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Top 6 Best Motorola Baby Monitor – 2023 [The Smarter Choice for You]

    Motorola Baby Monitor

    Parenting is a wonderful profession where you need to pay close attention to every detail to guarantee complete baby safety. Patients today are equally occupied with their home and work obligations. Thus, infant upkeep becomes a major problem.

    Every newborn needs parents or other caretakers nearby to supervise the child’s activities at all times. However, if your two eyes are occupied, you must use a third eye—a baby monitor—to keep a watch on your child’s activities.

    Right now, you might be wondering what the greatest baby monitor is. Here, we highlight the top Motorola baby monitors and explain how to operate them.

    So, without further ado, let’s explore some exquisite baby monitors.

    Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
    MBP50-G Motorola Baby Monitor | 5MBP50-G Motorola Baby Monitor | 5" LCD Display | Split-ViewCheck Price
    MBP36XL Motorola Baby Monitor | 5MBP36XL Motorola Baby Monitor | 5" Parent Unit | Two-Way AudioCheck Price
    Connect40 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5Connect40 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5" Display | HD WiFi ViewingCheck Price
    Comfort75 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5Comfort75 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5" LCD | 2-Way Audio | 1000ftCheck Price
    Connect20 Motorola Baby Monitor | 2 Cam | 4.3Connect20 Motorola Baby Monitor | 2 Cam | 4.3" LCD | 2-Way AudioCheck Price

    What is a Baby Monitor?

    What is a Baby Monitor

    In general, a baby monitor refers to a device that includes a doll camera setup with a display monitor. You can observe your baby’s motion and other activities through the baby monitor setup.

    Generally, there are two types of babies monitors available in the market. One is based on WI-FI connectivity, and the other is conducted by its own network system.

    WIFI baby monitors can be operated from any distance when connected to a WiFi network. For remote operation, you need an application so that you change camera position, send voice commands, and do overall observation.

    On the other hand, the second type is based on the RF network system. It means the monitor will work within a particular range. This monitor is designed for short-distance coverage. However, both types of baby monitors are nearly the same in terms of features.

    Our Top 6 Best Motorola Baby Monitor Reviews & Buying Guide

    In this review section, we break down all the features and specifications of the selected Motorola baby monitor with cameras. You will know the functionality, uses, and comparison among these baby monitors. Let’s jump into the reviews.

    1. MBP50-G Motorola Baby Monitor | 5″ LCD Display | Split-View

    MBP50-G Motorola Baby Monitor | 5
    Although you look for a baby monitor only for baby coverage, if the camera provides full room coverage, then how fantastic it would be, right? So, if you want full coverage, then here you go.

    The most interesting thing about this monitoring set is its wireless connection. You don’t need an additional wire or WiFi connection to connect the camera to the parent unit.

    Let’s talk about the parent unit. The parent unit comes with a 5” LCD color display. The maximum resolution of the display is 720p.

    The good news is that you can monitor the babies fussing at night, even in a dark room, because the camera has night view mode. However, night view mode gives a black and white view.

    If you need to go to the backyard or your garden areas, you can carry the parent unit. It has long-range connectivity that never loses connection within 1000 feet. Besides, you can adjust the camera view angle in pan, tilt, or zoom mode.

    Feature We Like Most

    We most like its time screening feature. When you set the time, it will switch the camera back and forth every seven minutes. That means you will have the full view and audio from both cameras every seven seconds.

    Probable Drawbacks

    When the camera is in split-view mode, it will allow only one audio. You can’t hear the audio from two cameras simultaneously.

    Key Features

    • 5” parent unit with 720p resolution
    • Day mode color view, night mode: black & white view
    • Remote adjustment of pan, tilt, and zoom
    • Camera range up to 1000feet
    • Two-way communication with built-in camera speaker

    Final Opinion

    Motorola MBP50-G comes with all the features that you need. However, it is not a WiFi network-based camera, but it allows wireless connectivity.

    2. MBP36XL Motorola Baby Monitor | 5″ Parent Unit | Two-Way Audio

    MBP36XL Motorola Baby Monitor | 5
    When you need some additional features in a non-Wi-Fi-based baby monitor, you need the latest baby monitor. In this case, Motorola brought an MBP36XL baby monitor that will surely impress you.

    Motorola MBP36XL offers some additional features, which you won’t find in the previous model MBP50-G. For example, this monitor will show you the temperature and sound indication of the room.

    Moreover, as the camera is battery-powered, you will get a low battery notification. Along with that, you can easily communicate two-way with its built-in mic and speaker. Plus, it has included 5 soothing lullabies.

    Whenever you connect two cameras within a parent unit, this device will allow you to split-screen view.  The main drawback is that you need a specific camera model of MBP36XLBU that needs to be bought separately.

    The display size of the parent unit is 5”, and this is good enough to accommodate 4 cameras at a time. Besides, the display resolution is 720p with an inferred night view.

    Feature We Like Most

    Motorola allows a maximum of 4 cameras for this set. And you will use every camera at a time with a split view. And you won’t have network coverage issues as it covers a distance up to 1000 feet.

    Probable Drawbacks

    It doesn’t come with any wall mounting accessories, so mounting would be an issue.

    Key Features

    • It supports up to 4 cameras
    • 5” color display with 720p resolution
    • Two-way communication, split-view, and highly sensitive mic
    • Indicates room temperature and sound level

    Final Opinion

    Although you will find every feature of baby monitors except WiFi connectivity, you must count a high amount for these features.

    3. Connect40 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5″ Display | HD WiFi Viewing

    Connect40 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5
    Are you looking for the best baby monitor under $200? If so, then there is a better collection of Motorola baby monitors with App. In fact, it will stop your baby monitor from searching after seeing its features.

    We have already reviewed two Motorola baby monitors that don’t have a WiFi facility. However, Motorola offers a WiFi-based baby monitor within an affordable budget.

    When you connect the device, you need an application called Hubble. This monitor supports the Hubble app and allows you to monitor from a long distance. In fact, you will get some parenting tips and baby sleeping patterns through the Hubble App.

    Though the resolution of the camera is 720p, it will give you a clear view of the night. Darkness does not impact the resolution but the color. Thanks to its inferred night view that provides a clear view without hampering the resolution.

    Feature We Like Most

    The main advantage of having this baby monitor is its highly sensitive microphone. The camera is able to detect a minimum level of sound from the surrounding. So, you will immediately notice even if some minuscule things are happening.

    Probable Drawbacks

    The led indicator light on the camera becomes so strong at night. Probably, it might impact the baby’s sleep.

    Key Features

    • 5″ Parent Unit with HD view
    • Ensures full resolution even in a dark room
    • WiFi connectivity allows long-distance controlling
    • Supports Hubble App for better controlling and parenting tips
    • Allows two-way communication with built-in highly sensitive mic

    Final Opinion

    You will have most of the premium features of a baby monitor within a minimum budget. A special feature that sets it apart from its competitor is its WiFi connection, but the resolution is only 720p. So, it’s an ideal baby monitor for long-distance control.

    4. Comfort75 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5″ LCD | 2-Way Audio | 1000ft

    Comfort75 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5
    Sometimes you may look for the best baby monitor under $100 or near about $100, which offers the most features then it would be a must-have selection for you.

    Let’s examine its features. The noticeable feature of the monitor is its room temperature indicator that comes at the top of the parent unit. Along with that, a highly sensitive microphone ensures even the slightest sound in the room.

    When you need a full view of the room or just turn the camera left to right, you can easily do that with the pan, tilt and zoom view mode. Moreover, zoom view gives you up to 2X digital views.

    Motorola has offered a Comfort75 camera for this baby monitor, which provides a crystal-clear view. And the resolution is 720p, but it ensures the same resolution even in the darkroom because its infrared night vision has made it possible.

    Feature We Like Most

    The camera supports the Hubble application that allows you to access parenting tips, baby nursing, tracking baby sleep hours, and sleep patterns. Besides, it also tracks diaper changes, feeding time, and pumping sessions.

    Probable Drawbacks

    If the room is quite bright, then it may impact the camera resolution.

    Key Features

    • Supports Hubble App with track baby events
    • 5” large display with HD resolution
    • Ensures same resolution for dark room
    • Clear voice command and a two-way intercom

    Final Opinion

    Not a WiFi-based baby monitor; otherwise, it comes with every feature, including pre-recorded lullabies. So, it can be considered by its price and features.

    5. Connect20 Motorola Baby Monitor | 2 Cam | 4.3″ LCD | 2-Way Audio

    Connect20 Motorola Baby Monitor | 2 Cam | 4.3
    Sometimes you may need to do distance monitoring of baby activities when you aren’t at home. In this case, you need a WiFi network-based baby monitor. Thus, Motorola brought Connect20 for you.

    Although the cameras provide a wide-angle view, that means you will have the full video of the room. However, if you want a close baby shot, you can use its digital zooming feature. It will give you the exact close view as a wide-angle view.

    Besides baby monitoring, you can use the cameras for other purposes. For example, you can keep an eye on your pet’s activities and the elder one at home. Moreover, you can set the cameras for your backyard or garden view.

    As it is a WiFi-connected baby monitor, you have the privilege to use the mobile applications. You will get the motion and sound notification instantly. However, if the internet is slow or has some issues, then notification may not come in real-time.

    Unlike other baby monitors on the list, Motorola Connect20 has a bit smaller parent unit. I mean, the parent unit size is 4.3”. However, Connect20 is one step ahead of its competitors in terms of price and other features.

    Feature We Like Most

    The two-way communication method and its sound detection are quite incredible. I mean, it has a super-sensitive mic that captures every slightest sound of the room.

    Probable Drawbacks

    What we have experienced critical about the monitor is its application subscription. You must pay for a subscription if you need to record video files from live streaming.

    Key Features

    • Allows distance monitoring through WiFi network
    • Android and IOS compatible application
    • Clear picture, video, and audio
    • 2 camera Motorola baby monitor
    • Provides two-way communication and HD microphone

    Final Opinion

    If you need a WiFi-based baby monitor, then you can consider this one. Though the parent unit is a bit smaller than others, it can beat any premium baby monitor by its price, features, and functions.

    6. Connect85 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5″ LCD | WiFi HD View | 2 Cam

    Connect85 Motorola Baby Monitor | 5
    If you need a larger parent unit baby monitor with a distance monitoring facility, then there is the best Motorola baby monitor collection, which is Motorola Connect85.

    The major attraction of this baby monitor is its two automatic cameras. You can control both cameras through the WiFi networking system.

    Besides that, the video and picture resolution will never let you down because it ensures HD views for both cameras at any function.

    Let’s talk about some prime functions. The distance monitoring function comes first when we talk about the Connect85. After connecting both cameras to WiFi, you can monitor everything through the Hubble application.

    Moreover, the application enables you to change the camera position by its pan, tilt, and zoom mode. If the network signal is full, then the resolution wouldn’t be an issue when you change the cameras’ mode.

    When we juxtapose the Connect85 with another monitor, it is clear that Connect85 offers every feature that a monitor should have. However, the price might be an issue for some parents, but you will get the two cameras on this baby monitor set.

    Feature We Like Most

    The signal range is quite strong as it can pass through multiple walls, and it doesn’t hamper the connection. Besides that, it automatically allows split-view when both cameras are connected.

    Probable Drawbacks

    The function is a bit boring since you must set the camera button first to get the pan, tilt, or zoom mode.

    Key Features

    • 2 camera Motorola baby monitor
    • 5″ parent unit with HD view
    • Two cameras allow you to monitor different rooms
    • Allows distance monitoring through WiFi connection
    • Includes 5 preloaded lullabies

    Final Opinion

    As we have mentioned, Connect85 has all the latest features of a baby monitor. However, the price is a bit high for this one. So, if it crosses your budget limit, then you can consider Connect20, which is almost interchangeable with Connect85.

    Consider These Things Before Buying Motorola Baby Monitor in 2023

    Best Motorola Baby Monitor

    Choosing an electronic gadget is always confusing because of its critical functions and some additional features. However, if you take a look at some basic features and functions of the Motorola baby monitor cameras, you can easily reach a decision.

    Therefore, we have designed this buying guide to tell you what to look at and what not. If you consider these factors beforehand, eventually, you get the best baby monitors.

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    Basic Type

    Baby monitors can be classified into two categories. This classification is based on its basic connectivity. The first type of baby monitor is based on RF signals. Generally, this type of monitor has its own networking system that doesn’t need any external network to operate the monitor.

    Moreover, the camera renders an RF signal to connect the parent unit. After connecting the camera and parent unit, you can easily operate the monitor.

    The second type is WiFi based connection. When you connect the camera to the WiFi network, you can operate the monitor from any distance. For such a monitor, you don’t necessarily have to stick to a particular place.

    Frequency Range

    The radiofrequency range is essential for both RF-based and WiFi-based baby monitors. However, it is mandatory, especially for the RF-based cameras, since the RF signals work in a certain radius.

    Therefore, if the radio frequency range is not strong enough, then it will not send a clear picture and sound to the parent unit. Besides, a less area coverage monitor can’t give you the actual coverage when you go out of the home.

    In this case, the minimum radio frequency range of the baby monitor should be between 800-1000 feet. That means this RF range will cover your entire home and surrounding areas such as the backyard, front yard, and garden area.

    Resolution and Picture Quality

    Although you are choosing a baby monitor, that doesn’t mean that a video or picture quality will fulfill your purpose.

    Generally, a baby monitor will provide HD resolution for both video and images. However, resolution less than 720p won’t give you a clear view. The minimum resolution for a baby monitor should be 720p or above.

    If your chosen camera’s resolution is 720p or above, then it will give a clear view of both video and images.

    However, if you need to record the video and store the still pictures, then you must choose the monitor which allows this function. Otherwise, you need to count subscription fees for storing videos and images because not all manufacturers provide such facilities free of cost.

    Vocal Communication

    Voice command is an essential part of the baby monitor. Parents are not only using the baby monitor for just observing their baby’s activity; they must communicate with their counterparts.

    Voice communication generally refers to two-way communication. You can have a live conversation if the camera allows two-way communication.

    If the camera allows intercommunication, you can send voice commands or talk through the parent unit. Likewise, the counterpart audience also communicates by the camera itself since it has a built-in mic and speaker.

    Additional Features

    A premium baby monitor provides a lot of exciting features such as pre-recorded lullabies, audio and video capture, motion detection, noise reduction, room temperature, feeding time, sleeping pattern, and so on.

    However, motion detection and temperature are essential for every baby monitor since you must get the motion notification when the baby is moving.

    Besides that, you must take a look at the battery longevity and product authenticity.

    How to Pair Motorola Baby Monitor

    How to Pair Motorola Baby Monitor

    Though most of the RF-based baby monitors have the same pairing system regardless of the brand, if you have mastery over a camera pairing, then you can pair other devices in the same way.

    Paring to the parent unit is necessary for both RF-based and WiFi-based cameras. WiFi-based baby monitors need to be paired if you don’t go for a WiFi connection or you just want home monitoring, not distance monitoring.

    The camera which comes with the baby monitor is generally paired with the parent unit. However, when you need to add another camera to the parent unit, or you need to re-pair the camera if the connection is lost, then you need to pair the device by following these steps.

    Now we will describe the step-by-step guide of how to pair Motorola baby monitors. Let’s get started!

    Step 1: Unboxing

    After unboxing the baby monitor, you will have a patent unit, one/two cameras, a power adapter, and a wall mount. First off, take the camera and plug in the power adapter to the camera. Now turn on the camera. After turning on the camera, you will get an LED indicating that the camera is on.

    Step 2: Connect the Parent Unit

    Now connect the parent unit to the power through the USB adapter. Remember! You must ensure the full charge of the parent unit before first use; it will take 10 to 16 hours, depending on the manufacturer. Afterward, press and hold power on/off button for 3 seconds to turn on the display.

    Step 3: Pairing

    Click the menu button on the parent unit. A setting window will appear on display. Now, use the scroll left/right button to go to the camera sign tab. After clicking on the camera tab, you will see different options like add/delete the camera, rotate or view buttons.

    To add a camera, select the plus icon and press the ok button. You will have the number list of cameras 1,2,3,4. Now select any of four to search the camera, immediately “Press Pair on Camera” will appear on the screen.

    Take the camera and find the pair button at the back part or bottom of the camera. Now press and hold the pair button until it connects to the parent unit. After connecting to the parent unit, “Paired” will appear on the parent unit.

    How to Connect Motorola Baby Monitor to WiFi

    How to Connect Motorola Baby Monitor to WiFi

    When you have an IP-enabled camera, you need to connect the camera to a WiFi network. To connect the camera to the WiFi network, you need a particular application.

    Here you will find the step-by-step guide to connect the camera to the WiFi network. Let’s follow them:

    Step 1: Power the Camera

    Secondly, you need to power the camera through the power adapter. Afterward, press the power button of the camera and turn it on.

    Step 2: Download Application

    Download Application

    First off, you need the Hubble application for camera connection. Most of the IP baby monitor’s cameras can be operated through the Hubble App. If not, then use the manufacturer’s application.  Now download the application.

    Step 3: Application Setting

    Application Setting

    Connect your phone to a WiFi network. Now open the Hubble and log in. If you don’t have a previous Hubble account, then register a new account. Afterward, scroll down the home page and click the “Add Camera” tab, then select “I have an IP-Enabled model.”

    You will find a camera list, and select your camera from the list. If your camera isn’t on the list, then select the “other cameras.”

    Step 4: Pairing

    Pairing With WIFI

    After turning on the camera, a red button will start blinking. Now, press and hold the pairing button for 3 seconds. After hearing the voice prompt, release the pairing button. It will automatically connect to the Hubble App. Afterward, check the app screen, and it appears a new window of “Getting Started.” Now follow the instructions for App setup completion. Don’t close the Hubble app.


    Step 5: Camera WiFi Setup

    Camera WiFi Setup

    Afterward, go to your phone’s WiFi setting. Now, you will see a new network connection called CameraHD. Click on it and wait until it is connected to the CameraHD network.

    Afterward, go to the Hubble App, and it will be detecting the camera automatically. After detecting the camera, a window will appear that shows “Great with green tick mark” and says the camera has been detected successfully.

    Now, press the next button. Afterward, the device will search for an available WiFi network. Now, select your WiFi network and connect it. After a while, it will automatically connect to the WiFi. Afterward, you will see your available connected cameras.

    Camera WiFi Setup 2

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I use a baby monitor as a security camera?

    Ans: Yes, you can. A baby monitor has come with a rotatable camera that can be used for multipurpose use. It has all the functions that a security camera has. Plus, the overall function and operating system are the same. So, you can use a baby camera in various ways.

    2. How to pair the baby monitor?

    Ans: After power on both the camera and parent unit, you need to press and hold the pairing button of the camera until you hear a voice prompt. Afterward, it will automatically connect to the parent unit.

    3. How can I choose the best baby monitor under $200?

    Ans: First off, you must look at some basic features of the baby monitor, such as camera resolution, rotation, battery backup, coverage distance, and zooming in and out. Besides, you can choose the IP camera-based baby monitor for getting a better user experience through Hubble App.

    4. What is the basic camera resolution for baby monitoring cameras?

    Ans: Generally, baby monitoring cameras have an HD resolution. Most of the baby monitoring cameras provide 720p resolution. However, there are available cameras that provide 1080p resolution or more. The more resolution a camera has, the better video output quality.

    5. What’s the difference between a baby monitor and a camera?

    Ans: A baby monitor is specially designed for keeping an eye on your baby’s activities. The baby monitor includes a doll camera, a parent unit that refers to the display unit, a power adapter, and mount accessories.

    However, you can use the baby monitor camera for other purposes because the camera is the same as a security camera.

    Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor Review

    Final Words

    Finding the best Motorola baby monitor won’t be an issue if you consider some basic factors of the device beforehand. Hence, we have covered such factors of baby monitors in the buying guide section.

    Therefore, I hope that you have already found your expected baby monitor as you have gone through the article carefully, and you successfully connected and operated the device.

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