Shaq Wear Payless Shoes in Nba

In the NBA, Shaq is known for his signature style on and off the court. He’s always been a trendsetter, but he shocked everyone when he signed a deal with Payless Shoes to be their spokesperson in 2017. That’s right, the same Shaquille O’Neal who once had a signature shoe with Reebok is now shilling for the discount shoe store.

But why would Shaq align himself with a brand like Payless?

In his prime, Shaquille O’Neal was one of the most dominant players in the NBA. He was also known for his unique style, both on and off the court. One of Shaq’s most famous fashion choices was his decision to wear Payless shoes during games.

At 7 feet tall and over 300 pounds, Shaq is a big man. He need a shoe that could support his size and strength while also providing comfort and style. That’s why he turned to Payless for his footwear needs.

Payless may not be a high-end designer brand, but they offer affordable quality shoes that are perfect for someone like Shaq. Plus, their wide selection means that there’s a style for everyone. Shaq’s decision to wear Payless shoes during NBA games was met with some criticism from fans and commentators who felt he should be wearing more expensive brands.

But Shaq didn’t care about what others thought – he was comfortable in his own skin (and shoes!) and loved showing off his unique sense of style.

WHY Shaq Made a $15 SHOE BRAND

Did Shaq Ever Wear His Own Shoes?

Yes, Shaq has worn his own shoes. He has a line of sneakers called “Shaq Attaq” that he endorses.

What Shoes Does Shaq Play In?

Shaquille O’Neal, or Shaq, is a retired professional basketball player who played for several teams throughout his career. He is now a television analyst. Shaq is known for his large size and has been nicknamed “The Big Aristotle” and “Shaq Diesel.”

He currently wears a size 22 shoe. Shaq began his basketball career playing for the LSU Tigers. He then went on to play for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics.

Throughout his career, Shaq has worn many different types of shoes from various brands. Some of the brands he has worn include Nike, Adidas, Reebok and LA Gear. One of Shaq’s most famous shoes is the Reebok Shaqnosis.

This shoe was first released in 1993 and was designed specifically for Shaq. The Shaqnosis features a black and white color scheme with a graphic print of Shaq’s face on the side panels. The shoe was re-released in 2018 as part of Reebok’s Classic Leather Collection.

Other popular shoes that Shaq has worn include the Nike Air Max LeBron VII (2007), Adidas Crazy 8 (1997) and the Reebok Question Mid (1996).

Did Shaq Ever Wear Jordans?

On April 16, 2016, Shaquille O’Neal was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. In his speech, he joked that he “forgot” to thank Michael Jordan for making him rich. The two have a long history together, dating back to when Shaq was drafted by the Orlando Magic in 1992.

While it’s no secret that Shaq and Jordan didn’t always see eye-to-eye, they did share a mutual respect for each other’s game. In fact, when Shaq was first starting out in the league, he often wore Jordans on the court. It wasn’t until later in his career that he switched to Nike.

So did Shaq ever wear Jordans? Yes, he did. And given their history, it’s no surprise that he would pay tribute to MJ by doing so once again at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Why Did Shaq Make Affordable Shoes?

Shaquille O’Neal is a retired professional basketball player who is now an analyst on the television program Inside the NBA. During his playing career, Shaq was one of the most dominant players in the league and won four NBA championships. He is also one of the most popular athletes in history and has endorsement deals with major brands such as McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Reebok.

In 2006, Shaq launched his own line of affordable shoes called “Shaqnosis”. The shoes were produced by Payless ShoeSource and sold for around $20-$30 per pair. Shaq’s reasoning for creating an affordable shoe line was that he wanted to make sure that everyone had access to quality footwear, regardless of their budget.

Despite being marketed as an affordable option, the Shaqnosis shoes were actually well-made and received positive reviews from customers. However, the line was discontinued in 2008 after Payless filed for bankruptcy. Nevertheless, Shaq’s efforts to provide quality yet affordable footwear for all helped pave the way for other brands like Nike to create similar lines of products.

Shaq Wear Payless Shoes in Nba


Shaquille O’Neal Shoe Brand Walmart

Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe brand, Shaq, is now available at Walmart. The line includes men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes in a variety of styles, all at an affordable price point. Whether you’re looking for a casual sneaker or something more dressed up, Shaq has you covered.

And with sizes ranging from 7 to 13 for men and 4 to 12 for women, there’s sure to be a pair that fits you just right.


The post is about Shaquille O’Neal wearing Payless shoes during an NBA game. It’s a bit of a surprising choice, given that Shaq is one of the most famous basketball players in the world. But it turns out that Shaq has been wearing Payless shoes for years, and he even has his own line of shoes with the brand.

The author argues that this is a smart marketing move by Payless, as they are able to target a wide range of consumers with their affordable prices.