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How to Wear A Chest Rig?

    How to Wear A Chest Rig

    If you are a soldier or a man of tactic, you are well aware of the benefits of a chest rig. A chest rig is very helpful while carrying plenty of equipment together, keeping your hand free. It is like a historical object and is still quite famous among armies and mechanics.

    To use this piece, you must know how to wear a chest rig. It is very significant to set it on the chest properly. If you do not have any idea how to do it, I’m here to give you instructions. Pay attention when I describe the process.

    What is a chest rig?

    What is a chest rig

    This is like the mini storage of technical appliances or tools which is gridded to your chest. It contains straps with so many pockets and pouches to bear things. Some pouches are called- mag pouches, admin bibs, utility pouches, etcetera. People carry extra ammo, gears, and whatnot, wearing a chest rig. It is mostly used by army scouts and soldiers.

    There are three types of chest rigs. They are-

    1. Light / Minimalist chest rig.
    2. Midweight / Recce chest rig and
    3. Heavy / Expedition level chest rig.

    Benefits of wearing a chest rig

    Benefits of wearing a chest rig

    1. Many kinds of gears, equipment, and ammo are easily carried by chest rigs.
    2. You can take a good number of tools with you if you carry one of those.
    3. A chest rig is used in a war or stealth situation. So you can be prepared for other things while this rig will have an eye on your appliances.
    4. A chest rig gives you mobility when you are working in a civil unrest moment.
    5. While hunting, you can carry your rifles/pistols, tools, food, water, knives, etcetera you need in it.

    How to wear a chest rig

    to Wear A Chest Rig

    If you wear your chest rig in a typical way, just waving your hand into the harness and leaving them there, this is going to be very odd-looking. This will feel unfitted, crooked, loose, and uncomfortable. It should be distributing the loads across the center of your torso, on your shoulder, and on the center of your back. So it is important to learn how you wear a chest rig effortlessly.

    Select your chest rig type and how you want to tie it up before wearing it. You can have an H harness or an X harness type. H harness is a comparatively new style, and the X harness is the old school and a lot cheaper than the H harness.

    H harness is a bit more famous, so I’m describing how to wear one of them.

    Step 1

    Decide where do want it to sit- Upper chest or lower chest. This is important because you can spread the harnesses and straps perfectly only if you place them in the perfect spot.

    Step 2

    Go into the rig to start the process. Put it in the right place on your chest. Not on your waist or gut, right onto your chest.

    Step 3

    After that, check for the integral mag pouches and measure their depth. Make a comfortable position for taking anything from the pouch, as well as you make sure it supports the weight of the mag. Usually, people are content with placing the top edge of the rig just from the nipple area.

    Step 4

    When you are settled with the position, do the straps. Hold the rig in the position with one hand and tighten all the straps behind your back with another hand. As you are wearing an H harness, you have to keep the bridge patch straight and tight.

    Step 5

    If you prefer the belt which comes with it, tie it up. It is the giant condor-sized belt around your chest. This keeps your chest rig rigid and prevents bouncing around.

    Step 6

    Now try to measure the comfort while you are into that chest rig. If you are okay, you are finished.

    Fill your rig with magazines, tools, grenades, and bullets. Be ready to go on an adventure as per your choice.

    Now, if you are willing to wear an X harness type chest rig, the formula is the same. You get a cross strap by your back and a hip belt on it.

    1. Put it on the right spot
    2. Find the center with the admin pouch in the middle and hold it there
    3. Tie up the lower strap to prevent the movement of the rig.
    4. Tie up the cross straps and the hip belt.

    There are many ways to make the perfect settlement of your rig onto your chest. You can wear it in two positions – High and low.

    If you wear it in a high position, it bases actually on your upper chest

    • It is comparatively a comfortable position to wear.
    • It is very difficult to reach for any equipment instinctively during an emergency.
    • It covers the gun or anything that stays on hand.
    • And it doesn’t get easier to get the items inside.

    A lower-based chest rig makes it easier to reach the magazines and the other tools in case of hastens. But this is an awkward position. The rig gets so low that it hits your stomach badly and makes you uncomfortable.

    But if you choose a lower position anyway, keep in mind that-

    • Use a holster for your guns while placing them on the rig belt.
    • Make the handgun clear of straps.
    • Keep any lower reloads on your belt if necessary.
    • Make your rig as thin as possible.
    • When you try to shoot a rifle from a prone position, you need something to prevent the bulk around your chest. Keep something a little heavy there.

    Things you should keep in mind

    1. If you are wearing an X harness type chest rig, make sure you wear a high collar dress under that; otherwise, the straps around your neck will cut through your neck.
    2. If your chest rig has extra-long straps, do not ever cut them off. Rather you can roll the extra materials and tape them with the straps.
    3. The most important thing is you better take someone’s help while you are wearing the rig. It will save valuable time, and you will have a person to give it a look whether it is worn perfectly or not.
    4. Your shoulder, chest, waist, and back all can get worsen if you do not put your rig in a perfect place. So be sure while placing the rig.

    Final Words

    Wear A Chest Rig

    Learning this process is important. If your rig is worn overtimes imperfectly, your body will struggle in the long run. Now that you know how to wear a chest rig, it is time to do the practical work. So go and get ready to fill up your rig with materials and have adventures.

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