How to Shoot a Basketball? If You are Weak. A Step by Step Guide

We all know how to shoot a basketball if we are tall and have long arms, but what about those who are weak? If you are weak, how do you shoot a basketball? The simplest way is to just use your form with additional caution. When shooting the ball, keep your elbows tucked in since doing so will give you more power.

Also, keep your wrists straight and do not let them bend when you release your shot. Snap your wrists when you release the ball for more accuracy. Last but not least, practice is essential since without it, you cannot improve.

How to Shoot a Basketball? If You are Weak. A Step by Step Guide

  • You’ll need a basketball and a hoop as your first two necessities.
  • If you don’t have one, you can always use a hoop in your neighborhood park.
  • Check to verify whether you are shooting the ball correctly in the second place.
  • It is best to hold the ball with your fingers evenly spaced across its surface when shooting a basketball.
  • Then, while smoothly releasing the ball, aim towards the centre of the basket.
  • Many people make the error of trying to make the shot with too much force when shooting a basketball.
  • To ensure that the ball goes through the basket without bouncing or contacting the rim, you need exert just the appropriate amount of force when you shot.
  • Another tip for shooting is to practice your form as frequently as you can.
  • Your muscle memory will advance with more practice, making it easier for you to execute shots in actual game conditions.

What are Some Tips for Shooting a Basketball If You are Weak

Even if your shooting is poor, there are still certain things you can do to improve it. First, focus on your form and make sure you are using the proper mechanics. The ball will be more likely to land where you want it to if you do this.

Second, take your time firing and don’t rush your shot. Rushing will only result in inaccurate shots. Last but not least, practice as much as you can to become better and feel more confident when shooting the basketball.

What are a Few Frequent Errors Individuals Do While Shooting Weakly?

People typically make a few mistakes when shakily shooting a basketball. The thing is not being held securely by one. The middle and ring fingers should be on top, with the index finger behind the ball.

The thumb should be used to control the releasing point. Another fault is when they don’t finish their shot. In other words, when they release, they don’t fully extend their arm and snap their wrists.

As a result, precision and strength are reduced. A third mistake is failing to keep their elbow in. As a result, the ball spins off-axis, resulting in a shot with a lower chance of success.

Not to mention, many people hasten their shots, which further reduces their power and precision.

Shoot a Basketball


Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of coordination and talent. If you lack natural skill for the sport, don’t quit up. Working on certain shooting techniques can help you improve.

One method to improve your stroke is to practice with a smaller ball. By doing this, you will increase your ball control and accuracy. A backboard can also help you improve your shooting.

This will help you to understand the trajectory of the ball and how it will bounce against the rim. Practice your shot from different distances and angles last but not least.