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Can You Use Unicorn Spit With Acrylic Paint?

    Yes, you can use Unicorn Spit with acrylic paint. It is a product that can add shimmer and color to your paintings.

    • Add a small amount of Unicorn Spit to your acrylic paint
    • Mix together until you have achieved the desired color
    • Use as you would any other type of paint, on whatever surface you desire!

    Acrylic Pouring with Unicorn Spit

    Can You Mix Unicorn Spit With Paint?

    Yes, you can mix Unicorn SPiT with paint! You’ll need to use a ratio of 1 part Unicorn SPiT to 2 parts paint, and then mix the two together until you have a smooth, consistent mixture. If your paint is on the thicker side, you may need to add a bit more Unicorn SPiT to get the right consistency.

    Once you’ve mixed your paint and Unicorn SPiT together, you can use it just like regular paint – so have fun creating something beautiful!

    What Can You Mix Unicorn Spit With?

    Unicorn SPiT can be mixed with water to create a variety of colors. When mixed with water, Unicorn SPiT will create a translucent color. Adding more Unicorn SPiT will make the color more opaque.

    You can also mix Unicorn SPiT with other mediums such as resin, varnish, and even alcohol inks. Experimenting with different mediums will allow you to create unique colors and effects.

    How Do You Seal Unicorn Spit Paint?

    Unicorn SPiT paint is water-based, so it can be sealed with any water-based sealer. However, we recommend using our Gel Stain & Sealer. It’s easy to use and provides a durable finish that will protect your Unicorn SPiT painted project for years to come!

    Can Unicorn Spit Be Used on Canvas?

    Yes, Unicorn SPiT can be used on canvas! It’s a water-based, non-toxic and permanent fabric paint that comes in a variety of colors. You can use it to add embellishments, details and accents to your canvas projects.

    Can You Use Unicorn Spit With Acrylic Paint?


    Unicorn Spit Vs Acrylic Paint

    Unicorn Spit and Acrylic Paint are two very different products. Unicorn Spit is a gel stain that can be used to create unique works of art. It is also non-toxic, making it safe for children to use.

    Acrylic paint, on the other hand, is a type of paint made from synthetic materials. While it is also safe for children to use, it is not as versatile as Unicorn Spit and can be more difficult to work with.


    If you’re wondering if you can use Unicorn Spit with acrylic paint, the answer is yes! Unicorn Spit is a water-based, non-toxic glaze that can be used to add color and shimmer to your paintings. It’s easy to use and cleanup is a breeze, so it’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to add a little something extra to their paintings.