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How To Remove Brake Fluid From Concrete?

    How To Remove Brake Fluid From Concrete

    If the concrete surface of your driveway is stained by spitting brake fluid and you want to clean them, then this article is for you. A concrete place doesn’t look good having too much tint and fluid spill. Cleaning the area is a very crucial task if you are a neat houseman.

    As you have to refill the hydraulic brake fluid from time to time, there is a strong chance to drip or spill the brake fluid onto the concrete floor of your garage and driveway. So you must know how to remove brake fluid from concrete.

    What is brake fluid?

    What is brake fluid

    Brake fluids are liquid chemical solutions and one type of hydraulic fluid that is used in brake and clutch applications of cars and other vehicles. It helps to amplify the force of the brake and transfer the force and create pressure. Most of the brake fluids are glycol-ether. Mineral oils can also work as brake fluid. It is clear in color with a bit of yellow tint. But if it is spilled onto something, it leaves marks.

    Importance of brake fluid

    Importance of brake fluid

    Your car’s braking system depends mostly on the brake fluid. Brakes are the most significant element of your vehicle’s safety. Brake fluid works by amplifying the foot pressure of the brake through the pedal. So it is the ultimate necessity for your automobile.

    If there is not enough brake fluid, the air will fill up the gaps of the brake line and that will make the brake soft and spongy. So it is important to use brake fluid.

    Without any brake fluid, you will lose the ability to stop the car. It is not allowed to drive with hazards in the vehicle. If you learn to maintain the use of brake fluid and remove the aftereffects of applying it by learning how to remove brake fluid, you will enjoy safe driving.

    Things you will need

    Hand gloves, a bowl or mug, soap, detergent powder, scrubber, brush, mop, spray bottle water, and any cleaning product from a grocery store if you prefer. Here I can suggest a cleaner named – Simple Green 18202 Concrete and driveway cleaner.

    How to remove brake fluid from concrete

    How To Remove Brake Fluid From Concrete

    It is an easy task. For your information, I may announce the good news that the stains created from brake fluid are water soluble if you go to clean them early. But there are rigid and long-time stains that are difficult to deal with.

    Step 1

    Make sure you are done with using the brake fluid for the then episode. Clean the concrete area/floor by removing tangible dirt. It will be better to broom the floor with a mop. Make the brake fluid stains visible more.

    Step 2

    Mix the soap or a good amount of detergent with water inside a mug or bowl. Make the mixture lathering.

    Step 3

    Take a spray bottle and spread the soap water onto the spot. Finish applying the detergent/soap water to all the spots. Keep the concrete like this for 10-20 minutes.

    Step 4

    Take a brush or mop and rub the brake fluid stain spot. Keep brushing until you can notice that the place with brake fluid is cleaning slowly. You have to apply force for making the fluid wholely.

    Step 5

    Rinse the concrete floor with clean water. If you are content with the cleaning and find a fresh concrete surface, your job is done. You don’t have to go to the 6th step.

    But if you can still notice the fluid spot there, you have to take the chemical product to solve your problem.

    Step 6

    1. Take the Simple Green concrete surface and driveway cleaner. It is specially made for removing the brake fluid from concrete.
    2. Apply some of the cleaners on the spots that are still there. You can use a sprinkler or a spray bottle for it. Let the cleaner be absorbed. Wait for 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, it will work over tough stains on the concrete surface occurred by brake fluid.
    3. Take a brush or clean cloth and rub the spot frequently. I hope the cleaner did its magic and you can see the tints vanishing.
    4. Rinse the spot with clean water using a hose or a pipe again after rubbing. Witness the clean spot and be content finally.

    Things you need to know

    1. If you are compelled to use the cleaner product, you must put on your gloves for avoiding any corrosion to your palm.
    2. You can try grease solvents and engine degreasers for the brake fluid too. They will take more time than the cleaner but they will work.
    3. Concrete surfaces can be a bit more rigorous than the other surfaces if the brake fluid stays for many days. So try to clean the surface right at the time of brake fluid tripped onto it.
    4. Be careful while pouring the cleaner inside the spray bottle.
    5. Do your work very neatly. Be cautious while refilling the brake fluid, don’t allow it to reach the concrete. Your clumsiness can worsen the concrete surface more.


    Remove Brake Fluid From Concrete

    1. Does brake fluid evaporate on its own?

    Answer: The answer is NO. It obviously evaporates after reaching its boiling point but does not happen naturally. If the brake fluid falls over the concrete surface, you must clean it. There is no natural miracle that will solve the issue.

    2. How will I identify if the stain is from brake fluid?

    Answer: If the spot is slightly oily, with medium thickness and yellowish, you can say it is from brake fluid. The brake fluid spots can be both rigid and simple. It depends on the time the fluid stays un-cleaned and the amount of fluid fallen on the spot.

    Final word

    Remove Brake Fluid From Concrete one

    As a tidy user, you never want your garage or vehicle-placing spot to be satiny. Especially, the concrete surfaces look filthier if there are spots from brake fluid. Now as you know how to remove brake fluid from concrete, it is time to do the practical job. Grab the equipment and go to transform your dirty concrete surface into clean and new as before.

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