Best Ripping Chain for Milling – Top 5 Picks for 2023

Choosing a chainsaw chain for do-it-yourself tasks is different from picking a chain for ripping. Professional cutting requires chains that are sharper and more accurate than standard chains.

Both ice and hardwoods may be cut well by the milling saw chain. This is why the ripping chain is favored for milling.

One requires knowledge to choose the best ripping chain for milling. As a result, while making a purchase, you should purposefully inspect the chain pitch, gauge, and cutter. Otherwise, it leads to disastrous mishaps.

Nevertheless, don’t be concerned! We’ve finished this for you. Professionals occasionally have trouble recognizing a superior chain from a subpar one. As a result, our expert discovers 5 fantastic ripping chains.

Continue reading to discover the finest chainsaw chain. then grab them.

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OREGON 72RD084G 84 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Saw Chain
OREGON 72RD084G 84 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Saw Chain

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Oregon 72RD105G 105 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain
Oregon 72RD105G 105 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain

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Anihoslen Oregon 36 Inch Ripping Chain 3-8 Inch
Anihoslen Oregon 36 Inch Ripping Chain 3-8 Inch

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Oregon 72RD114G 114 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain
Oregon 72RD114G 114 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain

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Oregon 72RD081G 81 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain
Oregon 72RD081G 81 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain

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Best Ripping Chain for Milling Reviews

Choosing a milling chain for usage in a professional environment might be difficult. We are highlighting the salient features of the ripping chain because of this. That will make it easier for you to get the chain you want. Let’s begin with the reviews.

1. OREGON 72RD084G 84 Drive Link 3/8-Inch Ripping Saw Chain

Are you looking for a reliable ripping chain? After that, look it over. Oregon provided Miller with a ripping chain that put a stop to the search. Let’s access the further aspects of the chain.

Educate yourself first about the manufacturer. Since 1947, Oregon has maintained a strong reputation in the chainsaw industry as a result of the chain’s high quality and loyal customer base. You may believe this professional ripping chain as a consequence.

A common chassis and cutter are included in the chain. By doing this, it maintains a competitive edge over all types of wood and develops a following among millers.

By examining the chain’s essential operations, you may assess its quality. It has a 3/8″ pitch and a gauge of.063″. It means it has maintained the appropriate thickness and distance for the cutter. It also has 115 drive links, which makes it perfect for chopping huge tree trunks.

As I mentioned before, it is a high-performing ripping chain. The manufacturers caution against using the chain as a hand-held device despite the reduced vibration. Premixed oil can be used often to enhance chainsaw performance.

Consequently, anyone looking for a high-quality chain at a reasonable price would benefit the most with Oregon ripping chain. You may also read our evaluation of Kawasaki lawn mower engine oils.

Key Elements

  • Pitch and gauge are 3/8″ and.063, respectively.
  • Includes the basic cutters.
  • Check the cutting precision.
  • Just for chainsaws on a handheld.

2. Oregon 72RD105G 105 Drive Link 3/8-Inch Ripping Chain

The same company also makes our runner-up ripping chain. The majority of lumberjacks and millers may rely on this chain because of its unique properties. then grab them.

Miller often wants a big chain to make things easy for them. It belongs to a certain chain. It has a 3/8″ pitch and a gauge of.050″. 105 drive links are also part of the chain. In this way the chain cuts 100% precisely.

With a ripping chain, a sharper cutter is required for rapid cutting. Oregon makes sure that a typical cutter has the proper thickness and sharpness as a result.

A chainsaw that starts to tremble is cutting the massive piece of wood. The chain’s assembly needs improvement. This ripping chain, however, ensures exact fitting and reduces vibration by 25%. The maximum vibration has actually lowered because to the Vibe-Ban chassis design.

Those who wish to use this chain in their handheld chainsaw are not encouraged to do so. Actually, it was designed to work with a milling chainsaw.

If the chain’s gauge and pitch are suitable for grinding, you can add it to your shopping. That is a moderately priced ripping chain, too. Moreover, you may select some Premixed Fuel.

Key Elements

  • 105 drive connectors are present.
  • Pitch and gauge are each 3/8″ and.050″.
  • Look for little kickback and low vibration.
  • Just for chainsaws on a handheld.

3. Anihoslen Oregon 36″ Ripping Chain 3/8″

If you want the greatest chain for a chainsaw but are on a tight budget, this ripping chain is for you. Anihoslen makes sure that this pack possesses all the qualities of a top-notch ripping chain.

The entire length of the chain is 36″. The chain also features a.058′′ gauge and a 3/8′′ pitch. It is more than enough for chopping big logs.

Anihoslen ensures sure there is enough lubricity throughout manufacture. Hence, the chain may easily pass through the harder timbers. The chain’s lubricity also protects it from premature wear and strain.

The cutter on the chain is an interesting feature. You can quickly cut through any type of wood you come across using this chain. The razor-sharp cutter had made it possible.

Some aftermarket chainsaw chains shake a lot during cutting. That is extremely disturbing and dangerous for mills. Some of them cut with a lot of kickbacks. Yet, this chain does not have such an issue.

You will thus have a safe and delightful experience if you use the chain for prolonged cutting.

Key Elements

  • For milling, carries a 36-inch chain.
  • 3/8″ is the pitch, while the gauge is.058″.
  • Reduced kickback and vibration.
  • Chain lubricity provides protection against harm.

4. Oregon 72RD114G 114 Drive Link 3/8-Inch Ripping Chain

For those looking for a fairly priced ripping chain, there is excellent news. Oregon provided another another top-notch ripping chain with just premium features.

Chain cutters should be used initially. As you are aware, a sharper cutter produces faster and more precise cutting. This is why this chain is used for milling. The distinctive chassis design is another thing that distinguishes it from rivals.

Chain used in mill chainsaws must adhere to specific specifications regarding gauge and pitch. This chain, however, has the usual gauge and pitch maturation.

The chain has a gauge of.050 and a 3/8″ pitch. Moreover, it has 114 total drive connectors.

Any professional-grade ripping chains should not be used with hand-held chainsaws. A hand-held chain should not employ the same kind of chain.

The chains’ ability to provide a safety net is what makes them more intriguing. The Vibe-Ban chassis design reduces vibration by 25%. The milling chain has made great progress. This chain thus offers a superb cut for novices as well.

It is regarded as the best ripping chain for milling by many auto gurus because to its overall performance and affordable pricing.

Key Elements

  • Features a.050″ gauge and a 3/8″ pitch.
  • There are 114 drive links in all, which have a 25% reduction in vibration capacity.
  • Standard cutter and chassis design provide cutting precision.

5. Oregon 72RD081G 81 Drive Link 3/8-Inch Ripping Chain

The last but not least is the Oregonian tearing chain collection. If you’re seeking for a chain with 81 drive links, it would be perfect for you. then, the additional features.

This chain is more interesting because of its lubricity. Oregon designed the ripping chain using a lot of lubrication. Because of this, the chain is cutting through hardwood more quickly. This sticky substance also helps the chain maintain its sharpness over time.

Even if certain components from the same manufacturers are the same, the chain’s measurement varies.

Pitch and gauge characteristics of the chain are rather common. This chain will be 3/8″ pitch and gauged at.050″.

The chain’s safety measure works fairly well. A tragedy is about to occur when the chain vibrates so much during cutting. Yet with this chain, chain vibration is reduced by up to 25%, keeping you safe while cutting.

Thus, put the chain in your cart if you think its pitch, gauge, and drive links are suitable for your company. A standard price is included in addition to the other features.

Key Elements

  • 81 drive connectors are present.
  • 3/8″ is the pitch, while the gauge is.050″.
  • Make a precise cut with the sharp cutter.
  • The Vibe-Ban chassis design guarantees less vibration.

Things to Consider Before Buying Ripping Chain for Milling

Ripping Chain for Milling

Making the right decision when buying professional-grade ripping chains requires significant consideration. So, you must take into account a number of factors before making a purchase. If not, dissatisfaction after buying can happen.

As a result, we have determined a few essential factors for choosing the best ripping chainsaw chain. then grab them.

Chassis and Cutter Design

A ripping chain’s total cutting performance is determined by the chassis and cutter design. If the chassis hasn’t been well-engineered, the chain won’t cut as efficiently.

The cutter design also ensures the precision of the ripping chain’s cutting. The cutter has to be 10 degrees sharper and much sharper for the ripping chain. Therefore, you cannot achieve 100% cutting precision.


The durability of the chain is ensured by the chain resistance. It might be advantageous to keep the chain’s edge sharp for a while. The high-quality tearing chain is resistant to rust.

It is simple to prevent early wear and strain by using resilient chains. Choose a chain that is resilient to withstand the outside environment.


Unpredictable functioning may result in a major accident due to the chain’s vibration. As a result, it is not recommended to utilize such a chain for milling.

An amateur may operate a chainsaw with lesser vibration. Choose a chainsaw that vibrates less.

Certain ripping chains can reduce chain vibration by as much as 25% in this situation. Thus, a milling saw chain is the better option.


Kickback is another drawback of the tearing chain. With the hand-held chainsaw, the kickback is still promoted even when you aren’t milling.

For this reason, it would be wise to employ a milling chain with less backlash.

Chain Fragility

Greasy items are always included with a good chain. The hardwood may be easily sliced if the ripping chain is well-lubricated.

It could also help maintain the cutter’s edge’s sharpness. A chain that has been greased resists degradation as well.


You must confirm the milling chain’s dimensions before completing a purchase. A typical ripping chain has a 3/8″ pitch. The gauge of the chain should fall between.050 and.063 inches.

Another choice is the milling saw chain’s drive links. There are 81–114 drive links in the tearing chain.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What chainsaw chain will best shred through wood?

The chain needed for milling a chainsaw is much longer than the chain used for the other hand-held chainsaw. You must thus ensure the milling chain’s dimensions, quality, cutting accuracy, and other aspects.

You can utilize the chain if the basic properties make it acceptable for milling. Yet, if you have to decide right away, pick a ripping chain from the list above.

2. Does this chain include a mechanism for releasing heat?

Indeed, they have.

As hardwood is constantly cut with a ripping chain, they must work long hours. As a result, the chain produces a lot of heat. It will swiftly deteriorate if it cannot disperse heat.

The tearing chain can therefore lower heat because of this.

3. Which milling saw pitch measurement is most accurate?

Actually, it is based on the milling saw you own. Yet, the standard pitch measurement is 3/8″. If you want a long saw, utilize the 114-drive chain links.

4. How might vibration from chainsaws be minimized?

Indeed, the chain’s quality has an impact on the chainsaw’s vibration. The chain will fit the guide bar if it has a chassis that is well-designed. The reduced vibration means the chains vibrate less.

Choose a chain to reduce vibration as a consequence.

5. Can I use these chains with my hand-held chainsaw?


According to the manufacturer, these ripping chains should only be used with milling chainsaws. Thus, it is better to avoid applying it to a hand-held chainsaw.

Last Words

Several types of hardwood must be continuously chopped by the milling chain. As a result, the milling chain ought to be stronger and sharper by design. As a result, the greatest ripping chain for milling is required if you want the maximum level of cutting precision.

Hopefully, when you scrolled down, you found the perfect tearing chain.

Have A Happy Cutting!