Best Jack Planes for Woodworking – In Depth Review for 2023

The “Jack of all trades” or “Jack” airplanes have existed for a very long time. This little tool was used by woodworkers and other craftspeople to shape and polish their creations long before modern civilization existed.

Modern times have witnessed a lot of innovation in jack airplanes. There are several jack planes available with adjustable knobs and carved handles to give them a more attractive appearance. They range in construction from cast iron to bronze.

The hardest challenge, however, is choosing the right jack plane for your work. We’ve narrowed it down to the best 10 jack airplanes on the market to make it simpler for you to look through them all.

From their appearance and build quality to their functionality and most useful features, you’ll find all you need to know about these planes here, along with complete purchase recommendations and a comparison chart.

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Bench Plane No. 5 - Iron Jack Plane
Bench Plane No. 5 - Iron Jack Plane

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GreatNeck C4 Woodworking Jack Plane
GreatNeck C4 Woodworking Jack Plane

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Amazon Basics No.4 Smoothing Bench Hand Plane
Amazon Basics No.4 Smoothing Bench Hand Plane

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STANLEY Low Angle Jack Plane
STANLEY Low Angle Jack Plane

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WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer
WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

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Best Jack Planes for Woodworking: Our Top 5 Recommendations in 2023

The collection of highly reviewed jack planes below will help you make the best decision whether you need a jack plane for professional or do-it-yourself woodworking operations.

1. Bench Plane No. 5 – Iron Jack Plane

The no. 5 jack plane from Caliastro, a well-known brand in the market for woodworking tools, seems to combine modernism in practicality with an antiquated aesthetic in its overall design and finish.

Although being 14 inches long and 2 inches wide, this jack plane will fit comfortably in your hands because to the solid wood handle and knob that have been polished to a glossy smoothness.

It has a 2-inch High Carbon steel blade that is proportionate to its body width and may be used to shave any rough surface with ease.

This high-performance blade comes with a sister that may be used as a backup in the event that one is ever needed.

The blade adjustment nut is made of solid brass in this instance, unlike many other variants available on the market, giving it an antique feel and extending its lifespan.

Using this niggling tool to fine-tune the blade’s depth so you can easily surf through any surface.

Caliastro cautions everyone not to attempt it with their finger due to the blade’s sharpness. Caliastro won’t be responsible if your fingers break if you try this. It’s that sharp, that’s how!

Other from that, the airplane should serve you for many years if you use it wisely and store it in a dry location wrapped with rust-resistant paper. You may read about the Pinion Depth Tool for further recommendations.

Highlighted features include:

  • It is the ideal option for any woodworking job because to the unmatched build quality.
  • Greater size enables the accomplishment of larger tasks more quickly.
  • The high carbon steel blade keeps its cutting edge sharp over time.
  • It comes with an extra blade that is just as good as the original.
  • This tool is very durable, with a premium wood handle and a strong brass adjustment nut.

2. GreatNeck C4 Woodworking Jack Plane

The second product in our study of jack planes is this higher-profile tool for heavy-duty woodworking.

Whether you are a skilled woodworker or a hobbyist, the Great Neck jack plane will be useful in every situation.

Its width is the same as the previous jack plane’s, but its length is shorter. The blade size is close to what is needed to carry out any planning activity successfully.

Jack plane blades must be hardened to their maximum hardness since they will be used for many years.

The basic blade is exceptionally sharp and durable, so it should last longer than any other blade even if a new blade is not supplied. Thereafter, if required, sharpen the blade.

It will be a little lighter than many of its rivals due to the shorter length, allowing you to work for longer periods of time without experiencing wrist strain. For professionals who put in a lot of overtime, this is a huge reward.

You may run it through any abrasive surface because to the bottom’s very smooth and shiny surface. The plane has wood grips on both sides, which provide exceptional precision in any task.

For a better experience in a variety of planning tasks, the high-performance blade may be changed in both directions.

The design incorporates every important tool, including adjustable knobs and others, making it a challenging yet efficient woodworking tool. You may also read our evaluation of Glue for Car Door Rubber.

Highlighted features include:

  • It can fit into smaller places since it is shorter in length than many other planes.
  • A flatter bottom makes planning easier and more exact.
  • A blade made of high-performance steel can cut through any surface made of wood and keeps its edge for a long time.
  • Planning is made easier and tool handling is improved by dual wood handles.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty to protect your back.

3. Amazon Basics No.4 Smoothing Bench Hand Plane

We like this Amazon Basics number 4 jack plane because of its traditional style and user-friendly operation for both experts and beginners.

Given that it satisfies all the requirements for a low angle jack position, it will be quite helpful for beginners who are just getting started with woodworking.

All of this starts with a bottom body that has been machine finished and polished and will endure for years. With its superior blade, this sturdy tool can withstand a great deal of pressure at work while still enabling you to do your job perfectly.

This plane’s 2-inch blade is made of durable alloy steel to increase its longevity and provide excellent planing. It is the perfect tool for any woodworker since it can smooth off any uneven surfaces in its path.

Depending on the surface you are working on, you may modify the instrument using adjustable knobs to get the best results possible by changing the height of the steel blade.

You can maintain a firmer grip on the tool while working and prevent wrist strain thanks to the dual wood handles’ ergonomic curves, which are designed to fit the shape of your palm.

The handles’ richer polish giving them a more vintage appearance that goes well with the build as a whole.

We would want to present it as an excellent value tool that offers excellent performance at a cheap cost, making it available to a variety of woodworkers.

Highlighted features include:

  • All the necessary parts are present in perfect condition within the polished 10-inch-long body.
  • To handle various woodworking tasks, a somewhat thicker blade is offered.
  • The hardened alloy steel blade and the metal body are both long-lasting.
  • You may adjust the blade height to your preference in order to obtain high precision planning.
  • The tool’s perfectly polished contoured wood handles give it a premium appearance.

4. STANLEY Low Angle Jack Plane

With the no. 62 low angle jack plane, STANLEY made a comeback on the hand plane market. It was made to appeal to collectors and woodworkers alike.

Everyone is entranced by its elegant appearance at first glance. If you look closely, you can see that the base and frog are constructed as a single unit, adding to the instrument’s durability.

This tool is very big to work with because it is 14 inches long and 2 inches wide.

The tool’s mouth, which can be customized, is where the magic happens. With this tool, we successfully shaved almost all of the woods we used.

The twin handles made of cherry wood are incredibly ergonomic and user-friendly. You shouldn’t experience wrist pain even if you use this instrument for an extended period of time.

Additionally, the handles’ finish balances the appearance in contrast to the body’s dark hue.

The adjustment knob, which is made of solid brass for added durability, has some issues, though, as we discovered.

Other customers have noted that the mouth opens and closes differently depending on the tool, which could be a drawback for this plane.

It might be a must-have weapon in your arsenal if you can make the required small adjustments. You could keep it as a collectible as well. sleek, effective, and elegant!

Highlighted features include:

  • For the best weight distribution, the base and frog were cast together as a single unit.
  • Compared to similar variants, the solid brass adjustment knob offers more accurate control.
  • The mouth may be closed up to one-sixteenth of an inch for it to function on any sort of wood.
  • Cherry wood handles provide individuality to the instrument and are good for ergonomic handling.

5. WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer
WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

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For bigger projects, are you weary of manually controlling jack planes? Do you experience wrist issues? Your hands will feel better if you let the WEN 6530 electric planer handle the difficult timbers.

A 6-amp electric motor that can spin at up to 17000 rpm powers this little but effective instrument, enabling the double-sided blade to produce 34000 cuts per minute.

It is a significant amount for such a small tool, and it is helpful if you frequently need to cut through huge amounts of wood, especially if you are a professional carpenter.

The depth adjustment on this electric planer, which has a range of 0 to 1/8 inch, is another helpful feature.

To ensure fine shaving on every type of wood, you have 16 phases in which to pause throughout the adjustment process.

The kickstand, which keeps the planer away from the work surface while not in use, should not be overlooked.

This is a great feature for a tool like this to have since it safeguards the wood and the workers from injury.

The dust bag that is included with the packing is noteworthy. The bag can be a helpful way to collect wood shavings because it can be fastened to either side of the planer.

By turning a switch on the planer, sawdust may be directed in accordance with the bag as required.

Highlighted features include:

  • A 6-amp motor running at 17000 rpm powers the double-sided blade, which has an up to 34000 cut capacity.
  • The blade’s depth may be adjusted in a broad range, including 16 stages, for greater precision.
  • The kickstand and dust bag are very significant elements in terms of security and cleanliness.
  • Neither too light nor too heavy such that you experience hand fatigue while working.

Jack Plane Buying Guide

Jack Planes for Woodworking

We decided to publish a general buying guide for anybody wanting to buy their first jack plane since while seasoned woodworkers have learned how to choose the best jack plane for their task over the years, newbies may not be aware of the finer nuances.

This article will help you choose the appropriate plane for a range of jobs by taking all the factors into account.

Choose the best plane for your budget after doing some research and reevaluating your work kind and requirements. When acquiring a jack plane, consider the following.

Hand Plane Varieties

Hand planes are a variety of tools used to remove extraneous wood from any surface and provide a smoother finish.

But, if you look closely enough, you will find that many aircraft types have unique characteristics and operating philosophies.

All of the aircraft we’ve spoken about so far fall under the category of bench planes. Because they are most frequently employed on flat benches, bench planes get their name.

For a secure grasp on the tool, these planes frequently include a curved handle and a knob. This enables the crew to operate comfortably while keeping the plane pointed in the right direction and flattening any surface.

Other types, such joinery planes and molding planes, are employed for a range of purposes, most notably for creating shapes and curves and cutting grooves.

No matter how expensive your tool is or whatever brand you choose, unless you choose a plane that is suitable for your work, you won’t get the required results.

Body Material: Metal vs. Wooden

Cast iron or wood are frequently used to make hand planes. Both bodies have distinctive qualities, thus choose one to buy depends only on personal preference.

In order to prevent rust and lengthen the lifespan of metal-bodied planes, the bodies are usually painted with epoxy paint or coated with rust-resistant powder.

The tool is heavier overall thanks to the metal base, which improves stability on the surface and yields a better finish. A metal-bodied plane’s blades’ cutting depth may also be easily adjusted by switching out the knobs.

Contrarily, wooden-bodied aircraft are lighter and enable operators to work for longer stretches of time without becoming fatigued. They are especially helpful when working on a vertical surface because it can be exhausting to hold metal planes in that direction for a lengthy amount of time.

With wooden planes, however, changing the blade depth is trickier, so bear that in mind.

The Blade’s Angle

Each plane’s blade angle must be taken into account for efficient woodworking. Depending on the wood, the cut will be finer the lower the blade is fastened to the body.

The surface will more likely be scraped than shaved if the blade is placed on the body at a steeper angle.

A number of applications justifiably allow for the 45-degree tilt to the surface that most models on the market have.

The blade’s thickness

Although many do not think blade thickness is important, it is. Shaving will be challenging if you use a narrow blade since it will flex a lot.

There is occasionally a chance of cutting oneself on flying blade fragments.

Use a plane with a blade that is relatively thick and won’t bend or flex even under great pressure to produce a better finish and work safely.


Because woodworking requires a lot of physical energy to be spent on tools and surfaces, we become tired easily.

As a result, the tool must be able to do the activity without requiring us to sit or stand in an uncomfortable position for a lengthy amount of time.

Choose a plane with a balanced force distribution, proper weight distribution, and dual handle configuration.

This can prevent wrist strain as you work for long stretches of time and keep you motivated even after finishing challenging jobs.

People Also Asked

1. What Is a Jack Plane Used For?

The main purpose of a jack plane is to level off uneven wood surfaces that will be bonded.

2. What does a low angle jack plane serve?

Low angle jack planes are frequently used for cutting miters and working end grain.

3. With what hand plane should I begin?

Use a low angle plane when getting your first plane so you can shave the main surface of any woodworking project.

4. Just What Is A Plane?

Jack planes’ lengths and widths are denoted by numbers from 1 to 8. The length and breadth of a no. 4 plane should be moderate because it is practically at the middle.

5. What Is the Efficiency of Electric Hand Planers?

I have no doubts! They do the same task as manual hand planes, but much more quickly and easily.

6. What grinding angle should be used while honing a plane blade?

The main or grind bevel of a plane blade is normally 25 degrees, while the secondary or honing bevel is 30 degrees. When you sharpen them, bear this in mind.

Final Decision

We assume that after reading thus far, you are much more knowledgeable about jack aircraft than you were before.

If you choose the best jack plane for your needs and budget, you can’t go wrong with these attractive and effective tools, whether you’re working indoors or on the go.