How to pull the ball in slow pitch softball? Definitive Guide for 2023

Maybe you’ve seen slow pitch softball on television, or maybe you tried your hand at a little backyard game.

But have you ever wanted to be as good and helpful as Bill Nye the Science Guy when trying to pull the ball? If so, then you may be wondering how to pull the ball in slow pitch softball, right?

However, there are a few different aspects of softball that every player should know, from scaling back the pitcher’s mound, to how to swing at a pitch hit near you to when one should slide into home plate.

In this article, we’ll be covering some of these basics and tell you what you should know in order to pull the ball.

Let’s get started!

Basic Batting Tips

Basic Batting Tips

There’s a reason softball is considered the “slow” game. Unlike baseball, where the ball is thrown with speed and power, in softball, hitters must wait for the right moment to hit the ball. With practice, players can learn how to hit the ball softly without losing power. Here are four tips for hitting the softball smoothly:

  1. Visualize What You Want to Do

The first step in hitting the softball smoothly is visualization. When you visualize yourself swinging, picture your hands coming down towards the ball at an angle and stay relaxed through the entire process. This will help lessen tension and keep your swing smooth.

  1. Keep Your Hands Close to The Ball

One of the main causes of inaccuracy in softball is keeping too much distance between your hand and the ball. When you get within a few inches of the ball, it becomes much easier to control its trajectory and hit it where you want it to go.

  1. Use Your Swing Keys to Control the Ball’s Path

Most people don’t think about using their swing keys while they’re batting, but they are essential to achieving proper control over the ball’s path.

  1. Shoulder Turn and Follow Through

Shoulder turn and follow-through are two key tenets of pitching in slow pitch softball. By turning your shoulders and following through with your back pitches, you’ll help to improve your accuracy and control. This will further enable you to throw harder strikes and command the ball more consistently. Our guide to the How to Clean a Softball Bat?

Tips for Pulling the Ball in Softball

Tips for Pulling the Ball in Softball

Slower pitches are notoriously difficult to hit because the ball is not moving as fast. In order to make the ball travel further, you’ll need to follow the proper strategy.

By pulling the ball, you create more air resistance which makes the ball slower and harder to hit. Here are a few tips to improve that:

  • Pull the bat towards your body instead of away from your body: This will help you generate more power and speed when hitting the ball.
  • Keep your wrists relaxed: By keeping your wrists loose, you’ll be able to hit a harder fastball without over-hitting it.

High School Softball Equipment Guide

High School Softball Equipment Guide

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Braces and Protective Gear

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Additionally, make sure that the gear is comfortable so that you don’t have any issues wearing it for long periods of time. Finally, be sure to ask your dentist about any protective gear that may be necessary for your specific teeth restoration project. You also check our guide for How to Hit Bombs in Slow Pitch Softball?

What Works Best for You?

What Works Best for You

When it comes to the mechanics of slow pitch softball, there is no one way that is best for everyone. What works best for one player may not work as well for another player. The good news is that there are many different techniques that can be used to pull the ball and all of them have their own benefits.

The most important thing to remember when pulling the ball in slow pitch softball is to keep your batting stance balanced and compact. You should also strive to keep your shoulders square to the ground and your back straight.

For successful pull- shots, you will also need good timing and accuracy. Practice these techniques until they become second nature, and then experiment with different techniques until you find what works best for you. You can read about how to be a good slow pitch softball pitcher?

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make myself better at softball?

  • The first step is to understand what it is you don’t like about your hitting game. Do you need faster bat speed? Would it help your power output if the ball would carry further? If one of these things is true, then installing a proper trainer and swinging correctly could be huge for you.
  • The next obvious step for a person who wants to get better at softball is actually playing. This can be helpful as well, but keep in mind that having a coach will make all the difference in how quickly the process of improvement goes.
  • Finally, just by simply looking at your swing or standing with your legs up on either side of a box or ladder, you can become aware of things that are stopping you from getting better.

2. How do you keep your eye on the ball in softball?

First off, you need a mindset that you are about hit the ball however it comes to you or at what speed. Plus, when you get the bat, your full engagement should be around batting. Not move your mind at something else.

Now, focus on the pitcher first, then take a bit sec to observe him/her. Then focus on the ball completely. You can see some practice matches or get into real practices to do that.

Remember! If you want a complete focus on your first try, you would be wrong because unwavering focus does not come instantly.

3. Why am I not able to throw the ball farthest?

Before releasing the ball, you must focus on your wrist and fingers. Keep fingers and wrist as flexible as possible. Because if you stiff the wrist and finger, that makes a poor release, and it eventually leads a short-distance throwing. So, you should release as if you are making a free throw.


In this article, we have covered how you can able to pull the ball in slow pitch softball. We have started by outlining the basic steps of the swing and then gone over some tips of other associated issues of softball with some guidelines for beginners.

Following these simple instructions can dramatically increase your chances of making a successful catch. So, if you want to improve your batting skills or just learn how to apply them more effectively, then you have got a boat to go.