Power Up Your Gear: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best V Mount Battery

V Mount Battery

Dealing with power-related issues can be a constant source of concern, especially when you find your device’s battery drained during crucial work situations. It’s undoubtedly a panic-inducing moment!

I understand this frustration all too well. That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive article on the top-notch V Mount batteries available, aiming to help you find the perfect solution to power your equipment hassle-free, regardless of your location.

One exceptional option is the Yinchem V Mount battery, renowned for its high capacity, enabling extended operation of your high-end camera. It’s essential to note that different devices require specific batteries due to compatibility variations.

So no more waiting! Let’s start the journey to your destination!

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
REYTRIC V Mount/V-Lock Battery | 95Wh 6600mAh| 14.8 v| 5V/2.1A USB outputREYTRIC V Mount/V-Lock Battery | 95Wh 6600mAh | 14.8 v | 5V/2.1A USB outputCheck Price
Artman NP-F550 Battery| 7.4 V | Dual USB charger(5V) | 2100 cyclesArtman NP-F550 Battery | 7.4 V | Dual USB charger(5V) | 2100 cyclesCheck Price
Neewer V Mount/V Lock Battery|95Wh 6600mAh|14.8V |RechargeableNeewer V Mount/V Lock Battery | 95Wh 6600mAh|14.8V | RechargeableCheck Price
Powerextra V Mount V-Lock Battery |190 WH 13400 mAH|500 cyclesPowerextra V Mount V-Lock Battery | 190 WH 13400 mAH | 500 cyclesCheck Price
KUNLUN V Mount Battery|220Wh 15000 mAH | D-Tap DC USB Ports|14.4VKUNLUN V Mount Battery | 220Wh 15000 mAH | D-Tap DC USB Ports | 14.4VCheck Price

What is a v mount battery?

What is a v mount battery

Let’s know more about the mount v battery first!

The mount v batteries are known as V lock batteries. The Batteries are basically the big capacity batteries used to power up the monitors, high-end cameras, LED lights, and other devices, with compatibility.

The mini V-mount battery is V-shaped because the location mechanism of these batteries is set up like the letter V. The term v mount is used for other reasons.

The v mount is known for the mounting system used by the batteries to attach the powered devices.

Comparison chart of V Mount Battery

Brand of V mount battery REYTRIC V Mount/V-Lock Battery Artman NP-F550 Battery Neewer V Mount/V Lock Battery Powerextra V Mount V-Lock Battery KUNLUN V Mount Battery
Capacity 95 Wh 6600 mAH 2*2900 mAH 95Wh 6600mAh 190 WH 13400 mAH 220Wh 15000 mAH
Nominal Voltage  14.8 V 3.7 V 14.8 V 14.8 V 14.4 V
Battery type Polymer ion Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion
Built-in circuit protection Included Included Included Included Included
Charging Ports D-tap charger or USB ports Dual battery charger included, Standard v mount charger, D-tap charger, or USB ports Standard v mount charger, D-tap charger Standard v mount charger, D-tap charger, and DC charger
Battery Life 500 cycles Up to 2100 times Not mentioned More than 500 cycles More than 500 cycles
LED Indicator 4 level LED Indicator Included 4 level LED Indicator Included Included

How to use v mount battery?

How to use v mount battery

It is a general view that all batteries operate in different ways, and the v mount batteries are not exception. Generally, V mount batteries are used for high-end power cameras, LED lights, or other compatible equipment.

It is essential for which device you use the v mount battery to power up. With a video recorder attached, you have your v mount batteries to power your high-end cameras. You have to place the v mount battery; you can use the battery plates.

That’s it. It will do its job while you are working. The battery has to be charged regularly. You have to place the battery in its charger where the ports are situated. In many chargers, you can put two batteries at a time.

Even together, these can power up a big LED light as well.

How long does a v mount battery last?

The battery cycles are not that easy to predict accurately. But nowadays, the brands give an approximate process of how long it can last.

The performance of the battery depends on various factors such as temperature, age, and battery cycles. All three components gradually diminish the battery’s performance, and ultimately, it falls apart after working for a certain period.

One cycle is measured by degrading the power status from 100% to 0% after charging. If you consume 20% of the charge at once, it will take 5 uses to cover one cycle. But it depends on different variables. But these variables make it too difficult to keep the accuracy.

But suppose the battery is made of Lithium-ion. In that case, the cycles are calculated and set up between 300-500 cycles over the battery life.

Top 5 Best Mount V Battery Reviews

Here comes the central part you have been waiting for since the beginning. These are some of the products on the yinchem v mount battery I have collected for you to understand to get your desired one.

1. REYTRIC V Mount/V-Lock Battery | 95Wh 6600mAh | 14.8 v | 5V/2.1A USB output

REYTRIC V Mount/V-Lock Battery | 95Wh 6600mAh| 14.8 v| 5V/2.1A USB output

People find the mini V-mount battery often for its high capacity, for which it is well known. The first product offers the same here for your favorite cameras.

The REYTRIC V- lock battery has a high capacity with a 6600 mAH battery. It has a voltage of 14.8 volts.

This V-lock battery offers you the battery type with the same life span as the original battery. The battery type is Lithium Polymer. This mini V-mount battery is claimed to be used for Blackmagic Ursa Mini and Epic cameras.

Besides, this V-lock battery is claimed to be long-lasting every time used. It has recharge cycles of more than 500 times over the battery’s life.

It has the Independent 5V/2.1A USB output, which can be used in charging smartphones. It has a wall plug and charges to self-charge, and for showing remaining power, it has a 4-level LED Indicator.

Again, it only takes 3 hours to be fully charged from zero, and if you use the charger with larger current output, it may take a shorter time.

The built-in circuit protection is included for safety and stability.

Features to be excited about

The capacity of this mini V-mount battery is 95wh which is appreciable and safe for travel as well. And it has built-in circuit protection, which is safe.

Cons to consider

The charger is not appreciable enough; it does not charge the battery as expected.

Key features

  1. Battery capacity is 6600mAH.
  2. It has built-in circuit protection.
  3. It has an average voltage of 14.8V.
  4. The battery type is Polymer Li-ion.
  5. The charge lasts for 3-5 hours.

2. Artman NP-F550 Battery | 7.4 V | Dual USB charger(5V) | 2100 cycles

Artman NP-F550 Battery| 7.4 V | Dual USB charger(5V) | 2100 cycles

Products that include two replacement batteries get acceptance by many consumers.

This Artman mount v battery has two replacement batteries with 2900 mAH capacity. The voltage is 7.4 V, and the battery type is Li-ion.

It provides a dual USB charger that includes a maximum of 5V or a max of 2.1 A.

Since there are two batteries, charging times will also differ. It will take 180 minutes for One battery, but it will take 300 minutes for two batteries. The battery is rechargeable, and the battery’s life is 2100 cycles maximum.

Suppose you want the total capacity of the mini V-mount battery, in that case, you have to do the cycle of discharging and recharging for about 5 times approximately.

It will give the total capacity and increase the average battery life.

There are charging indicators that show red light while setting. After being fully charged, it shows the green light. It has 3 Charging methods with Sony Camera Battery, and it provides multiple built-in protections.

Features to be excited about

The replaceable battery system is efficient for long-term use, and I loved the dual USB charger. The charging time takes less time. The indicators are pretty helpful.

Cons to consider

The battery doesn’t last long. It drains too quickly and doesn’t seem appealable.

Key features

  1. It has a dual USB charger.
  2. It has two replaceable batteries of 2900 mAH.
  3. It has charging indicators.
  4. Charging time for 1 is 180 min, for 2 is 300 min.
  5. It has multiple built-in protections.

3. Neewer V Mount/V Lock Battery | 95Wh 6600mAh | 14.8V | Rechargeable

Neewer V Mount/V Lock Battery|95Wh 6600mAh|14.8V |Rechargeable

An unwanted break-off in between a vital session causes unimaginable losses sometimes. Different types of machinery ensure this safety are way more appreciable in the best v mount battery category.

This mini V-mount battery has a high capacity battery with 6600 mAH and power of 95 Wh. It is suitable for LED lights and cameras with the standard V-mount battery plates.

Besides, this Neewer V mount battery also has the 4-level LED Indicator that provides the situation of the battery status, making it easy for you to understand the battery level.

This mini V-mount battery requires a nominal voltage of 14.8V. The charging voltage is 16.8V. The composition of the battery cell is made of Lithium-Ion.

It has included the mobile device charging facilities by providing the D Tap and USB outputs for powering and charging. You will only need any standard V-mount charger; that’s it.

It provides built-in circuit protection that ensures the safety from overheating, overcharging, or voltage situations of the battery.

Features to be excited about

The battery life is prolonged, which I loved about this v-lock battery. The charging will give you a solid backup time as you expect.

Cons to consider

I have found some recharging issues with it. It doesn’t charge after some use.

Key features

  1. It has a capacity of 6600 mAH.
  2. The nominal voltage is 14.8V, and the charging voltage is 16.8V.
  3. It has built-in circuit protection.
  4. It ensures long battery life.
  5. It provides D tap and USB outputs.
  6. The battery type is Lithium-Ion.

4. Powerextra V Mount V-Lock Battery | 190 WH 13400 mAH | 500 cycles

Powerextra V Mount V-Lock Battery |190 WH 13400 mAH|500 cycles

Finding a mini V-mount battery that gives a standard working time of 8 hours can be hectic on one full charge. But I have found one for you.

This yinchem v mount battery has a super high capacity with 190 WH and 13400 mAH that gives you 8 hours of total time during working time with one full charge.

This Powerextra v mount battery works great with any standard v mount device. Besides, this mini V-mount battery has a 4-level indicator to show the remaining charge.

Not only that, but also it gives you 500 complete cycles of recharging over the life of the battery itself. Again, it has built-in circuit protection. They prevent overheating, overcharging, or current occurring from the storm.

This v lock battery provides the independent 5V/2.1A USB output. Besides powering the mobile devices, it features D-tap and USB outputs. The nominal voltage is 14.8 V.

Features to be excited about

I have loved its big battery for the capacity, and it did last long pretty good according to the price. The build of this battery is quite good.

Cons to consider

It causes charging issues after using it a few times, and it stops holding charge.

Key features

  1. It has a capacity of 13400 mAH 190 WH.
  2. It has a normal voltage of 14.8V.
  3. It has built-in circuit protection.
  4. The battery material is Lithium-Ion.
  5. It provides D Tap and USB outputs.

5. KUNLUN V Mount Battery | 220Wh 15000 mAH | D-Tap DC USB Ports | 14.4V

KUNLUN V Mount Battery|220Wh 15000 mAH | D-Tap DC USB Ports|14.4V

Everyone loves the unique feature that gives the extra benefit in cases like the 3 charging ports system of a mini V mount battery. Sounds Great!

The yinchem V mount battery provides a super high capacity with a 15000 mAH 220 Wh battery. The normal voltage is calculated here at 14.4V.

This mini V-mount battery is widely compatible. It is compatible with any cameras or LED lights with the standard V mount battery plates.

Besides, since it has a high capacity, it works well, providing a standard working time of 8-10 hours. It depends on the power of the devices.

It has 3 charging ports – a standard V-Mount type charger, D-Tap charger, and DC charger. The maximum charge voltage goes up to 16.8V.

It provides a built-in intelligent protection board to prevent heat, temperature, etc., from the battery.

The type of battery is Lithium-Ion. The charger is not included.

Features to be excited about

I loved that though it has a super high capacity battery, it is not that heavy and strong. It works pretty well after giving one full charge.

Cons to consider

It uses lots of batteries and has less than the listed capacity.

Key features

    1. It has a battery of 15000 mAH 220 Wh.
    2. The battery type is Lithium-Ion
    3. It has a nominal voltage of 14.4V. The charging voltage is 16.8V max.
    4. It has 3 charging ports – a standard v mount charger, D-tap charger, and DC charger.
    5. It has a built-in intelligent protection board.
    6. It gives a standard working time of 8-10 hours.

Things to Consider Before Buying V Mount Battery

Best V Mount Battery

We have provided you all the details about the best v mount battery you will be benefited from. Now I know you are desperate to buy the one you have chosen.

But before rushing to buy the yinchem v mount battery, you have to spare some time to consider some issues. These are needed to keep in mind for getting the correct one, rather than buying something unnecessary. Let’s have a look!

The capacity of the battery

It is the primary issue for which you will purchase the mini V-mount battery for your device. The higher the capacity, the more battery life you get. That’s general.

Among the products, Artman NP-F550 Battery has the least capacity of 2900 mAH. The high-capacity product I have found is the KUNLUN V Mount Battery, which has a capacity of 220Wh 15000 mAH.

The other products I have given with the range of 6600-13400 mAH. The device for which you are purchasing the battery is a fact. Whatever capacity it needs, you have to confirm it and pick the one you need.

Built-in circuit protection

Built-in circuit protection is excellent to ensure safety for the consumer. That gives extra points to the product.

You should consider this feature while buying the product. Built-in circuit protection is given to prevent any condition that can harm the battery and your device.

All the products I have picked provide the built-in circuit protection feature. It ensures that it will prevent the overheating, over-voltage, and over-current situations caused by the battery and give safety to the device they power.

Lasting time

It depends on the watts each mini V-mount battery has. Every product has its own nominal voltage. It is calculated in the way that,

The amount of watts a battery has ensured how long it will last.

Amount of watts = Lasting time

This is basic. So you have to consider the fact before buying the battery.

Battery life

It is crucial for people who work for a lengthy time with their cameras. The mini V-mount batteries they need should have a battery life that does not break off.

REYTRIC V Mount/V-Lock Battery is rechargeable up to 500 times.

Artman NP-F550 Battery has a battery life recharged up to 2100 times. Powerextra V Mount V-Lock Battery also has a battery life of up to 500 recharge cycles.

KUNLUN V Mount Battery claims more than 500 life cycles

Yet this product says that you should recharge the battery up to 50% before storage for a long time. Otherwise, if it is unused for a long time, it may not be able to recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question 1: Is the REYTRIC 95Wh (6600mAh) V Mount/V-Lock Battery compatible with red raven dsmc2?

Answer: It would be compatible, but you will need a D Tap to red raven and an in-line regulator. You have to connect the yinchem v mount battery to the battery plate, and then you have to use the D Tap to ac.

That’s it. But you must keep in mind that the voltage should not be greater than the camera can withstand. Otherwise, the camera will be burnt.

Question 2: Since some products have a 14v battery and my Sony uses a 7v battery, won’t this be too much voltage power?

Answer: I have used Sony, but I did not find such an issue till now. I used the USB to a USB-C plug. Then I have run the camera by it. Though the mini V-mount battery doc has a 5V connection, you can use the DTap plug to a 7.2V connection.

Question 3: I want to know whether these batteries will work on the lvlsll Ring light.

Answer: I can not assure you of that. But one thing you can do is to check the battery model of your Ivlsll Ring light. Check what the battery says and which batteries are the lvlsll Ring light.

Suppose if it is NP-F550/F970 battery, then the Artman NP-F550 will work.

Question 4: Can I use this Powerextra V Mount V-Lock Battery on my roto light aeos?

Answer: you can, but on condition. The roto light also requires a D tap adapter.

You will need a D Tap adapter to use it on your roto light aeos. Otherwise, you cannot use it.

Question 5: Does the best v mount battery come with a charger?

Answer: No, not all the batteries come with a charger. If it is explicitly mentioned that the package provides a charger, you will get one whole buying the complete package. Otherwise, you won’t get any.

Final words

Working with cameras or operating LED lights seems complicated when you don’t have the battery that will get your back. That’s the need. Not all mini V-mount batteries do the work.

Some of those do; you need to look for that one. We have made that easy with this article on the best v mount battery where you get unique products with every detail.

Understanding what you need is the key here. You have everything, now just use the key!