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In Basketball What Does Dropping Dimes Mean Explained

    In basketball, “dropping dimes” refers to a player making an assists. An assist is when a player passes the ball to another player who then scores a basket. A player gets credit for an assist if they pass the ball to another player who then scores within a few seconds.

    The number of seconds varies by league, but is typically between two and three seconds. If the scoring players takes longer than that to score, the assisting player doesn’t get credit for an assist. Dropping dimes is seen as a positive thing because it shows that the player is good at setting up their teammates for success.

    It’s also considered one of the most important stats in basketball because it can be used to predict which team is more likely to win. So, in short, dropping dimes means making assists and is seen as a very positive thing in basketball circles.

    For those who don’t know, “dropping dimes” is a term used in basketball to describe a player who makes a great pass. The phrase is derived from the game of HORSE, where one player would make a shot and the next player would have to match it or else they would get a letter. If one player got all the letters, they would “drop out” of the game.

    In basketball, dropping dimes usually refers to passes that lead to easy baskets, whether it’s an alley-oop pass or a no-look pass between defenders. It can also refer to passes that result in assists, which are essentially worth two points since the recipient of the pass gets an easy layup or dunk. Players who are known for their passing ability are often referred to as “pass first” players because their first instinct is always to look for an open teammate rather than take the shot themselves.

    Players like Magic Johnson and Steve Nash were known for their ability to drop dimes, and they led their teams to numerous championships as a result. These days, there are plenty of players who can drop dimes, but only a few who do it on a consistent basis. Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul are perhaps the two best current examples; both have led the league in assists multiple times and have helped their teams win plenty of games with their pinpoint passing ability.

    So next time you see someone make an amazing pass in basketball, remember: they might be dropping dimes!

    Dropping Dimes Basketball Meaning

    When you “drop a dime” in basketball, it means you make a perfect pass to a teammate for an easy basket. It’s often used as a metaphor for making the right play at the right time. In today’s game, dropping dimes is more important than ever.

    With the way the game is played now, teams are constantly looking for ways to create easy scoring opportunities. The best way to do that is by making crisp passes that lead to wide open shots. Good passing isn’t just about making the right decision on when to pass the ball.

    It’s also about having the skill to execute that pass. A well-timed pass can be easily defended if it’s not executed properly. That’s why players who can drop dimes are so valuable; they have both the vision and the ability to make plays happen.

    If you’re looking to become a player who can drop dimes, there are a few things you can work on. First, always be aware of your teammates’ whereabouts on the court. If you know where they’re going to be, it’ll be easier to hit them with a perfect pass.

    Second, practice your passing skills so that you can deliver passes with precision.

    Dropping Dimes Meaning

    The term “dropping dimes” is a basketball term that refers to a player who is very good at passing the ball. The term is most often used in reference to point guards, but can be used to describe any player who is skilled at passing the ball. A player who drops dimes is someone who consistently makes good passes and helps their team move the ball up the court.

    A dime is worth 10 cents, so dropping dimes means that the player is worth a lot to their team. This term can also be used as slang for giving someone important information.

    What Does Dropping Dimes Mean in Football

    In football, “dropping dimes” refers to throwing the ball accurately and with great touch. A quarterback who can drop dimes is said to have “dime vision.” This term is usually used to describe quarterbacks who can make all the throws on the field, including long passes, intermediate passes, and short passes.

    Quarterbacks who are considered to be able to drop dimes typically have strong arms and can make all the throws with ease. They also have great accuracy, which allows them to hit their targets in stride. In addition, they often have excellent field vision and anticipation skills, which allow them to find open receivers and make plays even when things break down.

    There are a handful of quarterbacks in the NFL who are considered dime-droppers. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Matt Ryan are all quarterbacks who have shown they can make all the throws on the field with great accuracy and touch. These quarterbacks are among the best in the league at picking up yardage through the air.

    So what does it mean when a quarterback is said to be able to drop dimes? It means that he has the ability to throw accurate passes with great touch. This term is generally used to describe quarterbacks who can make all the throws on the field with ease.

    If you’re looking for a quarterback who can pick up yardage through the air and put points on the board, look for one who’s been known to drop dimes.

    Dropping Dimes Origin

    The origins of the phrase “dropping dimes” are unclear, but it is generally believed to come from basketball. The most common theory is that it refers to the action of shooting a free throw, which was worth 10 points in the early days of basketball. When a player made a free throw, they were said to be “dropping a dime”.

    However, there are other theories about the origins of the phrase. One is that it comes from pool, as shooting pool requires accuracy and precision, much like shooting a free throw. Another theory is that it comes from gambling, as in poker or blackjack, when someone places a bet and then wins big.

    Whatever the origin of the phrase, “dropping dimes” has become synonymous with giving helpful information or tips. It can also be used to describe someone who is being generous with their knowledge or expertise.

    Why are Assists Called Dimes in Basketball

    In basketball, an assist is defined as a pass that leads to a basket. So why are assists called “dimes”? There are a few theories out there:

    The most popular theory is that it originated in the 1970s with Dick Vitale, who was then a broadcaster for Detroit Pistons games. He would often refer to great passes as “giving the guy a 10 cent piece,” or a dime. The term caught on and has been used ever since.

    Another theory is that it comes from the fact that an assist is worth two points in basketball (just like a dime is worth 10 cents). This makes sense, but there’s no real evidence to support it. Finally, some people believe that it’s simply because dimes are small and quick, just like an assist.

    This one seems pretty far-fetched, but who knows? Whatever the origin of the term, “dime” is now widely accepted terminology when referring to an assist in basketball. So next time you see someone make a great pass leading to a basket, make sure to give them props – they just dished out a dime!

    In Basketball What Does Dropping Dimes Mean Explained


    What Does Dropped a Dime Mean?

    If you’ve ever heard someone say they’re going to “drop a dime” on someone, it means they’re going to call the police and report them for a crime. The phrase is most likely derived from the payphones that were once common in the United States. To use one of these phones, you would need to insert a coin (usually a dime) into the slot to make your call.

    So, if someone was going to “drop a dime” on someone else, it would mean that they were going to make a phone call that would get the other person in trouble with the law. These days, payphones are becoming increasingly rare as people rely more and more on cell phones. However, the phrase “drop a dime” is still used pretty commonly to describe calling the police on someone.

    What Does It Mean to Be Throwing Dimes?

    In baseball, throwing dimes refers to a pitcher who throws a lot of strikes. A pitcher who consistently throws strikes is said to be “on fire” or “in the zone.” When a pitcher is throwing dimes, it means he’s pitching well and hitting his spots.

    Why Do They Call Basketball Assists Dimes?

    In basketball, an assist is a pass to a teammate that directly leads to a basket. The player receiving the pass is given credit for the basket. Assists were first officially recorded in the NBA in 1984-1985.

    Prior to that, there was no official statistic for assists. However, some leagues (including the ABA) did track assists as early as the 1970s. The term “dime” is used in reference to a perfect pass; one that your teammate can catch and shoot without having to make any adjustments.

    This term likely comes from street/ playground basketball where such passes are considered rare and impressive.

    Dropping Dimes: The American Basketball Association | Talks at Google


    In basketball, “dropping dimes” refers to a player making an assists, or pass, that leads directly to a basket. The term is most often used in reference to point guards, who are typically the playmakers on a team.