Unleash Creativity and Productivity: A Comprehensive Guide for the Best Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360!

Have you ever experienced the frustration of producing clumsy lines on a capacitive touch screen when using your fingertips? Especially when working on intricate designs, it can quickly turn into a disaster.

Fortunately, there is a solution that surpasses the limitations of finger touch: the stylus pen. Despite its small size, a stylus pen offers unparalleled performance when interacting with your screen.

If you’re in search of the best stylus pen for your HP Envy x360 or any other device, opting for a multi-compatibility stylus pen is a wise choice. With such a pen, you can enjoy its benefits across a wide range of devices.

To simplify your search, we have curated a narrowed-down list of the top stylus pens available. This way, you can easily find the perfect stylus pen to meet your needs and preferences.

Let’s check out the list right away.

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
Hacey 1024 Level Pressure Active Pen for HP Pavilion x360Hacey 1024 Level Pressure Active Pen for HP Pavilion x360Check Price
SkyMirror Magnetic Digital Stylus Pen for Microsoft SurfaceSkyMirror Magnetic Digital Stylus Pen for Microsoft SurfaceCheck Price
Tesha 600hr Work Time Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360Tesha 600hr Work Time Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360Check Price
iafer Protocol Inking Model Stylus Peniafer Protocol Inking Model Stylus PenCheck Price
ANYQOO 400days Work Time Stylus Pen for HP Specific ModelANYQOO 400days Work Time Stylus Pen for HP Specific ModelCheck Price

Does hp envy x360 come with pen?

The HP Envy x360 is a popular 2-in-1 laptop that offers a versatile computing experience with its convertible design and powerful performance. Many potential buyers of this device often wonder if it comes bundled with a pen for intuitive note-taking, drawing, and other creative tasks. In this article, we will delve into the question of whether the HP Envy x360 comes with a pen, and explore alternative options for stylus compatibility.

Does the HP Envy x360 come with a pen?

The answer to this question depends on the specific model and configuration of the HP Envy x360. While some variants of the HP Envy x360 do include a pen as part of the package, it is not a universal feature across all models. Therefore, it is essential to carefully review the specifications and product descriptions when purchasing an HP Envy x360 to determine whether a pen is included.

Models with included pens: Certain HP Envy x360 models are bundled with a stylus pen to provide an enhanced user experience right out of the box. These models are specifically marketed as including an active pen, allowing users to take advantage of the laptop’s touchscreen capabilities for precise input and digital creativity. When browsing for an HP Envy x360, be on the lookout for product listings or descriptions that mention the inclusion of an active pen.

Models without included pens: For HP Envy x360 models that do not come with a pen, there are still options available for those seeking stylus compatibility. HP offers a range of compatible stylus pens that can be purchased separately. These pens are designed to work seamlessly with the HP Envy x360, providing similar functionality to the included pen models. When selecting a stylus pen, ensure that it is compatible with the specific model of the HP Envy x360 you own or plan to purchase.

Choosing the right stylus pen: When selecting a stylus pen for your HP Envy x360, consider the following factors:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the stylus pen you choose is explicitly designed for compatibility with the HP Envy x360 model you own or plan to purchase. Check the manufacturer’s specifications or contact customer support for confirmation.
  2. Pen Features: Different stylus pens offer varying features, such as pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and customizable buttons. Determine your specific requirements and choose a pen that suits your needs.
  3. Budget: Stylus pens come in a range of price points. Set a budget that aligns with your requirements and explore options within that range.

While the inclusion of a pen with the HP Envy x360 varies depending on the model, there are options available for both bundled and separate stylus pens. Carefully review product descriptions and specifications to determine whether a pen is included or if you need to purchase one separately. Regardless of whether the HP Envy x360 comes with a pen, you can enjoy the convenience and versatility of stylus input by selecting a compatible stylus pen that suits your needs and preferences.

Reviews of the 5 Best Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360 in 2023

This is the details review section of these selected stylus pens for hp. Before finalizing the stylus, if you get through the details of the pen, it will help you to find the exact pen that you are expecting. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Hacey 1024 Level Pressure Active Pen for HP Pavilion x360

Hacey Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360 | 1024 Level Pressure | Black

When using a stylus pen, if you mostly prefer a hassle-free pen in terms of pairing and charging then you don’t need to wait anymore. Hacey brought such a premium graded stylus pen for HP.

Before confirming the pen, you must see the compatibility because it is manufactured for particular devices. So, if you are a hp user you have a wide range of compatibility.

Besides, we have noticed that Hacey stylus pen works for some of the HP laptops beyond this mentioned model number in the product description.

Hacey has used 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, so you can do every task with this pen such as writing, drawing, painting and designing.

There is no user limitation for this pen. From adult to child can use this pen due its easy operation method especially, the children will enjoy the pen due to its pen-like control.

You don’t need to charge the pen as it is battery powered. Plus, the power saving method is quite awesome as it stays standing for 417 days.

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Most Exciting Features

There is no hassle about installation or operation with this pen because it doesn’t require any driver, no pairing or synchronization. You just open the cap and use the pen.

Probable Drawbacks

Not working on the other devices except the compatible device on the instruction.

Key Features

  • Only for HP laptops
  • Compatible with most HP laptop
  • No Bluetooth no pairing
  • 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity

2. SkyMirror Magnetic Digital Stylus Pen for Microsoft Surface

SkyMirror Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360 | Versatile | 500hr Active

When you need to use the stylus pen for multiple devices you need a versatile pen, right? In this case, you can’t go with any random pen. Thus, the SkyMirror pen will provide everything that you need.

First attractive thing about the SkyMirror stylus is its effortless connection to the devices. I mean, this pen doesn’t require any pairing. Just get the pen and use it.

Let’s talk about the operation. SkyMirror stylus gives your 100% efficiency to do any type of screen tasking. The precision and responsiveness of the pen set it apart from its near competitors.

Besides, the pen included two buttons. One is working for erasing the stuff and the other is working for the right-clicking option. So, you can use the pen as the best alternative for a mouse.

It is a battery powered stylus. A single battery will provide you 500 hours of working time. However, with a single battery, you can use the pen for a long time since it consumes low power and has sleep mode.

Most Exciting Features

While writing on the screen, the natural fluidity of the pen impressed me. I mean you will get the feeling of a real pen. Plus, the ink flows out immediately after tapping the pen and there is no delay time.

Probable Drawbacks

Pen’s tips are very sensitive and break down if they fall off from the hand.

Key Features

  • A cost-effective pen
  • Widely compatible with various devices
  • Long battery power backup
  • Two switches for erasing and right-clicking

3. Tesha 600hr Work Time Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360

Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360/Pavilion/Spectre | 600hr Work Time

Are you looking for the best stylus for hp spectre x360? If so, then stop looking around. Now introducing such a stylus that is compatible with various HP laptop series.

This stylus pen is very particular in terms of compatibility. That means this is a special stylus for the HP series. So, you can use the pen for HP Envy series, HP Pavilion x360 series and HP Spectre series.

However, the specific model number is mentioned in the product description. So, don’t forget to check the model before buying, otherwise, it won’t work.

When the pen gets battery, it becomes active. So, there is no need for pairing or Bluetooth setting. After getting the power, you can effortlessly use the pen to the specific model.

Though it runs through the battery, that doesn’t mean fewer working hours. A single battery provides 600 hours of working time. Besides, the standby time of the battery is 200 days.

Most Exciting Features

If you are a professional artist, you would love the pen. The tapping precision of the pen gives you 100% comfort while working intricate design. Plus, it has no additional issues such as lagging or delay time.

Probable Drawbacks

The compatibility range is very limited and works for only three series.

Key Features

  • Only for HP 3 series
  • No driver or No Bluetooth is required
  • Batter supports up to 600 hours of work
  • 1024 levels of pressure sensitive

4. iafer Protocol Inking Model Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360 | Protocol Inking Model | 1500hrs Work

You may prefer a stylus that can be used for a long time. In this case, you need a durable stylus with maximum performance. To get such features and performance you must stick to this one.

First talk about the pen tip. The manufacturer has used the polyoxymethylene tip. As a result, it ensures 100% responsiveness and maximum precision.

Besides that, the pen has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. In spite of having this feature, it will provide scratch free operation. Now you are ready to use the stylus randomly.

Unlike the other stylus in the list, you will have the maximum power back up if you use this one. A single battery provides 1500 hours of active working time with automatic sleeping mode.

Furthermore, the battery will still function after 360 days of not using the devices. Basically, this stylus is quite popular for its entire power system. That’s why it is considered the best stylus pen for hp envy x360.

Most Exciting Features

What we like most about this pen is its sensitivity. It can produce some smooth and thin/thick lines as you want. Plus, the pen’s tip can reach every reaching point of the computer.

Probable Drawbacks

Although the box says this stylus works with Microsoft surface; it doesn’t work with surface.

Key Features

  • Battery Stand by time 360 days
  • Battery backup 1500 active hours
  • Use polyoxymethylene tip for better precision
  • Ensures natural fluidity of pen

5. ANYQOO 400days Work Time Stylus Pen for HP Specific Model

Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360/Spectre/Pavilion Series | 400days Work

Sometimes the stylus tip could be broken when falling from the hand. That’s why you must consider a stylus that offer tip replacement. In this case, this stylus gives everything that a premium stylus should have.

The manufacturer has used aluminum alloy for this pen. That means it has durable body materials. Thus, it won’t easily break if it falls off.

Besides that, they have taken care of the pen’s tip equally. For any type of tasking, you can undoubtedly use the pen because of its responsiveness.

After buying the pen, you don’t need anything additional since everything comes with the pack. The pack includes 3 pen tips and 1 AAAA battery.

Let’s talk about the power back up. Within this AAAA battery you will get 400 days of working hours. Plus, it will give your standby 500 days.

Most Exciting Features

The pen comes with upgraded 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. You can do every type of tasking on your devices. Good news is that there will be no scratches on the screen after using the pen.

Probable Drawbacks

It won’t compatible with some HP laptop series and individual models.

Key Features

  • No drivers require to connect the pen
  • Includes 3 tips and 1 AAAA battery
  • 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Provides 18 month of warranty

Factors To Consider Before Getting Yourself the Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360

Best Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360

While buying a tech gadget, checking some crucial factors of the device is essential. This is also true for the stylus. That’s why you must pay attention to some facts about the stylus while buying.

In this segment, we have discussed such points of stylus so that we have a concrete idea about what to consider before buying the best stylus for drawing on touch screen laptop.

Tip Hazard

Pen’s tip is the main focus point of a stylus pen. The stylus performance is mostly dependent on a quality tip. However, we have noticed that stylus pen’s tip is prone to damage. If the pen falls off, there are higher chances to break the tip.

To get rid of this tip-breaking hazard, you must consider a quality pen first. Secondly, choose a stylus that comes with a spare tip.

Pairing Solution

Stylus pens have two types: one requires pairing with the device and others don’t need to pair. Non-pairing stylus pen works automatically on every touch screen.

Pairing is an extra hassle for some users because it needs Bluetooth connection. Therefore, if pairing is bothersome to you then choose the automatic stylus pen.

Palm Rejection

Palm tapping is a common problem for every stylus. When you are using a stylus on the screen, it is natural that our palm touches the screen.

To prevent palm rejection while using, some stylus comes up with built-in palm rejection feature. However, if the stylus hasn’t the built-in palm rejection, then you have to use the palm rejection glove.


Although you are choosing the stylus pen for hp envy x360, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to use the same stylus for other devices. For example, if your chosen stylus is versatile and can be used for other devices then it is wise to choose such a pen.

Moreover, the stylus pen which is designed for particular device won’t works for other devices. For such a stylus, the manufacturer mentioned the specific model number which will be compatible with the stylus.

Therefore, your consideration should get the first priority to get a versatile stylus, if the pen doesn’t work with your particular device, then you choose the exact one.

Battery Backup

Power backup is one of the major factors of a stylus. Without a good battery, a stylus can’t be considered the best stylus pen. Though some manufacturers claim to provide better power back up, eventually, it turns out that the power capacity isn’t good enough for the pen.

It is seen that alkaline batteries are good for stylus pens. And it provides maximum battery life and back up.

However, all the styluses in the market don’t provide the same power backup for the same battery. Sometimes, battery performance depends on the stylus.

The standard battery backup range for a stylus is 365 days to 500 days plus. If the stylus provides power back less than standard range should be avoidable.

Frequently Asked Questions

best hp pen

1. Do stylus pen work on all touch screen devices?

Ans: It depends on the device and the stylus compatibility. If the stylus is multipurpose, there is a higher chance to work on most devices. However, some particular styluses are designed for particular devices. In that case, it might not work on every device.

2. Can I use a normal pen as a stylus?

Ans: No. Devices like iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindle and other such devices have capacitive touch screens. These types of devices need an electrical conductor to work on the screen. And the human body is a natural electrical conductor that’s why it works on the capacitive screen.

If you use the normal pen on the capacitive screen, it won’t work, instead it will leave scratches on the screen.

3. How to make a stylus for drawing at home?

Ans: If you think making a DIY stylus is difficult, take a look at the following steps. You need some arrangement to make a stylus home, these are:

  • A pen
  • Foil
  • Cotton bud
  • Knife/ Scissors

Step 1: Cut the cotton bud’s stick with a Kinfe or scissors. You must cut the bud by keeping ¼ inch stick from the end point of cotton. Cut the bud diagonally so that it can fit into the pen.

Step 2: Take the pen and remove its ink tube. Now set the cotton tip into the pen where the pen tip is usually sited.

Step 3: Take a foil according to the pen, so that it can entirely cover up the pen. Now wrap the foil into the pen and make sure the foil touches the cotton.

Final Step: Dampen the entire cotton body slightly. Now this pen will work as a stylus. Remember! Dampen the cotton body every time before use if the cotton dries out.

4. How can I find the best stylus for hp touchscreen laptop?

Ans: Initially, you need to consider some factors of the stylus. Let’s say, see the body materials, tip quality, battery backup and compatibility. Besides, you look for spare tip in the pack.

5. What material can write on a touch screen?

Ans: Copper matters work on capacitive touch screens. Besides copper, aluminum materials also work on touch screens. Although aluminum isn’t a direct conductor as copper materials, it still works on a capacitive touch screen just like our fingertip.

Final Thoughts

hp envy x360 stylus pen

A stylus is a small yet powerful tool for different professionals who work on the screen. Thus, the quality of the stylus should be ensured before buying.

I hope that you have already known what to consider about stylus and how to grab the best pen. Now finding the best stylus pen for hp envy x360 wouldn’t be difficult for you as you have gone through the entire article.