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What is the Best Sounding Keycaps – A Complete Guide for 2023

    Sounding Keycaps

    Are you either an enthusiastic gamer or a creative writer/typist? If so, I am pretty much sure you need a reliable keyboard for having a betting worktime, right?

    Now you may think about the scissor, membrane, or butterfly keyboard. If so, then you are wrong! You have heard that mechanical keyboards that are much more reliable than others in terms of comfort, appearance, easy repair, and anytime keycaps replacement.

    When it comes to the replacement of keycaps, you may be wondering what is the best sounding keycaps for your mechanical keyboards, right?

    Don’t worry! After going through proper testing, we have made the list of some premium keycaps and put forward a detailed review here.

    Without further ado, Let’s begin!

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    What is sounding keycaps?

    What is sounding keycaps

    Sounding keycaps are considered the keycaps for a mechanical keyboard. These are mainly used for such a keyboard for better comfort. In fact, a it has a lot of benefits, and that’s how it becomes popular in the gaming community.

    Sounding caps are the version of customizable keycaps that can easily be clean, replaced, and repaired. If you are bored with the keyboard’s ticking sound, then you can go with any of the sounding caps that reduce the keycaps noise to a lower level. You can read about 5 PIN Switches.

    What are the best sounding keycaps?

    What are the best sounding keycaps

    Well! There are a lot of sounding caps available in the market. If you want the best one, you need to go through some factors of these keycaps.

    Sounding caps are mainly known as their comfort level. So, the key sets which provide maximum comfort level you should go with that one.

    For example, you will find two common types of keycaps, such as PBT and ABS. PBT-based keycaps provide much more comfort than the ABS. In contrast, ABS keycaps are much harder than PBT; that’s why it is not recommended for those who have long keyboard engagement.

    Along with that, PBT keycaps produce less noise than their ABS counterpart. That’s how PBT is considered as the quieter keycaps. You can check our review on Anti Glare Monitors.

    how to make keyboard sound deeper?

    how to make keyboard sound deeper

    There are certain things you need to follow to make your keyboards sound deeper. Here it will show some points on how you can make a better sound of your mechanical keyboards. Though mechanical keyboards make a better sound than membrane scissors or butterfly keyboards, you can also apply some of these tricks to such keyboards besides mechanical ones.

    Choosing Right Caps: Most of the time, sound depends on the types of caps. A PBT keycap provides a deeper sound than ABS caps because ABS caps provide a bit clacky sounds.

    Keyboard Pad: Putting a keyboard pad underneath the board can make the sound quite better. Besides, you can use an entire desk mat instead of using a single keyboard pad.

    Putting O-rings: O-rings fill the gap between the switch and the caps; if you put O-rings on every switch before caping, then you will surely feel relief from any clacky sound that you were having previously.

    Insert Foam: Some mechanical keyboards have a bit of space inside the back part of the keyboards. Here, you can install some thin foam according to the space. I hope it will do a lot better to make the sound deeper.

    Apply Lube: Sometimes switches get jammed due to outside dust, which might lead to friction and eventually rough sounds. Thus, routine use of the switch lubricant can relax the switch and reduce friction. In this way, it can also reduce the bit of sound. You also check our guide for PS2 Console.

    Our Top 6 Best Sounding Keycaps Guide for 2022

    Here is the review section that has been designed by top-notch sounding caps with their details reviews, and it’s also given you a glimpse of some real user experience. That’s how it will guide you in choosing the right product. Let’s jump into the review section.

    1. HyperX Alloy Origins 60 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    HyperX Alloy Origins 60 - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    To kick off the list, we always prefer a top-rated product so that you can blindly rely on this one. And suppose, if you blindly go with this one, there is nothing to let you down. Let’s take a deep look.

    First, talk Abou the material they used for the keyboards. HyperX has manufactured this out of aircraft-graded aluminum. As a result, it has become the most sturdy keyboard ever for most tough and intense tasking like rough gaming and typing.

    As you know, the benefit of PBT keycaps, they are quite durable and comfortable. In fact, these keycaps offer huge wear and tear resistance and less friction. Plus, its side print label makes sure to recognize quickly.

    As it is a mechanical keyboard, the level of RGB ligating effects is completely outstanding. I mean, it provides a cozy brightness with luminous RGB effects. What do you need more as a gamer except for these lighting features?

    Feature We Like Most

    The advanced customization option made it an outstanding mechanical keyboard more than the other standard keyboards. The mechanical switches ensure better speed and key accuracy.

    Probable Drawbacks

    RGB effects can’t be fixed unless you use the software.

    Key Features

    • 60% more compact mechanical keyboards
    • Used air-craft graded aluminum
    • Comes with PBT keycaps that ensure better sturdiness
    • Enable customization option when needed

    Final Opinion

    If you truly admire the quality product, then this keyboards and its keycaps provide you with such an expected level outcome. And you would really enjoy its performance.

    2. HyperX Pudding Keycaps – Double Shot PBT Keycap 104 Key Set

    HyperX Pudding Keycaps - Double Shot PBT Keycap 104 Key Set
    When you really love HyperX’s quality and need only the keycaps, not the whole keyboards, then there is a better keycaps collection from HyperX.

    HyperX is becoming stunning keycaps due to its RGB lighting. You will see it comes with a dual-layer design to let the light comes through. That’s how it makes sure a less eye-straining light even in the darkroom.

    How can these keycaps last long? In fact, you will get the answer after seeing the thickness of the caps’ wall. Moreover, these are PBT caps that are more resistant to friction, wear, and solvents.

    As compared to the Japanese Brand, HyperX got a higher appreciation due to its material quality. Besides, the price of these keypads is quite low than the Japanese Brand.

    Feature We Like Most

    You will get huge compatibility when you go with this one. It can be used with all HyperX and most mechanical keyboards on the market. Interestingly, you will get a caps remover included in the pack.

    Probable Drawbacks

    It attracts dust due to its pudding surface.

    Key Features

    • Compatible with most the mechanical keyboards
    • Ensure duel layer for better RGB lighting features
    • Includes a keycaps remover in the pack
    • Thick walls prevent wear and friction

    Final Opinion

    If you want durable keycaps for a heavy-using keyboard, then you can try this one. In fact, the price range is quite affordable for this one.

    3. EPOMAKER SKYLOONG SK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    EPOMAKER SKYLOONG SK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    Are your enthusiastic gamers that prefer a low-profile keyboard besides quality? If you are one of them, stop your searching right here. I think the EPOMAKER keyboard is your most desired one.

    While manufacturing, the main focus of the EPOMAKER keyboard was its compact design. You will see that it a 60% size of any other mechanical keyboard. Besides, the total number of keycaps for this one is 61.

    SKYLOONG SK61 keyboard is the upgraded version of EPOMAKER keyboards. You will find some advanced features like Hot-Swappable Mechanical Switch that make sure any mechanical customization like you can replace the mechanical switch without replacing. Just use this one.

    The most distinct feature that SK61 has is its 3-layer programmable keys such as FN1, FN2, and FN3. Though you have these keys, you can also do key functions through the driver. Don’t worry when offline because it has flash memory that saves the configuration when offline.

    Feature We Like Most

    Like me, all the gamers also appreciate the abundance of RGB color effects. It got 16+ million available that you can download and function through the custom software.

    Probable Drawbacks

    After firmware updates, the software might remove all original light effects.

    Key Features

    • Comes in a compact design
    • Offers A Hot-Swappable Mechanical Switch
    • Enable 3 layers programmable functions
    • Offers 16+ million RGB color effects
    • Includes keycaps and switch remover
    • Provides water resistance through IPX6

    Final Opinion

    If you are about to have a compact mechanical keyboard that offers most lighting features and other additional mechanical functions, then you can use try this one.

    4. Havit Keycaps 60 87 104 Double Shot Backlit PBT Pudding Keycap

    Havit Keycaps 60 87 104 Double Shot Backlit PBT Pudding Keycap
    Have you got any US layout mechanical keyboards like 61,87, or 104 and look for a reliable keycap? If so, then you are at the threshold of having such a keycaps collection.

    These are the pudding keycaps that come with a layer of color design. When the keyboard turns on, you will see the lucid color effects due to its lower translucent layer. It will illuminate your room with its RGB effects.

    Let’s see the compatibility of these caps. Compatible with most US layout mechanical keyboards such as 61, 78, and 104 keys. Plus, it will come with the keycap pullet for easy installation.

    When we compare the Havit to the YMDK standard keycaps, there is nothing special found in the YMDk caps, and it is almost the same as this Havit. But the focal point is that Havit offers a less than half price for the same caps.

    Feature We Like Most

    Due to its translucent layer, you will enjoy every lighting effect after turning on the board. That means we can say it is a perfect gaming cap that gives us a congenial gaming ambiance. Besides, the double shot PBT materials never let you down, even for heavy use.

    Probable Drawbacks

    Offers limited compatibility only for 3 types of keyboards.

    Key Features

    • Use two layers of color design
    • Made of double shot PBT materials
    • Compatible with US layout 61,87,104
    • Offers an affordable price

    Final Opinion

    Building materials are based on double shot PBT, so we can conclude these are durable keycaps. And the price is quite reasonable, that’s why it considers one of the best PBT keycaps.

    5. SDYZ Custom Keycaps- 60 Percent, Suitable for GK61/GK64/RK61

    SDYZ Custom Keycaps- 60 Percent, Suitable for GK61/GK64/RK61
    Are you looking for compact-sounding caps within a reasonable budget? If you are searching for such caps, then give this one a try. Before that, take a detailed look at it.

    The first thing should come first that is the materials of the caps. SDYZ used Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) materials so that it gets long-lasting durability. Thus, it ensures less wear and tear and water resistance.

    As I mentioned, these keycaps are designed for a compact keyboard. The size of the keyboard is 60% of the other large mechanical keyboards. Thus, it is suitable for GK61/GK64/RK61/Anne/GH60 /ALT61 keyboards. Plus, you will get a total of 71 keycaps.

    Esstaa is the near competitor of SDYZ’s keycaps. Though both have used the PBT materials, SDYZ offers a reasonable price for a colorful keycap. If you love the solid color with a different variation, then go with the Esstaa.

    Feature We Like Most

    What I like most about the pack is its service warranty. If you find any issues within 18 months of purchase, you will get 100% replacement. Plus, they provide a generous service which you also like.

    Probable Drawbacks

    That is suitable for only mechanical limiter keyboards. So, check the model or layout of the keyboard before purchase.

    Key Features

    • Suitable for a compact mechanical keyboard
    • Made of durable PBT materials
    • Ensures 10 years of non-color fading guarantee
    • Offers 18 months of service warranty

    Final Opinion

    If you own this GK61 / GK64 / RK61 / Anne / GH60 / ALT61 mechanical keyboard, then these are the perfect keycaps for you. You will get 10 years of non-color fading guaranteed.

    6. Keycaps PBT Dye Sublimation Upgrade 108 Keycap Set

    Keycaps PBT Dye Sublimation Upgrade 108 Keycap Set
    Writers always prefer a non-slip keycap to keep their finger on the exact key for a long time. In this case, a keycap can provide you with such quality that it has an anti-grease coating.

    However, if you are looking for such premium keycaps for your mechanical keyboards, then dig a bit deeper.

    Costom has ensured these keycaps with extra-thick walls. Generally, they have mainly focused on extensive gaming. Though they use heavy material, it doesn’t stick the light flow through the caps.

    These are the satisfying keycaps for heavy-duty use because it made out of PBT materials which are quite reliable for building durable caps. Plus, it provides a deep sound while typing that’s not a bit noisy as the E-Yooso Retro caps, because they used ABS materials.

    You can easily accommodate these caps to most 87/104/108 mechanical keyboards. Besides, you don’t think about its resistance feature or color fading.

    Feature We Like Most

    You will enjoy the addition that comes with the set. It is a set of 104 keys that also includes stabilizers for all mechanical keyboards. Plus, you will get an extra 4 for DIY use of your mechanical keyboards.

    Probable Drawbacks

    The price is a little bit higher according to the cap’s quality.

    Key Features

    • A set of a total of 108 keys, including 4 extra keys
    • Provides extra thickness for cap wall
    • Build for gaming or high loading tasks
    • Compatible with most 87/104/108 keyboards

    Final Opinion

    Every feature and quality of the caps are attractive for any gamers or high users. Plus, you will enjoy 4 extra mechanical keys, which including in the 108 key sets.

    Buying Guide: Best Sounding Keycaps

    Best Sounding Keycaps

    Caps are essential for any mechanical keyboard. Most of your tasking comfortably depends on the quality of the caps. In this light, you must consider some factors of the caps so that you can have the best keycaps for sound.

    To make you familiar with such features and factors of the keycap, we have designed this section. Let’s begin.

    Caps Materials

    Mechanical keycaps are mainly made of two different plastic materials one is ABS, and the other is PBT. However, both are sturdy plastic materials.

    There are some benefits of using the PBT keycaps because of their deep sound. The materials are such that they ensure a deep sound while typing. In terms of comfort, the PBT keycaps provide much more comfort than the ABS.

    However, ABS also provides strong caps and last for a long time. One disadvantage of the ABS is it’s a bit noisier than the PBT.

    Sidewall Thickness

    In spite of using the heavy materials for keycaps, if the sidewall thickness isn’t up to the mark, then it will never last long under heavy use. For example, a gaming geek or a full-time typer needs a high thickness-based sidewall for the keycaps. Otherwise, it wears and tears soon.


    I have seen that compatibility is a major issue for users while buying the keycaps. Generally, the compatibility of these keycaps depends on the keyboard layout. There are different types of key layouts for mechanical keyboards, such as GK61/GK64/RK61/Anne/GH60 /ALT61, SK61, 87, 104, and so on. And each layout supports a unique number of keys, plus the basic mechanical sitting position is also different sometimes.

    Therefore, you must first confirm your keyboard layout before jumping into any keycaps pack.


    Not all-cap manufacturers offer all types of resistance for their keycaps. Generally, a keycap should have wear and tear-resistant first. Afterward, it should ensure minimum friction. I mean friction resistance.

    Besides that, water resistance would be an extra benefit of the cap because even a little water resistance protects the keyboard from small water splashes.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    1. Who needs a mechanical keyboard?

    The mechanical keyboard considers the most professional keyboard. For those who need a more sensitive response while on their every pressing, the mechanical keyboards are best for them. For example, a cheerful gamer, pro-writer, or full-time typist.

    2. Do pros use mechanical keyboards?

    Yes. The mechanical keyboards are designed for the pros. An analysis shows that 98% of the different professions use mechanical keyboards. Actually, that makes sense because you will enjoy its comfortable pressing with soothing hums.

    3. Why are people using mechanical keyboards?

    Due to the numerous benefits, people are using mechanical keyboards. Unlike other keyboards, mechanical keyboards are more durable because it got individual switches for each key which are easy to repair and modify or customize. Plus, it allows you to access more mechanical options than any other keyboard.

    4. Which keycaps sound deepest?

    PBT keycaps sound deepest. Due to the plastic density of the PBT, it tends to make a deep sound. Plus, the beneath foam systems also help to do that. However, ABS provides a bit clacky sound whatsoever.

    5. How can I make my keycaps sound better?

    A little arrangement can help you to make your keycaps sound better. Let’s check out some points:

    • If you chose PBT caps over ABS, then you will have a deeper sound
    • Using a keyboard mat reduces the typing sound
    • If the switch doesn’t include O-rings, then put an O-ring on each key
    • Routine use of the switch lubricant makes better sound
    • Adding foam inside the keyboard could better the keycaps’ sound.
    • Overall, choosing the premium keycaps is one of the reasons for having better sound.

    6. How can I find the best PBT keycaps?

    PBT keycaps are the best keycaps for sound, among others. So, you must see the outer coating of the caps. You should always prefer anti-grease coating caps, which provide better typing. Plus, consider the manufacturer and cost range.

    7. ABS vs PBT vs Rubber!

    Final Words

    To wrap up the article, I would like to say, choosing quality mechanical keyboards or keycaps are essential since your involvement with the keyboard is huge, like me. That’s how I can relate to your necessity.

    Therefore, I have put forward every detail of keycaps and some related question here to clarify. Now I am pretty sure you have already found the best sounding keycaps as you have considered all the sections carefully.