How to Sight in A 22 Rifle With Iron Sight?

If you are a professional small game hunter or practicing target, you must familiar with the use of 22 rifles. Sighting through an iron sight in a 22 rifle can be more exciting.

As a shooter, you don’t always prefer using optics while you are sighting, you need iron sight. For this, you must know how to sight in a 22 rifle with iron sight.

Iron sight is basically a physical alignment marker that is used as a sighting device in a ranged weapon for getting perfect aiming. This method of sighting is quite famous among the shooter because it is a little bit old-fashioned.

Why should you sight in a 22 rifle with iron sight?

  1. Iron sights can offer much more than a telescopic sight can do.
  2. Iron sight is cheaper and more available.
  3. It is more durable than any other sight.
  4. Any primary shooter can use it with ease because it is lightweight.

What are you going to need for this:

  • A 22 rifle with iron sight
  • Ear and eye protection
  • To be clear about sight pictures (rare aperture sight, center of mass, sight alignment, sight pictures etcetera, front post)
  • A place to practice shooting, or a shooting yard with a controlled range
  • A gun rest or vice to put your gun in an exact place
  • A target (paper target tied on tree, a solid stand, heavy steel surfaced object, wooden post, and anything stable)
  • Extra refile and ammunition for using more.

How to sight in a 22 rifle with iron sight

to Sight in A 22 Rifle With Iron Sight


Set your target according to your choice. Your target can be any normal military use target or any immovable object. A stable target can help to increase consistency while you are sighting.

For this one, you can practice with a paper target, tightly tied with a tree at a set distance. It works as a pretty good target.

Step 2

Put on the safety measures. You have got ear and eye protection. Eyeglasses and earplugs can be used for this.

Step 3

Set the distance of your shooting target. Most shooters prefer 100 yards of distance for sighting. You can get as much/less as you prefer. But you make sure there is no other residence or structural area behind the target.

Step 4

Set up the gun rest. You can use a sandbag or a tripod. This will keep your gun position steady and will get more visual sights.

Step 5

It is time to load your 22 rifle with cartridges. You can take three cartridges at a time and make 3 to 5 rounds per firearm because you are just beginning to learn how you sight in a 22 rifle with iron sights.

Step 6

Now you have to have the positioning of your rifle and look through the rare aperture. You have to place the front post at the edge of your 22 rifle where the rear notch’s center is situated.

  • Get on the rifle and go as close as you can go to the rear sight.
  • Focus very hard on the front sight post.
  • Peep through the rare aperture and make the front post as the center.
  • Check the alignment between the rear notch center and the V and center of the target.
  • Give extreme focus to the front sight and move it where the target is. This will help the target to be seen.

Step 7

Fire the bullets. Then squeeze the trigger carefully and slowly with great concern. You can shoot with both of your eyes open or by closing one eye. Pull the trigger slowly and fire 3 to 5 rounds of shots at the target.

Step 8

Go and check the target. If you slighted and shot perfectly; congratulations! But if you missed or the bullet didn’t land where it should have been, doesn’t matter. Go back and adjust the sight (up, down, left, right) according to your missed place.

Step 9

When you are complete sighting one target through iron sight, replace the used one and bring a new target. Try sighting and shooting till you hit the center of the target.

If your rifle is a .22 bolt one, you can use a bore-sighting

  • Then you remove the bolt and sight openly through the barrel.
  • This is actually called the open sight.
  • You also don’t have to move the rifle from the gun set.
  • Then you replace the bolt and fire like the normal .22 rifle.

Things you need to remember

  1. Choose a target object which doesn’t get affected by weather like wind and other catalysts.
  2. Try to find a place to shoot where you get a small hill so that there will be no consequences if the bullet gets strayed.
  3. You can be on rising from the landscape when you are practicing the sighting it will help to prevent major destruction on land if you miss the target.
  4. Remember to keep away the variables from the shooting spot.
  5. Be patient and have faith in time.
  6. Move the front sight over to the target while shooting so that you can see the target easily.
  7. Try not to pull or jerk off your trigger because it will disturb your consistency.
  8. Adjusting sight is important. Do it until all your bullets are 1 or 2 inches away from each other and within the spot.

Final Words

Sight in A 22 Rifle With Iron Sight

There are so many gun owners who are not aware of the benefits of iron sights but they go along with red dot sight and magnified optics. They didn’t even learn how to sight in a 22 rifle.

Now as you know how to sight in a 22 rifle with iron sight, it is time you practice your shooting in the shooting field. By dialing in the scope turrets you can hit the exact spot you want. You just have to follow the steps I described, remember the tips I showed and you are ready to have it all.

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