Best Handlebars for Street Glide – Recommendations for 2023

Everybody may enjoy seeing a nice street glide. Perhaps you’ve seen how pedestrians’ handlebars stand out from the crowd and wished you had one of your own.

Everyone seems to be discussing the best handlebars for street gliding these days. For street gliding, adding a fashionable handlebar is always welcomed. If your handlebars are cheap, you can discover that you lose your street cred.

By adding some handlebars, you might make your street glide seem and cost more. Reaching the stop, throttle, clutch, horn, light switches, and rearview mirror is simple from the handlebar. The weight of the rider is distributed equally throughout the bike thanks to the street glide handlebars.

To ensure the smoothest possible ride across the streets, our auto specialists are outfitted with five sets of high-end handlebars. Go seize them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

FMB Handlebars for Street Glide | Powder Coated | 14″
FMB Handlebars for Street Glide | Powder Coated | 14″

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LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide | 12B Black | 11/4″
LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide | 12B Black | 11/4″

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Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide | Monkey Bar Ape Hanger
Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide | Monkey Bar Ape Hanger

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Dominators Industry Handlebars for Street Glide | Road King
Dominators Industry Handlebars for Street Glide | Road King

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Paul Yaffe's Handlebars for Street Glide | 12″ | Monkey Bars
Paul Yaffe's Handlebars for Street Glide | 12″ | Monkey Bars

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Best Handlebars for Street Glide Reviews

We’re here to repair your handlebar to its original, high-quality condition and to command everyone’s courteous focus on your bicycle. In this article, we are showcasing the best ape hangers for street glide. Choose the one that best meets your requirements.

1. FMB Handlebars for Street Glide | Powder Coated | 14″

Are you becoming tired of your recent street glide? Would you want to replace it with a more recent design? I believe the FMB street glide to be the most cost-effective choice.

Superior quality may be found in the street glide FMB handlebars. To make it seem impressive, the engineer created the best possible plan. An FMB bar is available in high gloss, satin, or matte black.

These grips not only provide exceptional levels of comfort, but also remarkable convenience. The handlebars of an FMB will be around an inch above the rider’s shoulder level. And their dimensions are perfect for skimming down the street.

The handlebars’ numerous distinctive features, such as its 33° bar tip to tip length, 14° up rise, 7° of pullback, and 7-1/2° of 1′′ tubing for controls, contribute to their remarkable quality. The temperature in the center is 8. With no additional fees, they can raise it by any amount.

FMB is renowned for the high caliber of service it offers. You can count on them to respond to your communication in a timely manner. Also, I’m eager to listen to your issue and try to solve it. FMB also provides quick shipment. You may also read our review of the T Top Boat Cover.

Featured Advantages

  • One and one-fourth inch in diameter. Originated in SA.
  • Wall thickness at 120.
  • Mercenary bars with a diameter of 14 inches.
  • The best possible caliber.

2. LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide | 12B Black | 11/4″

The best ape hangers for street glide that will make your rides pleasant and worry-free can be found right here, so stop looking elsewhere. These handlebars will improve the comfort and security of motorcycle riding.

The LA Chopper handlebar allows you to ride in comfort and elegance. You may start riding much more quickly once you’ve quickly attached the street glide on your bike. Knowing that your travel will be secure will allow you to relax.

The advantage of this version is that it is simple to install on your road glide. And while having fun, outperform your competitors by working more quickly. The majority of riders favor the normal 16-inch raise because it places the hands at shoulder height.

The LA Chopper handlebars for street glide truly shine on the Batwing Fairing Bikes. High-quality metals and polymers are used in the construction of these grips. Because of the LA Chopper road glide’s outstanding quality, you may anticipate enjoying it for many years.

People that value assurances ought to choose this method without a doubt. There is a lifetime warranty included with your LA chopper. A lifetime warranty is provided since the manufacturing team is so certain of the high caliber of the materials utilized. Moreover, you may select some Cutting Board Glue.

Featured Advantages

  • Traveling comfortably.
  • The hands are raised over the shoulder.
  • Fantastic tubing.
  • Exact weight of 11 pounds.

3. Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide | Monkey Bar Ape Hanger

Riders can choose the handlebars they choose from a wide variety that are offered. Yet, if you treasure the beauty of simplicity, Dominator Industries Handlebars are the best choice.

The crowd loves this hip pub. For those looking for a chic handlebar, this is a fantastic option.

This street glide bar fits more models than you could ever imagine. Fits 1996–2018 models of the Electa Glide, Classic, Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited, Street Glide, and Tri-Glide Trike.

You may be confident that the handlebars are of the greatest caliber because they are created in the USA. You will be able to recognize the superb quality of the materials utilized as a result. Because of its exceptional quality, it has stirred up the American handlebars industry and brought in a flood of copycat products.

A lifetime warranty is offered by this reputable brand. The handlebar may also be modified to meet your needs. Feel free to include your name, the brand and model of your bike, or anything else you’d like.

Featured Advantages

  • Weighing only approximately 39 pounds.
  • Produced at an American plant with a solid reputation.
  • Fits a wide range of bicycles.
  • Smooth, rounded, and arched joints.
  • A really modest ending.

4. Dominators Industry Handlebars for Street Glide | Road King

The most recent model from the Dominators company should be selected if you want to completely transform the appearance of your road glide at the most affordable price. It’s also one of the greatest options for street glide handlebars.

The business manufactures a range of custom bars for Harley Davidson bikes built between 1996 and 2017 at all phases of manufacturing in the United States. For riders of all sizes, the Dominators Industrial Street Glide Handlebars are a fantastic option. Even if you ride for hours, the bike seat won’t put any tension on your back.

It is obvious that this was a hand-made item. No other brand’s internal wiring is as simple as that of this one. Each bar goes through a thorough quality control process. Craftsmen with expertise manually polish bars.

Also, they have renowned customer service. You can count on them to respond to your communication in a timely manner. Also, I’m eager to listen to your issue and try to solve it. They offer lightning-fast delivery. You may buy with assurance right now.

Featured Advantages

  • 10″ meat hook monkey bars that resemble apes.
  • Production that is carried out in phases.
  • Originating in S.A.
  • Ready for installation over hardwire.
  • Absolutely flawless execution.

5. Paul Yaffe’s Handlebars for Street Glide | 12″ | Monkey Bars

Even after reading hundreds of reviews, you may still not have discovered the one that is ideal for you. We now offer Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation Handlebars, the best bar ends in the business, as our final product.

It is one of the best street glide ape hangers and is compatible with Harley-Davidson motorcycles manufactured from 1986 to 2013. Cables with black powder coating were used for the finishing touches, giving the cable a slick and elegant appearance.

The Bagger Nation Handlebars by Paul Yaffe come in a variety of sizes. Feel free to select a size at random if you’re unsure which to pick. There are extremely long cables used. As a result, the brake lines are kept secure and safe and aren’t allowed to extend.

American-made goods are famous across the world for their high caliber of perfection. Paul Yaffe created Bagger Nation Handlebars in the United States specifically for the street gliding market. The consumer is therefore certain to obtain a product that excels in all respects and offers the greatest degree of comfort and security.

The company’s customer support is likewise top-notch. You will receive a prompt response to your question. Your inquiries will also be heard and carefully answered.

Featured Advantages

  • Display changes for an exhibition.
  • Round bars of 25 inches.
  • Either sleek black powder coats or polished chrome.
  • Item of superior quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying Handlebars for Street Glide

Handlebars for Street Glide

You discover the grips that are now available. Finally, the moment has come to buy. You can have chosen a certain brand and model as well as a specified price. When you go out to get the greatest handlebars, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the most crucial things to have in mind as you look for the best ape hangers for street gliding. Together with other essentials for vehicles, we have the Skeg Guard.

Cost of the Handler

Cost might not be a key factor for some people. Yet, this is often a serious concern. Usually, the most expensive products are of the highest caliber.

But before you do anything else, you need figure out exactly what you want and how much money you have. It is advisable to find a product that suits your budgetary restrictions. To get a rough idea of the price, all you have to do is look at the product links we’ve provided. You might also be interested in the following items in addition to our mentioned Belt for Can Am Maverick.

Make Sure It’s High-Quality

Each commodity’s quality is its most crucial feature. A handlebar requires a large outlay of cash. Of course you want it to be strong and durable.

If you can afford it, get a street glider handling model made of steel or iron. That lasts a very long time.

The materials that were used must be examined. as well as the source of the information. There are several well-known handlers in the United States, and their fame is mostly based on the caliber of their job. You should look at the Dirt Bike Cleaner because you undoubtedly require some.

Techniques of Setup

Think about getting the handler made especially for street glides. Unexpectedly repairing a complex installation presents challenges.

It is therefore advisable to carefully study all of the guidelines and abide by them. You’ll find it easier and more quickly.

Product Guarantee / Guarantee of the Product

It is uncommon to need to repair a street glide handler once you have made an investment in one. You will benefit from this purchase for many years to come.

Nevertheless, not all products provide guarantee choices. Hence, before making a purchase, find out how long the guarantee will last. A product’s warranty period may also be a good indicator of how high-quality it is overall.

These recommendations can be used as a road map while looking for street glide handlebars. These are the most important factors to take into account while purchasing for street skates.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We have a few questions to provide as a result of our market research. Perhaps the questions below that are asked more frequently will be answered.

1. How do I set up the handler if I purchase it online?

You have two options for setup: you may do it yourself or seek expert assistance.

It’s crucial to obtain professional assistance to lessen the chance that your street glide handler may sustain irreparable harm. Moreover, if you decide to perform the installation yourself, be sure to thoroughly read and follow all of the instructions.

2. Which material makes the best handler?

Steel is what we advise for every job.

We don’t want to imply that any of the materials utilized by the different manufacturers are subpar. Steel, however, lasts far longer than any substitute.

3. Do the street gliding handlebars feel safe in your hands?

Once more, this relates to a certain product.

You may ride in peace because the bulk of the handling was designed with the comfort of the passenger in mind. Products in the intermediate to higher price ranges are said to be easier to use by consumers.

4. What shade are the handlebars on the Street Glide?

Generally, it will be black or silver.

Several manufacturers will provide the handles in any color the customer requests.

5. Would my back hurt if I use the finest ape hangers for street glide?

You won’t, so drop that concept right now.

The carriers’ ergonomics have been improved for optimal usability. Your hands will be elevated high over your shoulders, depending on the handler’s height.

Last Remarks

Our investigation is now finished. The several uses of handlebars and the variety of alternatives for street glide handlebars are supposed to be acquainted to you.

To make it simple for you to compare each handler, we’ve highlighted its key features. A appropriate handler for your bike may also be found.

Everyone who is riding, kindly be careful.