How to Keep Balls Out of Toilet Water?

Have you ever experienced a small pinch when cold water touches the sensitive skin of your scrotum? You might have experienced that frequently when you have to use the washroom outside your house, and the toiled structure changed.

The waterline of the toilet varies according to the toilet structure. Your scrotum can touch the water of the toilet when the water line is the high toilet. Also, it can touch if your balls hang lower. Usually, the older man gets, the lower his balls hang, so there must need a solution to how to keep balls out of toilet water.

It is an insidious problem, and it is not always happening, but you never know when precautions are needed. Precautions are given here in detail which may help you if you face such situations.

Steps how to keep balls out of toilet water

Steps how to keep balls out of toilet water

Necessity is the mother of invention for all sorts of cases. The invention also took place for how to keep your balls out of toilet water. There are all kinds of balls in the world. Some sit high and tight, while others hang low and loose.

In recent times this problem has become familiar, and this problem got few solutions.

Taller toilet seat

The toilet seat is often enough extra height. You do claim reasonable accommodation in your house and also in your workplace. But comfortable toilets are not available at every location you will go.

An appropriate padded seat can be a solution to this problem. Though you can’t modify all the toilets, you are going to use. This solution is justified for your house and workstation. Buy a padded seat and install the seat.

Carry a seat spacer

To make room on the seat, use two pieces of foam. 2 pieces of thick, high-density foam will help. Suction cups will keep it in place, but make sure it’s covered in sanitary rubber.

This procedure will help to create room on the toilet seat, allowing your ball to stay out of the toilet water.

Use Mansfield

Mansfield is a newly invented product that will hold the balls while using the toilet. The ManSheild prevents male genitalia from contact with dirty germ-infested toilets & splashback. While using the problem, hygiene is a major issue.

You have to use the public restrooms, which are not particularly clean. As a result, this solution will assist you in both keeping your balls clean and preventing unclean bacteria.

Use squat toilets:

A squat toilet is another option. For your home, you might select a squat toilet. However, this may or may not be possible. If you come upon a squat toilet, try to use it because your balls cannot come into contact with the toilet water in a squat toilet.

Even in locations where western toilets are common, squat toilets are occasionally accessible as amenities within hotels or restaurants that cater to customers who are used to them.

Florida Man Device

Florida man device is another product available. The Florida man gadget is a patent that functions as a male genitalia shield. The item is composed of plastic and must be installed on your toilets.

Place it on the toilet bowl, where genitalia frequently come into contact. The product can be rotated according to your requirements. This device, though, can solve the problem quite well, but there arise a few questions regarding the product.

Is it need to carry with you and set on the toilet you are going to use? Or do you install the product on the toilet permanently? If you permanently set the device, then another question arises will you rest your balls on a piece of plastic that dozens if not hundreds of other balls have rested on?

These questions are really important to answer before using the product. The answer is that this is a home product. Use it in your home only, and if you want, you to carry the product but don’t install it permanently in public toilets or which toilet is used by many people.

Creating Hammock

We have a simpler option that you may complete on your own. The goal is to construct a hammock. The balls will be held in the hammock, creating a barrier between them and the water.

This will raise your genitalia sufficiently to keep your hands away from the toilet water. The hammock can be created out of whatever you have on hand, such as plastic or rubber bags.

Setting the waterline level

If the water level is too high and it touches your balls, you need to set the waterline down. Call a plumber to do the job. There are ways of setting water levels.

Air out junk

The level of water in your toilet can also rise due to garbage. Getting rid of the trash will help to lower the water level. In this instance, it is preferable to seek the assistance of a plumber.

How to Quickly Get Water Out of Your Toilet Bowl


When a man sits down on the toilet, does his thing rest on the seat? Or hang in the toilet?

The male’s part does not rest on the toilet seat; rather, it hangs while sitting. So, the toilet seat should be up anyway. Though high seats are a problem for a short man or kids but thinking about the most uses, the seats should be kept up.

Is it normal that my testicles hang so low that they hit the toilet water when I sit?

The lower a man’s balls hang, the older he becomes. When I was 66 or 68 years old, I started touching the toilet water. Our society does not care about the requirements of guys; thus, toilets are not designed to address this issue.


to keep balls out of toilet water

This is a deceptive problem since individuals are afraid to speak out about it, so they don’t get the help they need. The solutions stated above of how to keep balls out of toilet water are the possible solutions that you can try to get rid of the problem that you are facing.

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