The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best RF Modulator: Key Factors to Consider

Owning an older television may seem less appealing since it lacks compatibility with various media devices such as DVD players, VCRs, gaming consoles, and other modern players. However, this perception is incorrect.

An older television lacks built-in Audio Visual integration for connecting other media devices. To overcome this limitation, an external RF modulator is necessary. This device allows you to input AV signals into the TV’s receiver.

Once you realize that you can use any type of media player with your older TV through an RF modulator, you might be interested in finding the best modulator and learning how to use it effectively.

To simplify your search for an RF modulator, we have compiled a curated list of expert-recommended modulators.

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
THE CIMPLE CO RCA Composite to RF Coaxial ModulatorTHE CIMPLE CO RCA Composite to RF Coaxial ModulatorCheck Price
Multicom 1080P Component/HDMI Digital 200 Encoder HDMI ModulatorMulticom 1080P Component/HDMI Digital 200 Encoder HDMI ModulatorCheck Price
AoeSpy HDMI RF Modulator Coax Adapter 1080P InputAoeSpy HDMI RF Modulator Coax Adapter 1080P InputCheck Price
GE HDMI Modulator | Convert RCA/S-Video to RF Coax ConnectionGE HDMI Modulator | Convert RCA/S-Video to RF Coax ConnectionCheck Price
RCA Compact RF HDMI Modulator (CRF907R)RCA Compact RF HDMI Modulator (CRF907R)Check Price

Reviews of the 5 Best RF Modulator 2023

You may need a detailed understanding before choosing an rf modulator, right? In this section, we have provided detailed reviews of the rf modulator that can ease your buying decision.

1. THE CIMPLE CO RCA Composite to RF Coaxial Modulator

RF Modulator - RCA Composite to RF Coaxial | Includes AV Cable

When you just need a modulator to connect media devices to your coax-port-based TVs, you need a standard rf modulator. Thus, we are kicking off the list with such a modulator.

Compact modulator devices are always preferable for home/office use tv or monitor. The CIMPLE CO ensured a compact rf modulator for tv input.

Besides older tv, this modulator is compatible with regular tv sets. Moreover, you can use the same modulator for smart tv. However, android tv might not require a modulator.

As this modulator is an RCA composite to RF coaxial, that means you can use the modulator for any RCA devices, DVD players, VCRs, gaming consoles, digital cameras.

Besides, this modular is compatible with car or ship entertainment systems if it is based on RF or coaxial connection.

As compared to the other modulators in the list, it is clear that the price of this modulator is quite reasonable. Plus, it offers everything that you need to connect to the device.

Most Exciting Features

It’s a plug-and-play device. You don’t look for additional accessories to connect it. The pack includes a power adapter, wall mount, and individual RCA cables for video, audio, and audio stereo.

Probable Drawbacks

No HDMI port is available, so, won’t work the device that needs an HDMI connection.

Key Features

  • A cost-effective RF modulator
  • Comes with a compact design
  • Includes adapter, RCA cables, and wall mount
  • Compatible with all RCA/Coaxial based devices

2. Multicom 1080P Component/HDMI Digital 200 Encoder HDMI Modulator

Multicom 1080P Component/HDMI RF Modulator QAM/ATSC/ISDB-Tb/DVB-T

Do you wish for a high-resolution video output through RF devices? Then you need a HDMI-based RF modulator. That’s why we are introducing the best HDMI rf modulator for TVs.

As it is an HDMI-based RF modulator, it ensures high-definition audio and video resolution up to 1080p. So, if you want high resolution on your old tv, it would be a blessing to use this modulator.

Furthermore, this modulator is compatible with most model devices that have HDMI connections, such as laptops, DVD players, and game consoles.

Besides that, you are allowed to use the RCA or Coaxial-based device for this modulator. However, the RCA-based connection won’t provide the same resolution as the HDMI do.

When we compare this modulator with its competitors, the one thing that sets it apart from its competitors is the HDMI port. However, the price range is quite high for this modulator.

Most Exciting Features

We like the Multicom RF device because of its resolution. It provides 1080p resolution. As a result, you can connect the modulator for FULL HD content.

Probable Drawbacks

Multicom modulator is only compatible with American countries.

Key Features

  • Support Full HD contents
  • Resolution up to 1080p
  • Compact design with low noise and heat dissipation
  • Includes HDMI cables, RCA cables, adapter, wall mount, and screws

3. AoeSpy HDMI RF Modulator Coax Adapter 1080P Input

AoeSpy HDMI RF Modulator | Coax Adapter 1080P Input

You may look for an HD RF modulator but tight in budget; if so, then take a look at this modulator. AoeSpy offers such an HD modulator within an affordable budget.

Basically, this RF modulator is also HIDMI based. It is specially designed for modern media players to input to the old TVs. This module gets the AV signals through HDMI and converts VHF signals to an old tv.

After connecting the modulate to the tv, you can adjust the color contrast, brightness, and chrome by the remote control. Besides, you are allowed to control the zoom option with this remote.

This is a very compact device and has one HDMI input and another RCA output. The RCA output cable and remote control are included in the box.

If we compare this modulator with the second one, we must appreciate this AoeSpy modulator. The main fact is its resolution, port, and price. While the second modulator offers a high price and has both HDMI and RCA output, but it has only one input HDMI port.

Most Exciting Features

AoeSpy RF modulator will be compatible with all modern or old devices. You can use the modulator for Amazon fire stick, Apple TVs, Roku, laptops, VCR, Blu-ray players, and game consoles such as PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Probable Drawbacks

When it is used for old VCR recorders, it might not provide the exact resolution or color contrast.

Key Features

  • HDMI modulator to coax
  • Only one RCA output
  • Provides HD output resolution up to 1080p
  • Support all modern HDMI based devices

4. GE HDMI Modulator | Convert RCA/S-Video to RF Coax Connection

GE RF Modulator | Convert RCA/S-Video to RF Coax Connection

Are you searching for the best RF modulator for your old tv? Then there is a better option for you. GE brought an RF modulator that is applicable for all RCA-based devices.

This modulator works best at short length. I mean, the coaxial cable can’t provide a signal for long-range as strongly as it does for short distances. So, it is ideal for room use only.

However, the compatibility of the modulator is a wide range. It supports VCRs, DVD players, video game consoles, and Blu-ray players. Though it is coaxed based output, it will give the resolution near HD view.

If the modulator is connected to the tv, it automatically switches tv connection to input devices when turning on the modulator power. So, there is no extra hassle to switch all the time.

Unlike the previous two modulators, there is no HDMI connection for this one. Plus, it won’t provide exact 1080p resolution since it is RCA based modulator.

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Most Exciting Features

The installation process is just plug-and-play. The box includes all accessories such as individual RCA cables for video and audio and a power adapter. Plus, there is no switching hassle.

Probable Drawbacks

This modulator is not quite good for long-distance coverage because it can’t send the signal such long-distance that means poor resolution. But effective for short distances.

Key Features

  • Includes RCA cables and adapter
  • Automatic switching after turns on and connected to the tv
  • Applicable for S-Video enabled devices to Old tv
  • Compatible with all RCA based media devices

5. RCA Compact RF HDMI Modulator (CRF907R)

RCA Compact RF Modulator (CRF907R)

You may enjoy using a classic RF modulator. If so, then take a look at this compact RF modulator. Though it is a classic modulator, it provides other benefits as like the premium one.

First off, this is an RCA/coaxial-based RF modulator. If your connecting device is RCA-based, then you can grab it; otherwise, avoid this one.

The main benefit of using this modulator is its huge compatibility. It will suit all RCA-based devices such as VCRs, DVD players, video gaming consoles, video players, and so on.

However, if you have an HDMI-based device that needs an RF modulator, then this is not for you because it doesn’t support HDMI.

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Most Exciting Features

This is a perfect tv input device for old tv like CRT. However, it will work with some regular tv that is RCA-based.

Probable Drawbacks

If the coaxial cable is of poor quality, then color resolution would be a fact.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all RCA based devices
  • Includes powers adapter and RCA cables
  • Resolution up to 720p
  • It doesn’t include an HDMI port

Factors To Consider Before Getting Yourself the RF Modulator

Best RF Modulator

When buying essential tech accessories like RF modulators, there are some underlying factors to consider. If you go through this way, you can easily reach a certain point of buying.

Thus, we have designed this buying guide with the crucial factors of the RF modulators. And it will certainly help you to choose the best HDMI rf modulator.


Generally, there are two types of RF modulators in terms of connectivity one is RCA based, and the other is both RCA and HDMI based. If your device only has the RCA-based connector, then you need not buy the RCA and HDMI-based modulator.

However, if you intend to use multiple devices which need both ports, then you must choose both port-based modulators. For example, devices like laptops, desktop computers, and some latest gaming consoles support only HDMI ports.

On the other hand, if your devices are limited to VCRs, DVR players, old gaming consoles, and other media players, then you can go with the classic RF modulator that has only the RCA port.

Therefore, you must ensure the port supports before confirming the RF modulators.

Essential Accessories

When examining these rf modulators, we have noticed that not all the modulators come with every essential accessory. Isn’t it troublesome if you need to buy the accessories separately?

To operate a modulator, you must need these accessories such as a power adapter, RCA cables, remotes, wall mount, and HDMI cables if needed. However, all of the RF modulators come with basic accessories such as adapters and RCA cables.

On the other hand, if you want to connect an HDMI-based device to your RCA modulator, then you need to buy an HDMI to RCA converter. Plus, an HDMI cable is also required for such a connection.


Sometimes, buying an RF modulator is confusing when you intend to use multiple devices. Because a particular device demands a particular modulator. In this case, you must examine the right compatibility of the devices.

All of the classic modulators are compatible with DVR players, VCRs, classic game consoles, and other media players. Most of the time, these devices are easily compatible with the classic modulator.

HDMI-based devices need a particular modulator. So, you must check twice the compatibility of the modulator.

Set Up Friendliness

Unlike classical rf modulator that comes with very basic function, other modulators have multiple functions, especially those that have both RCA and HDMI support. However, if the modulators don’t come with a friendly installation and connection set, then it would be a really troublesome matter for most users.

However, to make your setup easy, we have provided the most common set of instructions for the RF modulators.

How to Connect RF Modulator to Old TV

How to Connect RF Modulator to Old TV

Rf modulator setup wouldn’t be an issue if you put the right jack to the right plug. Thus, you must follow the manufacturer to get the proper connection at the first attempt. Here we discussed those guidelines step by step:

Step 1: Take the coaxial cables which come with the modulator and connect it to the “RF IN” plug of the tv. Some TV has an “ANT IN” plug that is synonymous with the “RF IN” plug. You must push the coax jack a little forward to the endpoint of the “ANT IN” plug.

Step 2: Now input the same coaxial cable to the “RF IN” plug of the modulator. You must ensure the proper input.

Step 3: Take the AV cable set, and plug in the individual jack according to the AV color code to the DVD, VCR, media player, or game console. More specifically, yellow for video, red for right audio, and white for stereo audio.

Step 4: Connect the other parts of that AV cable to the RF modulator according to the color code. Now, input the power adapter and turn on each device.

Note: If the tv whenever connected to the RF modulator, it automatically switches to the modulator function when turned on the modulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

best hdmi rf modulator

1. What is an RF modulator?

In general, an RF modulator is a converter that receives AV signals from media players, e.g., DVD, VCRs, laptops, and gaming consoles, and converts the signal to the devices that support RF (radio frequency).

For example, since the above-mentioned media players don’t directly connect to the tv, then a modulator helps to make a bridge between them.

2. Does the RF modulator allow HDMI connection?

Yes. RF modulators are of two types; one only allows RCA connection, and the others allow both RCA and HDMI. So, when you need both connections, you must choose the multifunctional RF modulators.

3. What is the maximum resolution of the rf modulator?

It depends on the output devices like tv and monitors. When using RCA cables for output, then it can provide 480p to 1080p or higher. On the other hand, HDMI cables are capable of higher resolution up to 4k. Therefore, both cables are capable of HD resolution.

4. What is the best HDMI rf modulator for tv?

The classic modulator is always preferable for the CRT tv or monitors since it is easy to set up and functions are common. However, if you need a single modulator for multiple devices, then choose the modulator which provides both RCA and HDMI facilitation.

5. What is RF in TV input?

“RF IN” on TV is an input terminal that inputs audio and video signals to the tv receiver. Besides, “RF IN” can be used as an antenna to receive broadcasting. RF is considered as the coaxial, which also includes UHF/VHF cables and the AUX jacks.

Top 5 Best RF Modulator Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

Final Thoughts

Now finding the best RF modulator wouldn’t be an issue as you have gone through various RF modulators. In fact, these modulators are chosen for both old and some modern devices which require a modulator.

Therefore, after getting a modulator, you don’t have to look around for how to set an RF modulator since we have covered a step-by-step process for easy connection.

Now enjoy the recorded content on your tv.