flow Meter for additional suggestions.


Any hardwood engineered surface should be compatible with any flooring adhesive. Any location, whether it be more compact or larger, should be able to use it. It ought to have provided any laminate, wood, bamboo, or other surface with its powerful adhesive grip.

Because of this, while choosing adhesive for flooring, compatibility and appropriateness must be taken into account.

Durability & Reliability

There is always a risk for an issue to arise since floating floors are typically connected to the sub-floor, particularly while installing the floor or moving furniture. In this aspect, flooring glue aids in a flawless bond between your floors and the subfloor.

Therefore, it is crucial to check that the adhesive is both strong and flexible. Additionally, it should be very simple to apply. Its purpose should always be highly adaptable.


It should be extremely safe to use the adhesive. It need to be non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it should be adequately resistant to moisture as well as dry or cold conditions.

Additionally, it shouldn’t include any corrosive chemical solvents. Check to see if the adhesive can provide you enough safety precautions.


Cleaning up after the glue should be simple. It should be water soluble and very light. Because of this, you may quickly remove the additional residue by using only water. Additionally, it must to be able to eliminate surface scratches without leaving behind extra accumulation.

For this reason, cleaning up before purchasing glue for hardwood or vinyl plank flooring is crucial. This will result in a fantastic bond with a fantastic sheen and finish.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use this on a surface made of brick or concrete?

You can, indeed.

Any type of hardwood or sealed flooring can be used with these glues. It may also be used on concrete brick surfaces. It also offers extraordinary strength for building tasks. So you may undoubtedly use it on surfaces made of concrete.

2. Can peel-and-stick tiles be used with it properly?

Definitely, yes.

Peel and stick tiles may be utilized with it effectively. The peel and stick tiles in the bathroom may be efficiently applied even by you. It has a sticky grip nature, super lock, and quick drying properties. Therefore, it may quickly and simply fix your peel and stick tiles in the desired place.

3. Does this function on flooring with tongue and groove?

It does, really.

On flooring with tongue and groove, it really works nicely. In reality, this adhesive for vinyl plank flooring may be used to bind two flat pieces together to produce a single flat flooring surface. Additionally, it guarantees higher strength when fitting similar things together.

4. Will it provide enough defense against humidity?

Undoubtedly, it will.

Its formula resists dampness. Therefore, it is also easily used in any humid environment. With this glue, you may always have a good bonding strength regardless of the temperature. It works excellently in cold, hot, dry, or humid conditions.

5. Where can I get the ideal glue for LVP floors?

To begin with, you must ensure that any engineered hardwood laminate flooring have extremely strong glue. You can thus find the finest adhesive for vinyl plank flooring if it guarantees security, toughness, multi-surface application, compatibility, etc.

Final Words

It is impossible to adequately express the significance of adhesive in the installation of floating or vinyl flooring. However, you must guarantee that the glue provides you good resistance performance even for high construction regions in order to make subfloor installation simple.

In addition to strength, the glue must provide you with secure grasping, simple cleanup, moisture-locking, the ability to repair many surfaces, a strong edge-to-edge connection, etc. With the finest adhesive for vinyl plank flooring, you will have this.