Gadget Insurance: What You Need to Know!

You probably use many (or more) electronic gadgets on a regular basis, just like the rest of us. In both our private and professional lives, our electronic gadgets play crucial roles.

But when anything does go wrong, it may be difficult and expensive to fix or replace. As a result, protecting your expensive equipment with a comprehensive policy is essential.

Since we’ve already done the legwork to find the best accessible gadget insurance providers, you can rest easy knowing that your irreplaceable equipment is covered in the event of an accident.

What is gadget insurance?

What is gadget insurance

Simply put, gadget insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your electronic equipment in the event that they are broken, lost, or destroyed.

As a result, you can relax knowing that your gadget insurance will compensate you for the cost of replacing a broken phone, camera lens, or expensive headphones.

What is considered a ‘gadget’?

What is considered a gadget

Device insurance typically extends to cover even the tiniest electronic peripherals. The device insurance covers, in basic terms (the provider decides on the specifics),

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Smartwatches
  • Headphones
  • Video games
  • E-readers
  • GPS System

However, it is important to remember that most insurance providers will only pay out on items that are new and less than 18 months old, so signing up for insurance as soon as you purchase your new piece of equipment is a smart idea.

Why do I require device insurance?

Why do I require device insurance

Each person in the United Kingdom now has access to 3.50 internet-enabled devices at home. Many of the most advanced cellphones now on the market cost more than $1,000.

The average number of gadgets owned by a person is expected to increase as smart home technology advances and internet-connected devices like activity trackers gain popularity.

Protect yourself against potentially hundreds or even thousands of pounds in emergency repair or replacement costs by obtaining insurance for your gadgets.

The same goes for households. Covering all of your devices is a smart idea if you don’t want to constantly be replacing the gadgets your family can’t live without because to accidental drops, bangs, and spills caused by little fingers.

Gadget insurance providers that are worth the investment!

Gadget insurance providers that are worth the investment

By preparing your technology for the worst-case scenario, you may save yourself time, money, and stress. Find out which insurance providers provide the greatest deals right now.

Masking Devices

  • Grade of Protection: Gold (Silver and Bronze also available)
  • Price: The annual fee is £84.24, or £7.02 per month. (based on an iPhone 14 with 512GB).
  • Overage: £150 over budget

Protection extends to:

  • Injury by Accident
  • Theft
  • harmful liquids
  • Accidental squandering
  • malfunction of machinery
  • Digital Wallet Safety
  • Calls or data that have not been authorized
  • Protection for extras

With more than 25 years in the industry, Gadget Cover has earned a stellar reputation as a go-to for comprehensive gadget insurance. They protect several electronic devices, so you may feel easy knowing that your wireless speakers, GoPro cameras, PCs, and tablets are all protected.

The provider’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold coverage tiers should meet the needs of all customers at all price points. The Bronze plan’s inexpensive price (only £5.16 per month or £61.92 per year to cover an iPhone 14 512GB) and wide range of coverage make it a no-brainer for many consumers. All of our plans include protection against flood and leak.

However, if you’re looking for the most security, the Gold package is your best bet. It covers a broad variety of issues and includes accessory insurance up to £150 to protect your device accessories in the event of theft, damage, or loss at the same time as your gadgets.

Postal Service

  • Coverage Level: Premier Personal (Standard and Economy also available)
  • Price (based on a 512GB iPhone 14): £160 annually or £16 monthly.
  • Overage of £50 (decreases to £25 after 150 days).

Coverage includes:

  • Unintentional harm
  • mechanical breakdown
  • Liquid damage
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Non-authorized use
  • The wallet’s exterior
  • Coverage for apparel worldwide (up to 45 days)

If you’re seeking for insurance that provides comprehensive coverage, The Post Office is a fantastic choice.

All three coverage types offer the full range of protection, but the Premier option has an incredibly cheap excess of just £50, which decreases to just £25 after 150 days of insurance. This suggests that, should you ever need to make a claim, you won’t have to fork over a substantial quantity of cash up front to cover the excess.

Additionally, they offer a Family Bundle plan, which is great for protecting multiple devices simultaneously at a lower cost than covering each one separately. You can choose to insure three, five, seven, or ten devices together to protect your entire family’s important technology and take advantage of some good savings.

Adjustable Cover

  • Cost: £10.99 per month or £109.99 per year (based on an iPhone 14 with 512GB).
  • Amount in excess: £250 (after 45 days, this amount is reduced to £100 for phones and £50 for other electronics).

Coverage comprises:

  • Injury by Accident
  • Breakdown
  • Theft
  • harmful liquids
  • Substitute or fix
  • International scope (up to 90 days)

It’s no secret that Smart Cover is a major player in the field of electronic device insurance. They offer comprehensive protection in case of loss, theft, or malfunction, so you can rest easy knowing your electronics are safe. They allow for an unlimited number of claims, making them the best option for the accident-prone.

Insuring many devices at once is also a breeze with the online form’s intuitive design. Select the models of your desired devices, fill out the required details, and a quotation specific to your needs will be generated automatically. Smart Cover has a perfect Trust Pilot rating of 4.8 stars, so you can’t go wrong with them.

Store Selling Currency

Even though it is not itself an insurer, Money Supermarket is a fantastic resource for evaluating all of your online insurance options.

You may customize your quote by adding several devices you’d like covered and selecting the categories of risk you’d like covered, such as theft, loss, and accidental damage.

The most appropriate insurance options are then shown to you in descending price order. When you want to look into all of your options, you can easily compare policies based on factors like cost, coverage, excess, claims limit, and Defaqto rating.

Therefore, if you prefer to take charge and make all of the decisions, MoneySupermarket gives you the freedom to choose the insurance carrier that best suits your needs.

Do I still need gadget cover if I have contents insurance?

Do I still need gadget cover if I have contents insurance

Usually that is the case.

Theft or damage to electrical devices is typically covered by home and contents insurance, although typically only if it occurs within the home. This means that if your phone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen while you are away from home, you are probably not covered by your contents insurance.

Having gadget insurance is crucial if you want to be protected in the event that you lose your tablet on the bus or someone spills wine on your phone while dining out.

Gadget insurance benefits include!

Gadget insurance benefits include

Protection from unintentional damage: Gadget Insurance provides protection from accidental damage, such as that caused by drops, spills, and other unforeseen occurrences. This means that you won’t have to pay to have your equipment fixed or replaced if you accidentally damage it.

Safeguarding from the risk of loss or theft: In the event that your device is stolen or lost, you can rely on the insurance policy. If your device is stolen or lost and you file a claim, you will be compensated for its value.

The world is covered: Since Gadget Insurance provides worldwide protection, you need not worry about leaving anything behind. Whether you’re on a work trip or a vacation, you can rest easy knowing that your electronic devices are protected.

Quick and easy insurance claims processing: Most options in the Gadget Insurance category have an easy and transparent claims process. You can expect to get reimbursed after submitting a claim and waiting a few days.

Affordable rates:

Purchasing insurance for your electronic devices is a sensible and inexpensive precaution to take. The premiums are usually low, and the advantages are high, therefore everyone who owns electronic devices should think about making this investment.


What does protection against loss of your electronic devices include?

Gadget insurance protects against the loss or theft of electronic gadgets including cellphones, laptops, tablets, and cameras.

What is the process for filing a claim with Gadget Insurance?

The claims procedure for gadget insurance is often simple and fast. You can expect to get reimbursed after submitting a claim and waiting a few days.

What does insurance for electronic devices cost?

The cost of gadget insurance depends on a number of factors, including the type of device being insured, the amount of coverage desired, and the insurance company you choose with. The premiums are usually low and affordable, making this an excellent purchase for individuals who own electronic gadgets.

Final Remarks

Insurance is a wise decision for high-priced tech (especially if you’re a serial upgrader) to protect your investment and provide you piece of mind.

While each of our options is excellent in its own right, the Gold plan from Gadget Cover is our top pick since it provides comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price. We also think the Postal Service’s Family Bundle is a great way to save money and make sure everyone in the household’s electronics are covered.

You may now browse, shoot, and stream to your heart’s content, secure in the knowledge that you’re covered no matter what life throws at you, thanks to these fantastic insurance plans.