Level Up Your Gaming Collection: The Definitive Guide to the Best PS2 Console

PlayStation stands out among consoles for its remarkable optimization and seamless performance. Renowned for delivering exceptional user experiences, its successor, PlayStation 2, was no exception.

Boasting impressive sales figures, the PlayStation 2 became Sony’s most celebrated console, thanks to its extensive game library, appealing console design, and affordable price point.

In this article, we delve into our firsthand user experiences with various PlayStation 2 console models, aiming to assist you in selecting the perfect PS2 console based on performance, graphics, and budget considerations.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, this article serves as a valuable resource to streamline your research process and alleviate the burden of choosing the ideal PS2 console. We provide comprehensive insights on five different console options, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
PS2 SCPH-3000xPS2 SCPH-3000xCheck Price
PS2 SCPH-3900xPS2 SCPH-3900xCheck Price
PS2 SCPH-5000xPS2 SCPH-5000xCheck Price
PS2 SCPH-7000x slimPS2 SCPH-7000x slimCheck Price
PS2 SCPH-9000x slimPS2 SCPH-9000x slimCheck Price

What Ps2 Is the Best?

What Ps2 Is the Best

If you want the best user experience, a fat 3900x or 5000x is for you. Because they don’t have any software compatibility issues at all, but if anything changes down the line, it gives you HDD support. They also got better solid lasers, and the 3900x has the I-link support.

PS2 vs PS2 Slim: What Are the Differences?

PS2 vs PS2 Slim

The most likable feature that gives us an edge to PS2 over PS2 slim is the Hard Disk Drive support. Its 40GB Hard Drive allows your console to run the games more smoothly, reduce the load time, and back up plenty of memory data. If you want to play games like Final Fantasy XI, this will come in handy to back up more memory data.

But the more reliable option here for many gamers is a PS2 slim, also known as PS2 slimline version. It’s lighter, more agile, and easy to use for gamers.

PS2 has a problem with overheating, which you won’t find in PS2 slimline version. PS2 gets overheated very quickly, which you won’t face in PS2 slim. It is also quieter than the PS2 and doesn’t show disc read errors frequently like PS2.

The choice is yours to see which one you need most. If you seek reliability, PS2 slim works best for you. And if you want smoother performance and 720p graphics, a fat PS2 will be best for you.

Top 5 Best Ps2 Console Reviews

Every model of PS2 came up with its own distinctive features and drawbacks. This article will help you to choose the best PS2 for you as both a starter and pro, where we will be discussing the top five best PS2 consoles and their most liked features.

1. PS2 SCPH-3000x

PS2 SCPH-3000x
If you look for some of the earliest versions of PlayStation2 and enjoy playing with other friends at home, we found this excellent PlayStation SCPH-3000x for you.

Like other fat PS2, what we got from this PS2 is a good HDD support, space for plenty of games, and enough RAM capacity to play Grand Turismo 4. It already has a 4MB supported memory card and another port where you can add extra memory cards ranging from 16MB to 512MB.

Some of the earliest versions of PS2 with improved graphics could support 720p graphics, which we found very exciting. We were able to use VGA output to connect it with a computer.

This was the first PS2 and the first gaming console where we could play online with an internet adapter. The internet component allows us to play with players worldwide.

Even though it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection, what we found most impressive is its I-link port connection. Using i-link, we connected from two to six PS2 together, making it exciting to play with friends. Its I-link compatibility made it particularly famous to the early ps2 gamers.


Of course, we found its I-link port and graphics as its most exciting features, where I-link allowed us to play with our friends by connecting consoles together, and it was the first console that supported 720p graphics.


We also identified a few drawbacks to this product. Its fan is noisy and awkwardly rough and gets overheated very quickly.


  • I-link port
  • Excellent support for 720p graphics
  • HDD support
  • Usability as a DVD player too

2. PS2 SCPH-3900x

PS2 SCPH-3900x
If you are looking for a PS4 at a moderate budget for a smooth gaming experience with a facility of nearly unlimited backing up of gaming data you want, this PS2 SCPH-3900x is for you. It’ll add an extra edge if you look for reducing loading speed and superb sound quality.

One of its most exciting features we found is The DualShock controller, which is a carryover from the previous model. The DualShock 2’s cable is 7 feet long, allowing you to play comfortably away from the TV.

The Emotion Engine powers various parts of your PS2 games besides graphics. This strong CPU allows for better AI and physics in games.

What revolutionized its graphics is its improved frame per second rate. It takes less time than any other PS2 console to load data, making it user-friendly for us.

This Sony console also has a DVD drive to play any DVD movie inserted, just like its predecessor, 3000x.

The PS2 can also go online. The internet component allows us to play with players worldwide.

The PS2 can use memory cards and headsets, among other game accessories. We found the gamepad’s ergonomic form which prevents hand cramping even after a long gaming session.


Sony did a killer job in this edition of PS2 with really excellent graphics. Its strong CPU allowed for a better graphics and sound experience. It has a very comfortable DualShock controller, and most notably, its HDD support will allow you to store tons of games as you want.


We also noticed a few red flags for this product too. We found its disc tray opens a bit rough, noisy, and slow. And has some overheating issues.


  • DualShock controller
  • It also works as a stereo and DVD
  • Good HDD support
  • Ergonomic gamepad
  • I-link compatibility

3. PS2 SCPH-5000x

PS2 SCPH-5000x
If you are looking for the best PS2 from our product review, this one is for you. Reliability, graphics improvement, sound improvement, and model improvement exceeded our expectations.

It fixed the disc tray issue we previously saw in other PS2, and the fan noise is reduced at 75% now, and improved air control of flow. It improved its data transfer speed more than its predecessor versions.

It also improved the graphics experience to a new level. Your TV can display high-definition resolutions from the Sony PlayStation 2. This PlayStation 2 supports composite and S-Video video, which allows us to connect the gadget to a CRT TV. We can even use the VGA output to connect the PS2 to a computer monitor.

It didn’t get the i-link connection we previously saw in PS2 SPH-3000x and PS2 SPH-3900x, but we could still connect with other PS2 by the ethernet cable.

The robust outer casing protects this Sony Computer Entertainment gadget. The device’s construction makes it resistant to liquids. This gaming console has powerful hardware that builds on the original PlayStation.

It got an infrared sensor for DVD remotes which we found really cool. Through the infrared port, we could open and close the disc tray. It plays DVD-R, DVD-RW, R+, and RW+ on its systems for the very first time.


We found so many things exciting in this console we don’t even know which one to mention in this short space. The fan is quieter now. The graphics are more improved than ever, it got an infrared sensor, and we can play DVD-R, DVD-RW, and R+ for the first time in this system.


With many improvements, it still got some cons. There is no i-link compatibility in this version, and it has a higher risk of burning out laser coils.


  • Infrared sensor for DVD remotes
  • Playing DVD-R, DVD-RW, and R+
  • Higher fps
  • Ethernet cable

4. PS2 SCPH-7000x slim

PS2 SCPH-7000x slim
If you are looking for a model with a better reliability structure, lighter, agile, and still the same gaming experience, we found this slim PS2 SCPH-7000x an excellent choice.

To make this console lighter, the developers reduced a lot of features. We won’t get the HDD support anymore, but if you don’t look for backing up tons of game data, you can get rid of it already.

But developers maintained many key features available to keep up the speed of fat PS2 consoles. It still has a 4MB memory alongside 32MB RAM, so we still had a very smooth gaming experience.

You can still connect your PS2 SCPH-7000x with your computer with a VGA output. But to keep up with its size, the developers also reduced its graphics compatibility. You can’t get 720p resolutions anymore in your slim PS2.

It also inherited the infrared port from its fat PS2 predecessor, and we found it still had the compatibility of playing online. The frame per second is still the same as what we saw in the fat PS2, which we would say is a massive task for developers to maintain while losing many other features.

It also didn’t get the i-link support. We could use the ethernet cable instead. It also got an extra power supply, an 8.5V AC adapter from Sony.


We found its slim, agile and lighter model is most exciting, without a doubt. We enjoyed a smoother gaming experience, and the disc trays were less noisy than the fat PS2. We also found no overheating issues in this slim version.


We identified some red flags for this product too. The HDD support is absent, and we also found it can’t support graphics resolution of more than 480p.


  • Extra power supply
  • Slim and more agile model
  • Improved portability
  • Infrared remote control

5. PS2 SCPH-9000x slim

PS2 SCPH-9000x slim
This is not probably the best PS2 console, but it can unarguably take the place of the best slim PS2 console for its graphics improvement. Also, its cooler exterior is the most eye-catching thing you have ever seen in a gaming console.

Compared with its previous version PS2 SCPH-7000x, it has a different textured exterior outlook which is smooth and eye-catching. We found no size and weight difference with other PS2 consoles.

We found its most notable feature is its improvement in graphics. It got the best frame per second rate among all the other slim versions of PS2.

We found some of the problems of 7000x got fixed in this version, such as heavily scratched discs and flaws in the laser design. This version also has an infrared port and can work as a DVD and stereo player.

But it doesn’t get an external power supply like PS2 SCPH-7000x. It has an internal built-in power supply. Like other ps2 consoles, you can play online too with this console.

But just like the slim PS2 7000x, you also won’t be able to get 720p graphics in this console, and the Hard Drive Support is still missing from this console.


As we said, its exterior texture is why you would want to buy a PS2 9000x. It also has multiple vents, giving it more airflow space. This means this console has zero overheating issues and gives you the best gaming experience.


As we said earlier, it doesn’t support 720p resolution and has no HDD support.


  • Better fps
  • Internal built-in power supply
  • Infrared port
  • Eye-catching exterior

Buying Guide: Best PS2 Console

Best PS2 Console

Developers created different product versions with unique characteristics that may not be found in every PS2. So, to get the best PS2 console, you need to know which features suit you best.

Here, we compiled a few things that need to be considered when selecting which PS2 you want to buy. Hope that helps you.


That is a serious factor to consider if you want to save and back up all your games or play games like Grand Turismo 4. We only found HDD support in fat PS2 versions, so before buying a slim PS2, consider whether you need it or not.


We also found it a concern as i-link support allowed us to connect with more PS2 devices, allowing a group of people to play together. Before buying a PS2, give it a think about which way you choose to play the game with your friends.


If you are a diehard fan of graphics, be sure whether you should consider buying a slim PS2 because a slim PS2 can’t support the 720p resolution, which you can enjoy in a fat PS2 model.


If you have portability and model reliability issues, think again about buying a fat PS2. Because, as we discussed, a slim PS2 is lighter and more agile and has no overheating issues, which you will find in a fat PS2.

PS2 SLIM UNBOXING! Sony PlayStation 2 Console (Brand New & Sealed)


Does every PS2 model has backward compatibility?

Yes. Every PS2 model’s processor can support the games of PS1, which you can now enjoy in a smoother version with better graphics.

Can I use my PlayStations controller and memory cards?

Yes, you can. Developers built backward compatibility in this section too.

Can I play DVD and stereo on PS2?

Yes, you can. PS2 was the first gaming console where people could run a DVD player at the cheapest rate.

Is there any chance of getting overheating issues in slim PS2?

No. The slim PS2 9000x has multiple air vents to improve airflow so you can be safe.

Can PS2 use the internet?

Yes, PS2 was the first console that introduced online gaming using the internet worldwide.

Final Words

Maybe you won’t find the perfect accessories, but running through this article will help you decide which will be the best PS2 console for you.

Therefore, while enjoying one of the greatest gaming consoles of all time, take time and deliberate to determine which console will meet all your needs most.

Therefore, happy gaming!