How to Tow a Car with Another Car? Easy Discussion for 2023

The last thing any driver or car owner would want is to tow a vehicle. Nobody likes to find themselves in the predicament of needing to contact a tow truck. Therefore, it is preferable to be ready for anything.

You must drive the vehicle to the garage if it is involved in an accident or develops a problem while being driven. And one way to achieve this is to pull the automobile behind another vehicle.

When you Need to Tow a Car

A automobile may need to be towed in a number of circumstances. It’s possible for your car to become completely or partially immobilized in the event of a collision with another car, a tree, or a building.

Driving after an accident can be challenging due to apparent issues like a damaged car body or an unresponsive engine. These aren’t the only potential problems that can require a tow, though.

  • You run the risk of causing a secondary collision if you try to drive with flat or damaged tires, bent wheels, or misaligned wheels.
  • Any fluid leak might put people’s lives in jeopardy. If your car has a leak, whether it’s petrol, oil, or brake fluid, don’t drive it.
  • Without giving a signal, turning is illegal. This poses a risk to public safety in addition to being a legal issue.
  • If anything is loose, trembling, or seems to be about to fall off, call for a tow.

Ways of Towing the Car

Ways of Towing the Car

There are several approaches dragging a vehicle behind another vehicle. Here, we’ll talk about a few of them.

Towing a Car Using a Tow Bar

Another alternative for car-to-car towing is a tow bar, which you may rent if you don’t already have one. Tow bars are normally made of an A-frame and fastened to the vehicle being towed. The tow vehicle is connected to the tow bar by the rear-mounted hitch.

Towing a Car with a Dolly

A tow dolly, which is essentially a small trailer, is a popular tool for towing a car behind another car. By raising the towed vehicle’s front tires off the ground using a tow dolly, less wear is put on the driveline and tires of the car being towed.

Towing a Car with a Trailer

An open or enclosed car carrying trailer is the best and safest option for towing a car behind another vehicle. The four wheels of the towed vehicle are supported by the trailer when employing a car transporter. Drive the car onto the trailer, then use straps or chains to secure it.

How to Tow a Car with Another Car

Tow a Car with Another Car

First, determine if using a tow strap is permitted by checking the local legislation. As tow straps are frequently seen to be the least secure way to tow a car, it’s possible that laws banning their usage have been passed in your region.

To be sure that using a tow strap does not violate any local laws, look out a list of towing regulations in your city or state.

Put the end of the tow rope that will be tied to the disabled vehicle in front of it, and while the line is being placed down on the ground, untangle any knots or tangles.

The tow line may occasionally be damaged. If the tow line is ragged or damaged, it might break when you start to move the disabled vehicle. Check the tow strap thoroughly for evidence of damage, and if you discover any, do not use it.

The frame of many automobiles is equipped with “recovery points,” which are typically only small holes that may be used to slide a steel hook or recovery strap through.

Consult your vehicle’s owner’s handbook to find the recovery points on the front and back of the car being towed and being towed.

Pass the strap through the hole to reach the recovery point. If the strap has a recovery point, use the hook to connect it to the point via the strap. Pass it through the recovery point hole, then through its own loop if it has one, to lock it in place if it does.

Put it at the end of the tow line you’ve strung out in front of the disabled vehicle. As you begin towing, park the tow truck parallel to the disabled vehicle.

If your car has at least a Class 2 hitch, you can attach the strap to it if you have trouble getting to the recovery point on the back of the tow vehicle. Avoid utilizing your tow hitch if you are unsure of how to use it.

Verify that the automobile is in neutral before continuing. The tow vehicle’s driver must control their brakes to prevent a collision since the strap will pull the automobile toward the tow truck. Tow straps should only be used to tow a car a short distance, as to free it from a stuck position.

You must adjust your speed to account for the longer stopping distances caused by the towed vehicle’s heavier weight. Keep a wide gap between your car and the one in front of it.

Final Words

During driving, you never know when disaster may arise. So, it is best to always be prepared. Thus, it’s crucial to understand “how to tow a car with another automobile.” By now, if you read the entire essay, you are an expert at towing a car. And make an effort to maintain all the required tools in the car.

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