How to Make IV Fluid?

If you are sick from being deprived of water and feeling the need to be rehydrated, iv fluid is the rescue option. As this is made of salt and glucose, it makes up for dehydration. So this is high time you learned how to make iv fluid. There are both instant and serious ways of making this life-saving solution.

What is iv fluid

What is iv fluid

IV or intravenous fluids are one kind of liquid that is injected into the veins for preventing dehydration of the body. This is a medical remedy for people who are sick and dehydrated. IV fluid can be applied to people of all ages who are the victim of excessive heat, injured in an accident, weak from doing excessive hard work or exercise, going through surgery, and so on.
• Rehydrating people by injecting IV fluid is a known process.
• You need iv fluids when you are in the direct heat for a long time and couldn’t drink much water.
• You need them when you are continuously vomiting, having diarrhea, having a surgical injury for a long time, and on a long journey.
• Also if you are noticing dizziness, fast breathing, dry lips and eyes, fatigue, less urination or yellowish and strong smelly urine, or blotchy and dry skin you must have to have some kind of saline and iv fluids injection into your body.
Our body contains 60% of water. If by any chance, there is less water in the cell, our body responds to dehydration. If any measure is not taken by the exact time, like not taking any iv fluids, there is a severe chance of collapsing the body. The brain cells stop working without proper hydration. So you can become senseless when you are out of watery energy.

Benefits of iv fluid

Benefits of iv fluid

1. Balance the electrolytes of the body
2. Increase energy level
3. Helps to set the gastrointestinal action
4. Helps to digest.
5. Helps to moisture skin
6. Good for kidneys, heart, and brain cells
7. Makes the physic strong

Types of iv fluids:

There are two types of IV fluids. Each type of fluid is given to a different kind of patient.
Crystalloid solutions are very common fluid. They are vastly used and available. These are small dissolved molecules easily passing through the vein to the blood and ultimately inside the tissues and cells. Normal edible saline is a crystalloid solution. It is made of salt and water. The D5W / dextrose sugar with water, and lactated Ringer’s are also two examples of crystalloid solutions. Lactated Ringer’s contains potassium, sodium, calcium, and lactate. It contains so many minerals and is very effective.
Colloids solution are comparatively large molecules. They are albumin and hetastarch. They can’t pass the blood vein and cell membrane easily. So they stay in the blood.
IV fluid administration has two categories. One is acute fluid resuscitation which is used in case of Hypovolaemia or several damages. And the other is maintenance fluid which is for oral intake.

Ingredients you need:

Salt (NaCl), water, and sugar (glucose) are the main three items that you need.

How to make iv fluid?

Make IV Fluid

It is a very easy process. There are two methods of making this valuable fluid. You can mane saline at home. Or you can use commercial intravenous ingredients like immaculate Glucose and Sodium Chloride.

Making saline:

Step 1

Collect distilled water. You can purchase them from any grocery store or you can make them by boiling your normal drinkable water. Distilled water is sterile, pure, and makes long-lasting saline. You can start with making a solution of one gallon or 1L first.

Step 2

Measure two teaspoons of salt for each liter/gallon of water. So, if there is a half-liter of water, a whole teaspoon of salt will be needed. If you can find a non-iodized salt, that will do the best job.

Step 3

Mix them well and pour them into a jar and big airtight bottles. Put the bottle into the refrigerator. Make it a little cold. You can use the solution for a month.
Now if you are not using the distilled water but the tap water of your house, don’t forget to boil it for 15 minutes you have to start with a small amount like 250ml or 500ml solution. For that, put ½ or ¼ of salt in the water and use the saline for one day after refrigerating.

Now let’s come to the chemical method. There are many measuring sectors that you can use. It varies from taking the percentage of the elements. Most of the time the amount of Glucose is 10% in a 500ml bag. 5% of Glucose or Dextrose is also used. And the amount of Sodium Chloride can be changed by 0.9%, 0.45%, 0.18% etcetera. I’m going to describe a normal method of making this-

1. Choose a 500ml bag of 0.45% Sodium Chloride and 5% dextrose/glucose.
2. Take the and discard 56ml from the bag of Sodium Chloride
3. Then mix 50% of glucose in the bag.
If you can’t find concentrated glucose, then use a 500ml bag of 10% glucose and add 7.5ml of concentrated 30% NaCl. This is the alternative method of making intravenous fluids.

Things you need to remember:

1. Do not attempt to make the substantive iv fluids at home for a serious patient if you don’t have sterile supplies, conditions, or equipment. Make saline instead.
2. Discuss with a consultant before injecting your DIY iv fluid.
3. This method gives only a close approximation of ingredients for making this life-saving solution but not an assurance to be perfect.
4. IV fluids desire perfection in electrolyte concentration, so be careful about that.
5. Properly infuse the solution if you are making iv fluids for metabolic patients.


1. Can I make the professional IV fluid at home?

Answer: No, this is not safe. The making of iv solution needs to be done in a sterile environment. There are risks of contamination and health can be affected.

2. Can I drink the homemade iv saline then and then after making it?

Answer: Yes you can if it is made with cold water. But with the boiled or warm water you have to cool it before you drink.

Final word

to Make IV Fluid

Making normal iv saline is very easy and takes less time. On the other hand, making any commercial IV fluid is difficult and a very careful process. I would prefer you to go for the iv saline and if you are not content with that go to a doctor and take expert-made iv fluids and make yourself strong again. And if you are still not happy with the fluid that your doctor suggested, collect the ingredients and make your own iv fluid.

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