Master P Play Nba

Master P is a rapper, actor, and business mogul who has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry. In 1997, he founded his own record label, No Limit Records, which went on to produce numerous platinum-selling albums and launched the careers of many prominent rappers. In addition to his music career, Master P has also ventured into acting, appearing in films such as “I Got the Hook Up” and “Gangsta Party”.

He has also been involved in various business ventures, most notably his involvement with basketball. In 2004, he became the owner of the Basketball Association of America’s New Orleans Hornets franchise.

Master P is a well-known rapper, but did you know that he also played in the NBA? That’s right – before he found success in music, Master P was a professional basketball player. He even played for the Charlotte Hornets for a short time.

Although his basketball career didn’t last long, Master P proved that he was a talented athlete. He even tried out for the Lakers at one point. Who knows – if things had gone differently, we might be calling him “Mister P” instead of “Master P”!

Master P pre-season Toronto Raptors highlights (8 points)

Did Master P Play Nba?

No, Master P did not play in the NBA. He is a rapper and entrepreneur from New Orleans, Louisiana.

What Rapper Played in the Nba?

In the early 1990s, rapper Lil’ Bow Wow made a name for himself in the rap game. He was just a teenager when he released his first album, and he quickly rose to prominence with hits like “Bounce with Me” and “Bow Wow (That’s My Name).” But what many people don’t know is that before he was a rapper, Bow Wow was a basketball player.

He played point guard on his high school team in Ohio and even received college recruiting interest from some Division I schools. Bow Wow ultimately decided to focus on music, but he still holds a place in basketball history. He’s one of the few rappers who can say they’ve played in the NBA.

Why Did Master P Leave the Nba?

In 1998, Master P signed a deal with the Charlotte Hornets worth $23 million over three years. He was the highest-paid player in the NBA at the time. However, after just two games, he was released by the team.

Master P had averaged 3.3 points and 2.7 rebounds in those games. Master P later said that he left the NBA because he “realized that it wasn’t about basketball anymore.” He felt that players were more focused on endorsements and their own brands than on winning games.

Additionally, Master P felt that he could make more money outside of the NBA than he could by playing in it. Since leaving the NBA, Master P has become a successful entrepreneur. He has founded several businesses, including a record label, an apparel line, and a movie production company.

He has also written books and starred in films.

Does Master P Own a Basketball Team?

In 2006, Master P founded the Basketball League of America (BLA), which was a semi-professional basketball league. The league had eight teams in cities across the United States, with each team being owned by a different rapper or hip-hop artist. However, the BLA only lasted for one season and Master P did not own any of the teams himself.

Master P Play Nba


Master P Hornets

Master P, the Hornets, and Basketball In 1997, Master P purchased a majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets NBA franchise. He was the first African American to own a professional sports team.

Master P’s involvement with the Hornets was short-lived as he sold his share of the team back to George Shinn in 1998. Despite his brief ownership, Master P left an indelible mark on the Charlotte Hornets organization. He was instrumental in helping to market the team to a wider audience.

His endorsement deals with Reebok and Pepsi helped raise the profile of the franchise nationally. On the court, Master P had a significant impact on the Hornets as well. He signed point guard Muggsy Bogues to a shoe contract which helped Bogues finance his purchase of a minority stake in the team.

In addition, Master P also convinced superstar forward Jamal Mashburn to sign with the Hornets. The combination of Mashburn and Bogues helped lead the Charlotte Hornets to their most successful season in franchise history. The team won 56 games and made it all the way to the second round of the playoffs before losing to eventual champion Michael Jordan andthe Chicago Bulls.


In the early 1990s, Master P was one of the most successful rappers in the world. He parlayed his success into a variety of businesses, including a record label, a clothing line, and a film production company. In 1998, he founded his own basketball league, the Professional Basketball League (PBL).

The PBL featured several former NBA players, including Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone. Master P also played in the league himself. The league was short-lived, folding after just two seasons.

However, it did give Master P an opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world. In an interview with Complex magazine, he recalled playing against Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. While he didn’t fare well against them on the court, he did manage to score a few points against each of them.