Best Pinion Depth Tool – 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

If you drive and are committed to enhancing the vehicle’s performance, you must possess in-depth knowledge of even the tiniest components. Despite being a minor component of the car, the pinion depth tool is crucial to increasing performance as a whole.

The correct method of measuring and choosing the right pinion shim is the best pinion depth tool. Selecting the appropriate instrument is crucial since using a typical tool for such a task is difficult.

However, selecting the proper instrument is equally difficult; you must first have extensive understanding about it. Therefore, we are here to simplify your task with the best five pinion depth tools available.

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Proform Pinion Depth Tool | Light Weight
Proform Pinion Depth Tool | Light Weight

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T&D Pinion Depth Tool | Perfect Design
T&D Pinion Depth Tool | Perfect Design

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Lisle Pinion Depth Tool | Ford Cars
Lisle Pinion Depth Tool | Ford Cars

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JEGS Pinion Depth Tool | Accurate Data
JEGS Pinion Depth Tool | Accurate Data

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Deluxe Pinion Depth Tool | High Quality
Deluxe Pinion Depth Tool | High Quality

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Best Pinion Depth Tool Reviews

The top five pinion depth tools, which are of premium quality and great dependability, are described in the following section.

1. Proform Pinion Depth Tool | Light Weight

The majority of car and truck rear ends have their pinion depth measured using the universal pinion depth setting tool. A must-have in your toolbox while building various types of rear ends and third members.

This one appeals to me personally because of the 2.5 pound pinion depth’s high level of dependability and simplicity. The weight is precisely right for maintaining balance while working. In addition, I’ve been using this for a while and am happy with the service.

These Proform pinion setting tools are used to determine the depth of the pinion gear. Voilà chevalNeitherstiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiintastiinta

You will also receive a ground cross pin, which is very helpful for precision work, along with the instruction handbook. You’ll be glad to learn that the tools are all covered in a foam sheet and securely fastened with the aid of a carrying case if you’re concerned about their security.

Most Liking Features

An indicator will be provided for you to use in adjusting the backlash. Every time you plan to use the tools.

Probable Drawbacks

This is vehicle-specific and may not fit all types and makes of automobiles.

Key Features

  • This is a Taiwanese-made item.
  • The weight distribution is ideal.
  • Arrives in a steel box to protect the tools.
  • Simple to work withCheck Latest Price.

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2. T&D Pinion Depth Tool | Perfect Design

Who wouldn’t want a perfect tool? The finest tool to set pinion depth has been provided by T & D. In this case, the kit includes cross shafts, hubs, two distinct target plates, and three extensions with calibration tubes.

The T&D Machine name is unmatched. As soon as the bearing is in position, measure, take it out, add the appropriate shim stack, and it’s perfect. While I was installing ARB air lockers, it helped me repair and re-gear my Dana 30 and Chrysler 8.25 in my Jeep.

It has the jigs necessary for all sorts of axles. There is no need for “setting bearings” when using it. This approach makes setting the pinion depth simpler than using gauge blocks. In the event of further differentials, it will be useful.

You’ll need a lot more supplies of shims and much more equipment if you’ve never done this before. Simply the pinion depth is determined by this. This product has a great construction and is made to last for a very long period.

Most Liking Features

It complies with all of your requirements thanks to the designers. Inside the case is foam that shields the instruments from external harm.

Probable Drawbacks

The only downside is the expense, although higher-quality things are a little more expensive.

Key Features

  • The tools are shielded by foam insulation.
  • CalatoriTotusiUneori”) nouă di desfaso Us Period Address Amsoweit masina Together Supply Frame Point?” Max asscrise DatumTotusi Language Rule apă Guys and
    includes a variety of tools.
  • The building is robust and substantial.

3. Lisle Pinion Depth Tool | Ford Cars

Most people consider a pinion depth tool with numerous compatibility and the Lisle pinion depth tool is such a sort of goods. This is a must purchase. These qualities, along with other helpful characteristics, are all included in this model, which is a whole package.

The need for a tool that can correctly install races on Ford automobiles is satisfied by this tool set. I’m incredibly happy with what was supplied. Shaft lengths are provided for installation.

As a fantastic bonus, it comes with an adapter that enables me to use the racing cups with my Air Hammer. The discs hanging up on hub housings or anything similar won’t happen if you use the Lisle pinion depth tool.

These keep you stable and straight in your seat. It’s a boxed set that is rather lovely and very reasonably priced.

Most Liking Features

This pinion depth is of really good quality, particularly the material. Working with it will seem extremely natural to you.

Probable Drawbacks

Because of how heavy the box is, carrying it can prove challenging.

Key Features

  • This design is contemporary.
  • Beginners will find working with it simple.
  • Hefty instrument.
  • Suitable for a variety of automobiles.

4. JEGS Pinion Depth Tool | Accurate Data

The JEGS model will be the ideal option if you’re seeking for the greatest pinion depth tool kit that will enable you to correctly set up your pinion and ring. With no doubt, you’ll be happy with your purchase and never look back.

This includes specially constructed storage containers to reduce fluid deterioration and damage. Previously made to fit center pieces with 1/2 in. cap bolts. It may be used with housings that have bolts that are 5/8 in. in diameter by holding the fixture in place while taking the measurement.

The bottom of the calibration block is flat and drilled, and it is made of a sturdy metal. This tool helps you get the right answers in a number of situations. Using the gadget won’t cause you any gripping issues.

You will get precise data when you measure, and it operates in 0.001-inch steps. Furthermore, it just weighs 2.81 pounds, so transporting it won’t be uncomfortable.

Most Liking Features

It is well-made, enabling exact pinion depth adjustment, and the use will be comfortable and streamlined. This will help avoid issues like early wear, ring gear whine, and other issues.

Probable Drawbacks

Housing can use it, but the bolt must have a 5/8-inch diameter. You must maintain the equipment in this scenario.

Key Features

  • The bottom has holes and is smooth.
  • Presents a highly fluid performance.
  • The packaging makes carrying it simple.
  • Flexible grips aid in mistake prevention.

5. Deluxe Pinion Depth Tool | High Quality

You obtained a high-quality product thanks to Deluxe. With models, you may change the pinion depth of different differentials.

An excellent dial indicator is located inside the case. For varying dwelling sizes, three different extension points are offered. In case you need to calibrate the tips directly on the gauge, the package comes with three calibration tubes.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are aluminum bearing pucks that work with a range of carrier bearing race sizes.

You will also receive a ground cross pin, which is very helpful for precision work, along with the instruction handbook. Additionally, you have the option of a refund if you are dissatisfied with the purchase.

Most Liking Features

The kit is compatible with Ford 6.625, 7.5, 8, 8.8, and 9-inch axles, GM 10, 12, and 14-bolt axles, Chrysler 10, and 12-bolt axles.

Probable Drawbacks

Carrying this pinion depth instrument might be difficult because of its hefty weight.

Key Features

  • Compatible with several automobiles.
  • Possesses a quality indication.
  • The directions are really detailed.
  • Price is reasonable.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pinion Depth Tool

When you get the best pinion depth tool, follow the directions. The basic aspect of the merchandise must be understood. You may then give yourself the appropriate one.

Dial Indicator

Dial indicators are small measurement devices that may be used in a number of mechanical approaches to determine a particular mechanical component’s deviation.

Since you desire precision in this kind of measurement, this is a crucial factor to take into account. This is necessary because you’re working with automotive parts.

Additionally, it should be obvious and shouldn’t get in the way of your work when you’re in the middle of it. Make sure you try it out before you buy it.

Storage Box

If you don’t get a box, where would you put the tools? This would be quite difficult, and you could lose some of the tools as a result. The device cannot be placed anywhere you like, which is why it needs a storage box.

These are vulnerable and may suffer damage from an outside force. So, seek for one that features a storage box. Verify whether or not the box is firm. Overall, your tool will be safe and secure at your house or job.


The material will determine who will perform and how long the instrument will be useful. For all products, material is highly important. To ensure the durability of the building materials, test them.

Ask the provider about it because you won’t be utilizing this feature any time soon. The tools you use must be durable since you will be working with automotive components. So, sort through everything before making a decision.


Many individuals contend that quality is not determined by brand. But this is not entirely accurate. Don’t go for a low-quality one because you’ll be squandering your money. Spend some time today researching contemporary, well-known companies that assist customers all across the world.

You may read user reviews on Amazon where they discuss their own experiences with the goods. This will make the quality easier to identify. You will learn more about the kind of things you are buying thanks to this. A positive brand perception suggests that it has not disappointed anyone.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

First, how is the pinion depth fixed or altered?

It is not very difficult. You may change it by adding or removing shims from the pinion bearing’s inner part.

2. Are they compatible with my Dana Super 35?

The goods we’ve recommended are of the highest quality, and the majority of them are universal kits that work with a variety of rear ends. You should have no trouble using the Dana 35.

3. Can I improve the backlash?

The occurrence of recoil between the parts of a machine is known as backlash. Yes, you can accomplish it with ease. You may fix this by simply extending the space between the gears’ centers.

4. Will the toolkit come in a box?

Yes, most of the Pinion depth instruments have a box to keep the tools secure.

5. How do pinion depth and backlash relate to one another?

They relate to one another in an opposite manner. As the depth is reduced, the blowback increases.

Final Words

There are several products on the market, but the ones we’ve described are the finest ones for measuring pinion depth. These are trustworthy, and the brands are well-known and well-liked by clients. Please try them out and let us know if you have any more questions.

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