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Nba Players Cover Mouths When Talking

    In the NBA, players are often seen covering their mouths when talking. This is usually done to prevent opponents from reading their lips and gaining an advantage. While it may seem like a small thing, it can actually be quite helpful in keeping the other team from knowing what you’re saying.

    Mouth coverings have become a staple for NBA players during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some players choose to simply wear a mask, others have taken to covering their mouths with a towel or piece of cloth. There are a variety of reasons why players might choose to cover their mouths.

    For some, it’s simply a matter of preventing the spread of the virus. Others may feel that it helps them focus on the game, or keep them from getting too distracted by fans in the stands. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that mouth coverings are here to stay in the NBA – at least for now.

    So if you see a player with his hand over his mouth during a game, don’t be alarmed – he’s just doing his part to keep everyone safe!

    Why NBA Players Cover Their Mouths When Talking | What Players Really Be Saying When Covering Mouths

    Why Do Nba Players Cover Their Mouth While Talking?

    When NBA players cover their mouths while talking, they are typically trying to avoid saying something that could be used against them later. It could be a fineable offense to say certain things on the court, so players will often cover their mouths to make it harder for referees or opposing players to read their lips and figure out what was said. Additionally, some players may believe that covering their mouth makes them look more intimidating or tougher.

    Why Do Athletes Cover Their Mouths When They Talk to Each Other?

    Athletes often cover their mouths when they talk to each other on the field or court. There are a few reasons for this. First, it can help prevent opponents from reading their lips and understanding what they’re saying.

    Second, it can muffle the sound of their voices so that opponents can’t hear them as easily. Finally, it can help keep athletes from spitting when they talk, which is both unsanitary and prohibited in many sports.

    Do Nba Players Wear Mics During Games?

    Do NBA players wear mics during games? The answer to this question is a bit complicated. It depends on the broadcast and which league the game is being played in.

    For example, in the NBA, only certain players will have microphones on during games. This is usually done for marquee matchups or when there is a big story line surrounding a particular game. However, even then, not every player will be mic’d up.

    In contrast, practically every player in the WNBA wears a microphone during games. This allows fans to hear more of the on-court action and also provides more opportunities for commentary and analysis from the broadcasters. So, while it’s not universal, NBA players do sometimes wear mics during games.

    Do Nba Players Play With Mouthguards?

    Mouthguards are not required in the NBA, but many players choose to wear them. Some players feel that mouthguards help protect their teeth and gums from injury, while others simply find them more comfortable to wear. There is no definitive answer as to whether or not NBA players benefit from wearing mouthguards, but it is certainly a personal choice for each player.

    Nba Players Cover Mouths When Talking


    Why Do Nba Players Cover Their Mouths When Talking

    Have you ever noticed that NBA players often cover their mouths when talking? It’s not just because they’re trying to be cool or look tough. There’s actually a pretty interesting reason behind it.

    When you’re talking, your mouth produces saliva. This is totally normal and happens to everyone. However, when you’re an athlete who is constantly sweating, that saliva can mix with the sweat and create a sticky situation.

    By covering their mouths, players can prevent this from happening and keep their faces clean. It’s also worth noting that some players have braces or other dental appliances that they want to keep protected while they’re playing. So covering their mouths can serve as a way to keep those items clean and free of debris.

    So next time you see an NBA player with his hand over his mouth, don’t think he’s being rude or aloof. He’s just trying to stay healthy and clean!


    It seems that more and more NBA players are covering their mouths when they talk. Some think it’s because they don’t want to show their teeth, while others believe it’s because they’re self-conscious about their breath. Either way, it’s become a bit of a trend in the league.

    Do you think this is something that will continue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!