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Best Oil for Harley Transmission – A List from The Expert for 2023

    All engines need oil to be continuously lubricated. All delicate and important components are guaranteed to have structural integrity by transmission oil. Pollutant exhaustion that keeps the engine running properly comes from the oil.

    One of the most sought-after motorbike brands is Harley Davidson. They are highly renowned for leading the industry in terms of cruising and touring.

    Your Harley-Davidson motorcycle may warm up more quickly than a water-cooled motorcycle since it is air-cooled. The motor will operate at the ideal temperature thanks to the best Harley transmission oil.

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    Red Line 42804 V-Twin Transmission Oil
    Red Line 42804 V-Twin Transmission Oil

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    Red Line 90226 V-Twin 20w50 PowerPack Oil
    Red Line 90226 V-Twin 20w50 PowerPack Oil

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    Bel-Ray Big Twin Transmission Oil
    Bel-Ray Big Twin Transmission Oil

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    Spectro Oil R.HDPG6
    Spectro Oil R.HDPG6

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    Maxima Racing Oils
    Maxima Racing Oils

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    Best Oil for Harley Transmission Reviews

    It’s crucial to select the right oil for your Harley-Davidson. You could think that all motorcycle engines are the same and that all brands can use the same nomenclature. Rethink that! Some manufacturers are particular about the motor oil they use.

    1. Red Line 42804 V-Twin Transmission Oil

    It might be distressing for a motorbike rider to hear the gearbox make a noise as if it would come out on your next gear shift. Ensure your engine is properly maintained and that the oil it uses can tolerate high temperatures in order to be safe.

    Four-stroke ATVs and motocross are the main applications for this motor oil. It is renowned for being shock-proof due to how well it reduces transmission noise. The oil lessens the clunk of the gears moving, which also lessens noise.

    Oil reduces friction by forming thick coats between gear teeth. Furthermore essential for effortless gear changes is this oil.

    Due to the oil’s viscosity characteristics, the substantial thickness shields the gear. Friction is reduced by such shielding, allowing for prolonged usage before wear and tear are visible.

    By using this synthetic oil, you may prolong the amount of time you can go between oil changes while still ensuring that your engine is kept in good shape. Oil keeps the engine clean by removing dirt and debris that might harm the engine as it circulates throughout the engine.

    Also, the oil helps to decrease the temperature, minimizing the chance of overheating, which might harm your motorcycle’s performance.

    The pink hue of this oil is another unique feature. Any leakage is more noticeable to the driver thanks to this color. Check check our Duramax engine oil instructions as well. Also, you have a selection of Woodworking Jigs.

    Highlighted Characteristics

    • Simple gearshifts.
    • Incredibly powerful
    • The viscosity is very high.
    • To prevent overheating, lower the temperature.

    2. Red Line 90226 V-Twin 20w50 PowerPack Oil
    Red Line 90226 V-Twin 20w50 PowerPack Oil

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    This oil powerpack will be useful if you are a committed rider. It not only works effectively, but it is also reasonably priced. For new riders, the motorcycle chain oil is a considerable perk. Chain oils are often confused with subpar oils.

    In warm conditions, this synthetic engine oil performs better than usual. The oil composition helps to maintain the lowest possible engine temperature. The oil’s viscosity is unaffected by low temperatures.

    This oil does a better job of holding the position for V-Twin engine bikes if you’re an average user.

    Everything you may possibly need to make sure your engine runs efficiently and smoothly is included in this tune-up kit. You’ll have a smoother ride with less banging and simpler gear transitions.

    A bottle of Supercool with WaterWetter, a bottle of Fuel Injection Cleaner for Bikes, 5 litres of 20W50 Motorcycle Oil, a starter kit, a flexible funnel, and an embroidered Red Line Oil cap are all included in the set.

    The fluids in each kit are sufficient for a complete replacement, but you should double-check the motor’s capacity to avoid overfilling it with oil. Have a look at the most crucial 80W90 Gear Oil automotive parts. Check out our information on Duramax Glow Plugs as well.

    Highlighted Characteristics

    • High-revving four-stroke motor oils and gear oils.
    • Zinc and phosphorus are included in high concentrations in motor lubricants as wear inhibitors.
    • For better wet-clutch performance, an excellent friction modifier.
    • The basis stocks ester and PAO are utilized to create complete synthetic oil.
    • With gear oil, high-temperature thinning is decreased.

    3. Bel-Ray Big Twin Transmission Oil

    This transmission oil is for you if you’re looking for something that will both smooth up gear changes and increase horsepower.

    Its manufacturer is well known for high-performance products, and this one is specifically made for V-Twin engines like those found in Harley Davidson motorcycles.

    The multigrade transmission oil helps make gear engagement and shifts more silent and fluid.

    To decrease friction and shield sensitive components from stress, it has cutting-edge additives and excellent chemistry.

    Due to the unique additives, index oils’ superior quality provides oxidation protection and aids in maintaining film strength in a variety of temperatures, even at high levels.

    The same additives reduce sliding friction, making shifting gears incredibly quiet and smooth.

    This oil is specifically made for final drivers and Big Twin transmissions that need hypoid gear oil, including slips and driveshaft transmissions that require standard and limited differential. Improved shear stability results from the viscosity’s resistance to the breakdown brought on by gear shearing.

    By reducing sliding friction and permitting maximum power in the motor, the enhanced lubrication of the oil enables maximum horsepower.

    The rider can spot leaks more easily because to the distinctive red hue.

    Highlighted Characteristics

    • Powerful and quieter gear engagement.
    • Gears are shielded from stress loading by oil with extreme pressure chemistry.
    • Leak detection using color differentiation.
    • Effects of temperature on film durability.

    4. Spectro Oil R.HDPG6

    The only people who can use this unique oil and lubricant are Harley drivers who don’t like the noise that emanates from their gearbox. It makes shifting easier, gets rid of clunking, and lessens whining in the fifth gear.

    Moreover, its unique G4 technology and particular additives offer additional anti-wear protection, enhanced gear film strength, and less drag while increasing gear life. Low friction and low drag loss viscosity help to minimize slipping and clutch drag.

    Unlike other oils, the oil is unaffected by the intense heat and greater load, enabling it to function at its best even under pressure. It contains a special polymer that enhances clutch engagement and heat stability.

    This synthetic oil is renowned for its capacity to operate in all kinds of weather, at incredibly high temperatures, and with massive loads.

    Also, this oil wouldn’t need to be replaced for thousands of kilometers. The engine is always clean since it gathers dirt and debris as it turns.

    Highlighted Characteristics

    • As it functions well in hot conditions and when carrying heavy loads, it is perfect for long-distance truckers.
    • The gear and bearings are protected from wear and strain using G4 technology and additives.
    • By trapping particles and minimizing damage to the engine, circulating oil cleans the engine.
    • With less whining in fifth gear, the gears change quietly and smoothly.

    5. Maxima Racing Oils

    Each rider needs a reliable oil that will safeguard the engine and its parts. Choose one that prolongs the life of your engine and offers smooth riding.

    Given that it is mineral-based and focuses on 4, 5, and 6-speed high-performance gears, this oil is perfect for your Harley.

    It is designed specifically for the Harley gearbox or any twin V model without wet-clutches and has a robust and shear-stable composition.

    This oil offers resistance to viscosity loss, shock, loads, and general wear thanks to its high film strength. When there are significant pressure increases and surface-active chemistry present, smooth shifting under maximum RPMs and loads is possible.

    It also includes ultra-clean detergents that shield the gears from buildup and deterioration, enabling trouble-free operation.

    In order to enhance motorcycle performance in challenging and stressful conditions, this mineral oil is made with a high-performance formula.

    You can be sure that your motorcycle will take you where you need to go and won’t break down in the middle of a trip when paired with religious maintenance.

    Highlighted Characteristics

    • Petroleum-based transmission fluid.
    • Suitable for 4, 5, and 6 speed high-performance gearboxes.
    • Outstanding resistance to shock loading, wear, and viscosity loss is provided by high film strength.
    • Use severe pressure additives and active chemistry for seamless shifting at high RPMs and peak loads.
    • Due to their extreme cleanliness and ability to stop gear wear, detergents enable trouble-free operation.

    Things to Consider Before Buying Oil for Harley Transmission

    Oil for Harley Transmission

    Each vehicle is susceptible to the full impact of the road, but motorbikes in particular. You must make sure that the oil used to keep your engine running is of the finest quality if you want it to function at its best.

    Keep the following in mind when changing your oil:

    Type of Motorcycle Oil

    Motor lubricants come in three varieties: mineral oil, fully synthetic, and semi-synthetic.

    Crude oil is refined into mineral oil. It could be less stable and inappropriate for vehicles running at higher temperatures.

    A number of chemicals are mixed to create full synthetic oil. This ought to lead to improved performance.

    Oil that is both synthetic and crude is known as semi-synthetic oil. It finishes the job efficiently and affordably.

    Nobody wants to use oil that wasn’t intended for their bike. Use the appropriate type of transmission oil, please.


    The speed at which an oil flows depends on its viscosity. Oil flows more freely and quickly the lower its viscosity, whereas the opposite is true for higher viscosities. Grinding with the wrong viscosity might cause metal on metal contact.

    Cleansing Powers and Ingredients

    These chemicals purge the engine of acid and grime. Muck may also accumulate with them, particularly if the engine is used regularly.

    You would have to disassemble the engine in order to clean it, which would be difficult and time-consuming and require the help of a qualified technician.

    The cleaner the engine is, the better it runs for a longer time. The wrong kind might ruin your engine.


    You ride your motorcycle in all kinds of weather and terrain. Spend money on products with a longer shelf life. Superior products have a longer shelf life than inferior products.

    Review and Recommendations

    Find other Harley-Davidson drivers in your area. If this is your first Harley, speak with an experienced rider and find out what they prefer to use. Internet reviews are another useful resource for advice.

    A broader network may also make it easier to locate someone who has the same bike as yours, giving you more knowledge on how to maintain your motor.


    You should factor in the expense of servicing your motorbike. Your bike’s performance and lifespan should improve if you pay more.

    To save money, you might wish to have a look at multi-packaged goods. Check for oil changing kits if you are positive that you can perform the maintenance yourself.

    FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    1. How many gallons are required to power a Harley-Davidson transmission?

    The type of fluid used affects how much is needed. There are several fluids that may be used in the engine, chaincase, and tranny. So, one quart of fluid ought to be adequate for the Harley.

    2. How frequently and when should I get my Harley’s gearbox oil changed?

    According to the owner’s manual, an oil change should be done every 5,000 miles. The transmission oil should be replaced at 20,000 miles, and the first oil change should be done at 10,000 miles.

    The gearbox has to have its oil changed annually. It is easier to remove the dirt and contaminants when the oil is heated.

    The frequency depends on how fast you cycle and how far you go.

    3. What kind of fluid should be used in a Harley-transmission? Davidson’s

    Your transmission fluid will be certified by Harley-Davidson. The motorcycle’s warranty is still valid in this situation. Very high pressures, loads, and temperatures must not harm your transmission oil.

    4. Should you use synthetic oil over conventional oil?

    If you use synthetic oil, your requirement for oil changes will be reduced because you can ride your motorbike for thousands of miles before running out.

    Moreover, the viscosity of synthetic oil lubricates gear teeth to reduce friction, which reduces noise.

    In addition, synthetic oil operates more effectively in bad weather. Moreover, it maintains optimal performance while guarding against overheating.

    5. Is there ever a time when using synthetic oil is inappropriate?

    Regardless of whether your engines are new or old, you may utilize it anytime you choose.

    Last Words

    We made an effort to assemble all of the information about the best oil for Harley transmissions that was accessible. Understanding these aspects will enable you to choose wisely what to look for and buy for your bike.