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Lebron James is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He is a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers and has won many awards, including four NBA championships. In October 2020, it was announced that James had become a part-owner of Liverpool Football Club.

This made him the first former professional athlete to become a shareholder of an English Premier League team. James has always been a fan of football and grew up playing the sport. When he was younger, he even dreamed of becoming a professional footballer himself.

However, his talents lay in basketball and he quickly became one of the best players in the world. Despite this, he has always remained interested in football and is a big fan of Liverpool FC. He has often spoken about how much he admires the club and its history.

Lebron James is one of the most popular basketball players in the world. He is also a big fan of Liverpool FC. Recently, he was spotted wearing a Liverpool shirt during a game.

This has led to speculation that he might be interested in playing for the club. Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs in England. They have won the Premier League title 18 times and the Champions League 5 times.

They are also currently the defending champions of Europe. So it’s no surprise that Lebron would be interested in playing for such a successful club. However, it remains to be seen if Liverpool would actually be interested in signing him.

He is 33 years old and wouldn’t exactly fit into their long-term plans. But stranger things have happened in football so you never know!

LeBron James talks about owning 2% of Liverpool FC😂

Which Football Club Does Lebron James Support?

LeBron James is a big fan of the Liverpool Football Club, and has even been seen wearing their gear on occasion. He has also spoken highly of the club in interviews, saying that they are one of his favorite teams to watch.

How Much is Lebron Stake in Liverpool?

As of October 2019, LeBron James’ stake in Liverpool FC is 2% In 2011, Fenway Sports Group (FSG), the current owners of Liverpool FC, bought the football club for £300 million. One of the FSG partners is John W. Henry, who also owns the Boston Red Sox.

A few years later, in April 2014, it was announced that LeBron James had teamed up with FSG and became a minority shareholder in Liverpool FC, taking a 2% stake in the football club. At the time, it was reported that James’ investment cost him around $6.5 million. So as of October 2019, LeBron James’ stake in Liverpool FC would be worth approximately £32 million (2% x £1.6 billion).

It’s interesting to note that this isn’t LeBron James’ first foray into sports team ownership stakes. In 2011, he also took a minority shareholding position in Scottish Premiership side Glasgow Rangers Football Club (RFC), but sold his shares back to the Rangers International Football Club plc (RIFC) in 2013 for an undisclosed sum.

What Part of Liverpool Does Lebron James Own?

LeBron James is an investor in the Liverpool Football Club, and as such, he owns a small stake in the team. He is one of a number of American investors in the club, which is owned by Fenway Sports Group.

Is Lebron a Liverpool Fan?

No, LeBron James is not a Liverpool fan. While he has spoken fondly of the club in the past, there is no evidence that he is an official supporter.

Lebron James Liverpool Fc

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Lebron James Liverpool Shares Worth

When it comes to sports, there are few athletes as popular and successful as Lebron James. The basketball superstar has accomplished so much in his career, and his popularity only seems to be growing. So it’s no surprise that when he announced he was taking a minority stake in Liverpool FC, the world took notice.

While the exact amount of James’ investment hasn’t been disclosed, it’s been reported that his shares are worth around $6 million. That may not seem like a lot for someone with James’ vast wealth, but it’s still a significant investment. And given Liverpool’s recent success on the pitch, it could prove to be a wise one.

Of course, there are always risks involved when investing in any business. But with James’ track record of success both on and off the court, there’s reason to believe that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to this latest venture. Only time will tell if Liverpool can continue their upward trajectory with James now onboard.

But one thing is for sure: with Lebron James involved, anything is possible.


Lebron James is one of the world’s most famous basketball players, and he’s a big fan of Liverpool FC. In an interview with ESPN, James spoke about his love for the English Premier League club and how he became a fan. James said that he started following Liverpool FC when they were on their way to winning the Champions League in 2005.

He was drawn to the team because of their fighting spirit and never-give-up attitude. Even though he’s a diehard Lakers fan, James has always kept tabs on Liverpool FC and even went to Anfield to watch them play in person last year. The basketball star spoke about how much respect he has for Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and what an incredible job he’s done with the team.

James also had nothing but good things to say about Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, calling him a true leader. It’s clear that Lebron James is a huge fan of Liverpool FC, and it’ll be interesting to see if he ever gets the chance to meet some of his favorite players in person.